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Apr 17
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Proving that us videogamers really are just big kids, a lot of videogame related toys have sold for stunning amounts on eBay this month.

The most noteworthy of these is a golden vinyl Uncharted 3 toy said to be one of only 11 in the world. “For ages 15 and up” pointed out the seller but we don’t think anybody under the age of 15 would have had the money to buy it – it ended at £627.

A set of Battletoads figures from 1992 also fetched $71 (8 bids). We like the way that the seller included a photo of the reverse of the figures just so we could check out the toads’ tight buns.

A set of ceramic Donkey Kong figures from 1998 – including Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and the hateable Funky Kong – didn’t sell for quite as much as the above, but $23.50 (4 bids) seems pretty good seeing that don’t appear to be that well made. Hard to believe they’re official merchandise, actually.

This Super Mario ‘crash action police car’ from the dire Mario Bros. Movie sold for a whole lot more – £57.99 (7 bids). We wonder if Bob Hoskins has a few of these up in his loft?

Sticking with merchandise for a little longer, this Mass Effect lithograph – one of only 75 sold – didn’t have a bad ending. It sold for $760.00 attracting only 6 bidders. An animation cel from the DiC Sonic cartoon didn’t fetch anywhere near as much ending at just $10.45. We wouldn’t advise clicking on this link to see it – it was an image of Dr. Robotnik in the shower. Nude, obviously.

How about some other stuff that was never available in shops? We’re quite surprised how cheaply this GameCube development kit sold for. It went for only £275 even though the seller was confident that it has never been used. This DS download station demo pod cart didn’t sell for a lot either, ending at only £22.99. Perhaps it would have sold for more if he’d bothered to mention what was on it.

A couple of Jaguar games have gone for a small packet. Both of these were released very late in the Jaguar’s life. So much so that it didn’t even have a pulse at the time. Battlesphere blasted $710 (2 bids) out of somebody’s PayPal account while Gorf for the Jaguar CD sold for the same amount but attracted 17 bidders. “Game has been played once by me,” said the seller. That bad, eh?

We’ve also discovered this month that there are more N-Gage collectors out there than we previously though. A rare copy of Sega Rally, which was released only in Australia, went for $455.00 after 19 bids. Hardest game to find on the system, apparently.

That’s nothing compared to what this Korean 3DO beat’em up sold for though. A colossal $1,725.00 (16 bids). We’re quite amused that the back of the box for The Eye of Typhoon features the same three screenshots.

Finishing off this month’s round-up are a couple of limited edition box sets. An incredibly rare factory sealed ‘Treasure Box Edition’ of Dead Island sold for £423 (27 bids). It was only available in Australia and came with a polo shirt, poster, comic book and some other stuff all enclosed in a wooden box. A Zelda: Ocarina of Time special edition managed to clear that figure though, ending at £789.99 (14 bids). What’s in the box? Not much – just the game, a badge and a T-shirt. The t-shirt was unworn though. It’s always nice to know that your expensive purchase isn’t going to stink of BO, isn’t it?

Jan 25
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It has been said that during the winter, sales of retro games boom as a lot of people spend their evenings staying in the warm and thus need entertaining. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few people hope to recreate the magic of a Christmas long gone by purchasing a vintage console off eBay too.

This month’s eBay round-up backs this up with lots of things selling for silly prices. Money is hard to come by in January? Not if you’re a retro gamer it would seem.

Quite a few Sega Master System items have caught our attention. An Action Replay cheat cartridge sold for £109 on Buy It Now, a copy of Power Strike II went for £91 and a TecToy version of Road Rash shifted for £34.

A French seller has also been listing some reproduction carts containing the Game Gear versions of Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Drift Racing complete with authentic looking cases but only the former found a buyer.

On Game Gear meanwhile a factory sealed system sold for £225 on a US auction, a copy of The Itchy & Scratchy Game in its fetching bright yellow box went for £79.99 while a copy of the European-exclusive James Pond: Operation Starfi5h went for £50.

From Sega to Sony. A brand new PSone “bumdle” sold for £74 after 13 bids, containing a new joypad, memory card and a factory sealed copy of Spyro. A fully working PS2 development kit with manuals and software also went for £280. The seller wanted £50 postage. Is it made out of lead?

Onto Nintendo. The highest grossing auction this month was for a factory sealed copy of 10 Yard Fight on NES, which still had the plastic shelf hanger on it. It ended at $2,125 (£1,368) after 14 bids. Selling for a similar amount was this copy of Zelda II on Famicom, sealed and marked “Not for Resale”. It really is a curious looking little thing. A factory sealed Captain Commando on SNES also ended at $1,332.98 (£858.49) from 12 bids while a sealed copy of Konami’s Metal Warriors sold for slightly more – $1,350.00 (£869.45).

The seller of this Atari Lynx bundle undersold it a bit. Well, it sold at a decent price (£154) but you would have thought he would have made a bigger deal out of it including 47 games. That’s got to be half the entire Lynx catalogue.

In last month’s round-up we covered the fact that the Sonic Generations collector’s edition has been selling for large amounts. The prices have dropped at little – this one went for £86 (8 bids) and this one for £84 (27 bids) – but a few auctions have reached almost £200, like this one.

Nov 28
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Last week’s chart was the busiest for a while. This week? Not so much, although a few of the titles that entered highly last week are on the fall already.

Halo: Anniversary is one of these, which is surprising. It entered at #6 last week but has dropped to #21. Zelda: Skyward Sword is doing the opposite of going skyward too, down from #7 to #16.

Super Mario 3D Land has managed to stay in the top 10 though – the portly plumber clings in at #10, even with two new arrivals – WWE ’12 at #6 and Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call at #7. You can probably guess what game remains at #1.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North makes #38 while Rayman Origins fails to make the top 40. Seeing GAME, HMV and Blockbuster were all asking £42.99 for it, it’s not surprising. This does mean though that nobody can use the phrase “Bored of the Rings” ever again.

Kirby’s Adventure Wii hasn’t got off to a very good start either – it’s in at a lowly #25 in the Wii chart, beaten by the likes of ABBA: You Can Dance.

Nov 17
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It’s another good week for gamers. That’s providing you have healthy bank balance, at least – there are half a dozen big name titles out this week.

The old-age question if whether Mario can blow stripy balloons up with his arse has finally been answered. As the image to the right shows, he can indeed. We can also tell you that Super Mario 3D Land has been worth the wait. Scores so far include an 8 from EDGE and a 9 from Eurogamer. NGamer said it’s trying a little too hard to be “all things to all people” – “too throwaway for the Galaxy crowd and too soft for the New Super Mario Bros. Wii lot”. They still gave it 90% though.

And what’s this? Another big game from Nintendo? Amazingly, yes. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword reinvents the franchise and then some. It doesn’t even feature Gannon as the last boss. We hope that doesn’t count as a spoiler. Praise has been universal, with a few even calling it the best Zelda yet. EDGE has given it a 10; NGamer handed out 98%.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games is another that NGamer reviewed this month. They gave the Wii version 84% – “As far as party games go, this is gold standard”. The 3DS version isn’t due out until next year.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is one that we’ve reviewed ourselves and very much enjoyed. Amazon are selling it for £27, as are Tesco.

The last Need for Speed was heavily hyped as the developers behind Burnout were at the helm. Need for Speed: The Run hasn’t had the same attention from the press. Games Radar gave it an 8 even though they found it a little short and to have some unfair difficulty spikes. On the flipside Eurogamer really didn’t like it very much, giving it a 5. The PlayStation 3 version contains vehicles not found in the Xbox 360 version, while the 3DS version should be worth a look – it’s from the guys behind Trackmania on Wii and DS, which were well received.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations doesn’t quite live up to its name it would seem. That’s to say, it isn’t a revelation. EDGE has given it a 7, as has Eurogamer, but there has been a few 8/10 scores. If you aren’t expecting anything more than more of the same, then you won’t be disappointed.

Medieval Moves and Carnival Island are Sony’s newest PlayStation Move offerings. Carnival Island is a mini-game collection while Medieval Moves is by the Sports Champions developers and is a first person adventure. Both are £14.99 on Play.

The big names keep coming. Saints Row: The Third has had some heavy promotion which has already paid off – pre-orders are four times higher than Saints Row 2. Games Radar handed out a perfect 10 but CVG wasn’t quite so positive, giving it a 7. “Some amazing moments… and some truly abysmal ones. Saints Row: The Third is wildly imaginative and frequently entertaining, but a lack of technical polish and weak combat overshadow its achievements.”

Activision are unleashing four games onto the public as well – the Xbox 360-exclusive Rapala Kinect Fishing, Cabela’s Adventure Camp (for the kids), Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai (for the adults) and DreamWorks Super Star Kartz (for people who really can’t wait until Mario Kart 7). All of these are budget games – the two Cabela titles can be found for £25 online while Super Star Kartz is a mere £14.99 on Play. Play says that Rapala Kinect Fishing comes with a rod, but Amazon doesn’t mention this. There’s a chance Play are mistaken.

While those games above may be of questionable quality we least we can count on LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 being good. It’s out on just about everything – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii, DS, 3DS and PC.

Lastly, THQ are releasing their uDraw tablet on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It comes with Instant Artist and two other games are being launched alongside it – Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat and Pictionary Ultimate Edition. Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat is also out on Wii this week, as is the uDraw compatible Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks, much to the delight of pre-teen girls everywhere.

Next week: Rayman Origins (360, PS3, Wii), Winter Stars (PS3, 360, Wii), WWE ’12 (PS3, 360, Wii), Zumba Fitness 2 (Wii), The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (PS3, 360, PC), F1 2011 (3DS), King of Fighters XIII (PS3, 360), Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call (DS), Move Fitness (PS3), ABBA: You Can Dance (Wii), Ben 10 Galactic Racing (PS3, 360, Wii, DS), Cooking Mama 4 (3DS), Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures (DS), Dino Strike (Wii), Happy Feet Two (PS3, 360, Wii, DS, 3DS), Horrid Henry: The Good, The Bad and The Bugly (3DS), Imagine Fashion Designer (3DS), James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes (3DS), Mahjong 3DS: Warriors of the Emperor (3DS), Now! That’s What I Call Music: Dance and Sing (Wii), Sonic Generations (3DS) and Tales of the Abyss (3DS).

Sep 28
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Get your rupees at the ready – in celebration of Link’s 25th anniversary Nintendo are going to be transforming Nottingham Market into a ‘Hyrulean Market Village’ next month.

The event ties in with GameCity6 on Saturday 29th October and gives the chance for attendees to track down pieces of the Triforce, make their own swords and shields and learn to play the ocarina.

Six gamers will also aim to beat a world record by finishing 15 Zelda games in order, back to back. Hopefully the awful CDi Zelda games aren’t being included.

If you’re not near Nottingham you can see get involved with the celebrations – Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is available as a free DSiWare download from today.

Aug 15
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Zumba Fitness is #1 for the 9th week in a row, but let’s ignore that shall we? Thanks.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is up from #5 to #2, Cars 2 holds onto #3, DiRT 3 slides from #2 to #4 and FIFA 11 goes up one place from #6 to #5.

FIFA 11 has been in the chart now for 46 weeks and with FIFA 12 not out until 30th September chances are it’ll make it for 50 weeks. And then vanish. Such is the life of EA’s yearly sports updates.

Outside the top ten, the 3DS price drop has helped Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hookshot back up from #39 to #13. No other 3DS games have made a chart appearance though.

Jul 27
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You can’t get any rarer than something that’s one of a kind. With this in mind, I’m surprised that there aren’t more people out there customising their consoles. There’s certainly a demand for them on eBay – a NES-style custom GBA SP went for £51 (14 bids) earlier this month. You have to wonder though why they didn’t just buy the official Nintendo NES edition GBA SP.

Not every unique console is desirable though – if you don’t do a very good job on it then it’ll end up selling for peanuts, like this horrifically butchered GameGear which sold for £3.20. That’s less than what normal GameGears usually sell for. Then there’s this Xbox 360 fitted with blue LEDs and plexiglass that sold for a mere £41 (7 bids).

Coloured GameGears are pretty uncommon full stop. The UK never received any other colour other than black while the US only received black and blue ‘Gears. Japan was another story with Sega’s 8-bit semi-hit available in half the rainbow. The white GameGear and Cola-Cola branded red GameGear are the most desirable. I’d say that after those two comes the yellow GameGear, one of which bagged a German seller 112 Euros (£98.86). As mentioned several times on Games Asylum, there are more than a few GameGear games worth a pretty penny about, like the uber rare Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle. A loose copy went for £48.99 (13 bids). This is one of the first games Eurocom (of GoldenEye on Wii fame) ever developed and, well, it certainly looks and plays like somebody’s first attempt at making a game.

Last month we reported that the Zelda edition GBA SP had shot up in value. There’s no sign of that price dropping just yet – one sold for £190 via best offer. Another went for £77 (8 bids). I assume that when the seller describes it as being in “good condition” he was talking about the handheld rather than the box it comes in. Also of note is this GBA SP bundle that ended at an incredibly high £82.80 (10 bids). It was unboxed and half the games were trashy kid’s titles. It did though come with a fair few Pokemon games. Or perhaps somebody was desperately after the Mega Man game?

Speaking of the blue hued bloke, a copy of Mega Man – The Wily Wars on Mega Drive ended at £210 (20 bids). It may not please the fashion police but a Sonic 2 jacket – supposedly only given away to Sega employees – broke the £200 barrier too attracting 15 bids.

On the flipside, here’s a bargain – a bundle of 98 new and sealed Japanese Dreamcast games that sold for only $309 (£189). Who can spot Pen Pen Triceleon in that photo? I’m still amazed it kept that name when it was released in the west. You would have thought that the publisher would have changed the name to Crazy Animal Racing or something similar.

The seller of this PS1 three game bundle must have known that Konami’s Azure Dreams is rare as he started the auction off at £70. Only one person bid. A Crash Bandicoot soft toy fetched a fair old whack too – £55 via best offer. I’m pretty sure I saw those as prizes on Brighton pier once.

I’m not sure why the following always sells for a bit on both PS1 and Sega Saturn, but a copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the latter punched £46 out of somebody after 17 bids. And what better way to play it than on a proper arcade joystick, like this Namco branded one which sold for £41 (8 bids).

Jul 12
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  • Sonic once had an affair with Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Amy found out but never let on for the want of living a quiet life.

  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day was Luigi in a squirrel costume. It was the only job he could find at the time and he didn’t want to ruin his clean image.

  • Hitman’s Agent 47 shaves his head because he’s a ginger.

  • Mario and Luigi only see each other when starring in a game together. Luigi never texts Mario back; his phone is always left to ring until the answerphone kicks in.

  • Bubsy the Bobcat is on the last of his nine lives. He now spends his days as a recluse; a quivering wreck in house where everything with sharp corners has been coated in bubble wrap.

  • Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy are the same person. Alex enjoyed the breeze a loin-cloth brings so much that he continues to wear it until this day. He let the hair dye grow out naturally.

  • Princess Peach may look good with her make-up on but without she has got a face that would make an onion cry.

  • Link has been arrested for burglary 37 times but when appearing in court he always turns up as child Link so the judge goes easy on him. He later parties hard as adult Link.

  • Bowser once dangled Bowser Jnr over a balcony. “He wanted to see the crowd,” he said. The tabloids had a field day.

  • Dennis the Menace’s dog was stolen by a homeless man while he popped into Greggs for a steak-bake.

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