An hour of Wii Sports burns 330kcal

There’s a little bit of confusion over what games are being released with the Wii today. Obviously Zelda, Monkey Ball, Rayman and Red Steel, but it appears that Splinter Cell, Gottlieb Pinball Classics, Fruitfall and a few others aren’t due until next week. Various dates are also flying around for Far Cry Vengeance – Play says 22nd December, Game says 5th January. It’s no huge blow for Nintendo – there’s more than enough to get stuck into on launch day. And that’s before we even take the Virtual Console stuff into account.

On other formats, Superman Returns’s appearance on PlayStation 2 and Xbox should help its currently poor chart position, while Cooking Mama on DS is well worth a look if you’ve a passion for foodstuffs and enjoyed Wario Ware. On PSP there’s Codemasters puzzler Bliss Island, Brothers in Arms: D-Day and Star Wars Lethal Alliance, which has been getting some average reviews.

None of this matters though – there’s a new Zelda game out, for Link’s sake!

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