Monthly Archives: July 2006

Dragon Blaze

There isn’t a polygon in sight, but that doesn’t stop Dragon Blaze from being one of the most charming 2D shooters in quite some time, with lots of colourful enemies, nicely rendered bosses and detailed backgrounds. The fantasy theme is welcome too,...
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Micro Machines V4

Micro Machines V3 was the last Micro Machines game from Codemasters, but it wasn’t the last title to feature the tiny toys – Atari had a stab at resurrecting the overhead racer with a multiformat offering back in 2002. The V4 at...
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We may not know what Homura means, but we do know that this is another retro-styled shooter from 505 GameStreet, originally published by Taito in Japan and developed by the team behind Psyvariar. The original Psyvariar wasn’t up to much, with stupidly...
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