The latest edition to the growing Xbox Live Arcade is RoboBlitz. It’s also the first downloadable title to be powered by the much mooted Unreal 3 engine. Amazingly though, it isn’t a first person robot-based shooter – which is what we expected it to be – but rather a neat little physics-based platform/action/puzzle game starring a cute robot on wheels.

RoboBlitzBlitz’s space station home is under aerial attack, and so it’s up to him and his limbless inventor cohort to patch up the station and ready it for further attacks. The cooling towers need to be repaired, the power station ignited, the main cannon loaded and the security override codes cracked. Viewed from the third person, Blitz can pick up and throw items and also spin them around to attack foes, while new laser upgrades and such are unlocked as the game progresses. By collecting ‘upgradium’, no less.

At 12,000 points (around £10.20) it’s one of the more expensive games on Xbox Live Arcade, but trust us – if this were on PlayStation 2 it would probably be double that, if not full price. That’s how well made and comprehensive it is, reminding us of the underrated N64 platformer Rocket: Robot on Wheels in many ways. And like all Xbox Live Arcade games, there’s a free demo available clocking in at a quick-to-download 49MB.

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