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Sep 05
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If you purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution and/or Driver: San Francisco last week then give yourself a pat on the back – you’ve helped stop Zumba Fitness from flexing back up to the top of the chart. This week it’s at #3, under Eidos Montreal’s masterpiece and Ubisoft Refections’ racer.

There’s another entry in the top 10 too – Madden NFL 12 at a surprisingly high #6.

Codemaster’s Bodycount hasn’t had a very good launch week though, arriving at a lowly #36. There’s no need to shed a tear – reviews have mostly been below average, including a 4/10 from Eurogamer. It’s not a bad game it would seem; just one that feels very dated when compared to other shoot ’em ups around.

The football flavoured DS RPG Inazuma Eleven has had a slighty better week rising up from #39 to #34. Xenoblade Chronicles has done the opposite though and fallen from #27 to #37.

In the single formats Championship Racer: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer makes #26 in the Wii chart and #34 in the Xbox 360 chart. Then in the DS chart the misleadingly titled 1001 Touch Games – which doesn’t have 1001 games on, but rather a handful of games with 50 or so levels each – enters at a shockingly high #9.

Jul 18
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It must have been a slow week for sales last week. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 makes #7 in the top 40 UK chart yet Chart Track claims launch sales have been the lowest for any Harry Potter game. Even lower, believe it or not, than ‘Part 1’ which only made it to #20.

Zumba Fitness stays at #1, giving it a five week run, while Transformers: Dark of the Moon rises up from #3 to #2. L.A Noire has left the top ten this week, falling from #5 to #13.

The actually pretty good sales at Game and GameStation continue to propel recently released titles up back the chart. Most notable is Marvel vs Capcom 3 which rockets back from #39 to #14. Dungeon Siege 3 is up from #19 to #11 while Mortal Kombat uppercuts from #31 to #19.

Despite apparently being pretty good, Sega’s Captain America: Super Solider fails to make a top 40 appearance. The best the Captain can do is #30 in the PlayStation 3 chart and #34 in the Xbox 360 chart. The tie-in is nowhere to be seen in the Wii chart, fuelling further speculation that Sega hasn’t bothered releasing it in Europe.

Mar 03
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THQ has a new peripheral out this week for you to consider – the uDraw ‘Gametablet’ for Wii. It’s £49.99 on Amazon with uDraw Studio – a price that I don’t think is too steep seeing how much DJ Hero and Wii Fit were when they were first released. Joining it are Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure, available for £17.99 at pop.

I would imagine that most Nintendo fans though have been saving money for Pokémon Black/White. Yes, it’s the same old formula yet again only now the graphics have been overhauled with some snazzy special effect and there’s a colossal 649 Pokémon to catch. If you know what to expect, you probably won’t be disappointed.

On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 there’s EA’s Fight Night Champion, which I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about. Tecmo Koei are slipping out the apparently quite poor PlayStation 3-exclusive RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia while PopCap Hits Vol 2 – which features Plants vs Zombies – hits Xbox 360.

There’s also hairdressing sim Redken Busy Scissors on DS and Wii and Zumba Fitness for the latter. Zumba seems to be quite popular at the moment, so it might chart well.

Next week: Dragon Age II, Warriors: Legends of Troy, We Dare, Yoostar 2 and a very belated UK release for Stoked: Big Air Edition via Namco.

Feb 03
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This week would have been all about vastly improved RPG sequel Two Worlds 2, but as reported by Eurogamer it has been delayed not once but twice over the last few days. It’s now pencilled in for a 25th February release, due to a large amount of stock being wrecked on route from China to the UK.

The rest of this week’s releases are a real bunch of odds and sods. Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem on DS was released in the US in November and now it’s finally out over here. It’s worth the wait though, it would seem.

There’s also the PSP-exclusive Lord of Arcana from Square-Enix, which has had some mixed reviews. The same goes for Deep Silver’s Nail’d – a game about fine carpentry. I’m joking – it’s an mud-filled ATV racing game.

Brunswick Pro Bowling – which Sony infamously used to demonstrate the PlayStation Move – strikes its way onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 via 505 Games. 505 Games are also releasing Zumba Fitness on PlayStation 3 and Wii this week. It might do all right in the charts – those of a female gender are always talking about zumba on Facebook.

Dance Juniors is another Wii game out this week. It’s from Ubisoft, but I can’t see it being as popular as Just Dance. That said, nobody anticipated that Just Dance would end up selling millions of copies.

Next week: Test Drive Unlimited 2, Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction, Hello Kitty Seasons and Magic Encyclopedia 2 on DS.

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