Headlines of the week

This week’s achievements in the field of selling an article in a few words.

» PS3 problems resolved – Sony
A bold claim indeed. But Eurogamer’s headline doesn’t tell quite the whole story: it’s the manufacturing problems which have been resolved. So not the chronic lack of interesting games, the ludicrous price, the stupid Spider-Man font, the general arrogance of Sony…

» Judge to Illinois: Quit ‘Waffling’
Also from the ‘misleadingly vague’ file. It’s actually about Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whose administration owes “the games industry” – no idea who, specifically – legal costs for fighting legislation trying to ban the sale of violent games to minors. Blagojevich lost, you see, because children have a constitutional right to play inappropriate games. God bless America.

» Bungie vet’s new studio
I can’t be the only one whose first thought was why Bungie would have needed their own vet in the first place.

» Denmark faces dev skills shortage
I’m no fan of sensationalist headlines, but surely it’s a journalist’s job to at least try to make the news sound interesting.


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