Viva Viva Pinata

Did you remember to open the first door on your advent calendar today? We only remembered when typing this article’s title. Behind the door we found a small square of brown plastic, which we think is meant to be chocolate. That’ll teach us for not buying a proper Cadbury one. It’s a jolly colourful calender though, a bit like some of today’s releases.

General word has it that Viva Pinata is Rare’s best game in ages, but many seem disappointed on a technical level – only a small number of items can be placed in the pinata garden and Xbox Live ‘play’ merely involves sending presents to other players. People should just be grateful that it’s not another gritty first/third person shooter – hello, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas – or sports update for the 360.

Yoshi’s Island 2 is apparently Artoon’s best game in yonks, but that isn’t hard when their back catalogue is made up of Blinx and Pinobee. We reckon that Nintendo must have done most of the designing and just left Artoon to do the coding. It’s by far Nintendo’s biggest DS title this side of Christmas; Mario Baseball, Starfox Command and numerous others have been pushed into 2007 for no decent reason.

And then there’s Sonic Rivals – a 2D scrolling racer with 3D visuals, developed by the Death Jr people. The average review score on GameRankings is currently 72 percent, where as Sonic the Hedgehog on PlayStation 3 presently stands at an appalling 35 percent. Go Sega!

Next week: Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home.

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