You can’t fool us, Sega

Sega are trying to confuse everybody. It’s the only explanation. Yesterday they announced that they’ve got the Alien license, and have at least an FPS and an RPG in development for release no earlier than 2009.

Then today they’ve announced that an update of old Sega IP Alien Syndrome is in development, for the intriguing combination of PSP and Wii, at Totally Games. But the two are completely unrelated; the only connection is the word ‘Alien’. Which isn’t confusing at all.

But going back to the Alien license, the eagle-eyed Germans at GameFront spotted some now-replaced small print on Sega’s Alien website giving away the developers of the two games: Gearbox and Obsidian. We know that Obsidian are working on an online RPG for Sega, so unless 1 plus 1 equals 62, that’s that sorted. And Gearbox were behind Brothers in Arms, so an FPS sounds like their sort of thing.

That’ll be Games Asylum 2, Sega 0.

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