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Criticising a budget game is a lot like telling a six year old boy to draw a lady then shouting at him to the point that he cries because he failed to equal the subtlety of the Mona Lisa. By that we mean that criticising a budget game is a lot like this: fun.

hkbody.jpgA couple of years ago Midas released two racing games developed by Kuju: GT-R 400 – the car one – we reviewed, and found to be basic but sort of alright in a way; Crescent Suzuki Racing – the bike one – we didn’t bother with. But now comes this from Midas: another budget bike racing game with another British Superbike team license attached. Suspicious? Not really, it’s just the same game.

We’re as certain of that as we can be without having played Crescent Suzuki Racing, anyway. Mainly because most of it looks exactly like GT-R 400. Apparently it was developed by Infusion, which presumably involved making everything that was blue in Crescent Suzuki Racing a pleasant shade of Kawasaki green.

Most of what we said about GT-R 400 applies here, funnily enough. It looks incredibly shiny in a bad way, sounds bloody awful, handles bizarrely but not to the point that you can’t get used to it, and the tracks are quite good. They may be the same as the ones in GT-R 400. We’re not going to check.

It’s almost worth playing the game for the incredible crashes. We’re using the word ‘incredible’ literally there – they lack any sort of credibility. The bike often floats happily in mid-air; the rider variously and unpredictably either goes flying or just flops off. It’s really quite wonderful.


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