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May 31
By Matt Gander In Features 3 Comments

One of the more unusual stories to break after the Xbox One reveal was that Microsoft has patented the ability to unlock achievements by watching TV.

One obvious use is as an incentive to tune into certain shows and films. It’s not an idea that’s massively new – there have been movie trailers on Xbox Live in the past which have offered a free avatar or gamer pic after viewing.

Given that every Xbox One comes with a Kinect, there’s plenty of scope for mirth with the idea surrounding Microsoft’s new patent. Here are twelve achievements we’d like to see but probably (read: definitely) never will.

  • It’s a miracle – 30G
    You laughed during an episode of Outnumbered
  • A sign of maturity – 50G
    You watched a Star Wars film without making any lightsaber noises
  • Smooth move, bro – 20G
    Kinect detected you performing the old ‘yawn and stretch’ move with a potential new partner
  • Bad mother f**ker – 100G
    You silently lip-synced all of Samuel Jackson’s lines in Pulp Fiction
  • Just how old are you, exactly? – 5G
    Kinect detects you’re watching CBeebies even though no children are present
  • Well, that was awkward – 75G
    Watched any American Pie film with your nan
  • Now go outside for some fresh air, stinky – 150G
    Watched all eight Harry Potter films back-to-back
  • Subliminal advertising works – 50G
    Ate a can of Whiskers after watching District 9
  • They can’t hear you, idiot – 5G
    Yelled “Bank!” ten times during The Weakest Link
  • It can be our little secret – 20G
    You cried at the end of Wall*E
  • No, it’s not real – 5G
    You tried to reach out and grab the chocolate bar during the commercial scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Really? – 5G
    You questioned why Batman and Superman aren’t in Avengers Assemble

Now let us pray for achievement hunters everywhere that Microsoft doesn’t sign up a new series of Eldorado.

May 24
By Jake In Blog 2 Comments

Xbox didn’t need to be any shorter. Xbox 360 was straightforward: X360 is unambiguous, and even just 360 is perfectly workable. But abbreviating Xbox One? That way danger lies.

Xbox One Logo

XO is a good starting point. What could be wrong with using the machine’s initials? Well, amongst many other things, it’s a rather good album by the late Elliot Smith. Consider the following hypothetical sentence:

Activision will publish Bungie’s new game Destiny for XO as well as PS4.

OK, it’ll be released on PlayStation 4, but do you mean Microsoft’s new console or the fourth album by a troubled American singer-songwriter? As you can see, the potential for confusion is massive.

What about X1 – that’s a pretty neat solution, right? No, that’s a BMW. Just plain One? One what? Exactly.

The syllables, then: XBO. That’s no use: it just looks like you’ve forgotten to type the final ‘X’. XB1? Not bad, but it looks a bit rubbish.

Well, it’s the Microsoft Xbox One, so how about MXO? No, that doesn’t look like anything. MX1? Now you’re into motocross.

There’s only one thing for it. Going by the third party press releases, Microsoft have decreed that the correct way to refer to it is:

Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft

So, XOtAIOGaESfM it is. Job’s a good ‘un.

May 21
By Matt Gander In Blog No Comments

Microsoft has finally put an end to months, if not years, of speculation – the next Xbox will be known as Xbox One. May the names ‘Xbox Infinity’, ‘Xbox Fusion’ and ‘Xbox 8’ never be mentioned again, unless used in the sentence “Wouldn’t have Xbox Infinity been a better name?”


The new system is so-called as it has been designed to be an “all in one entertainment hub”. Microsoft hopes it’ll cater for all your needs – TV, movies, music and of course games.

It has a Blu-ray drive, 8GB RAM, a 500GB HDD and – most significantly – the Kinect 2.0 will ship with every console. Microsoft was also keen to talk about the future, claiming that new features will be added constantly.

The system itself is an angular beast, comparable to a set-top box. Or an Amiga CDTV, if you’re one of the few gamers to have ever laid eyes on one. Although the joypad may seem similar, over 40 nips and tucks are promised including an integrated battery and increased precision. The Kinect 2.0 meanwhile can capture video at 1080p and 30fps, and is now so accurate that during a fitness game it can even measure your heartbeat. There’s SmartGlass support too – Microsoft was pleased to announce that the app has been downloaded 10 million times since launch.


Xbox One’s Live service will be powered by hundreds of thousands of additional servers. To illustrate how this would improve playing online it was claimed that matchmaking will be vastly improved – Xbox Live can search for your next match while you’re playing and even while watching a movie.

Achievements too are being tinkered with. “They now tell the story of how you play”, said Microsoft. There was talk of unlocking achievements in new ways, and from the gist of things new achievements can be added on the fly.

Achievement hunters will no doubt be pleased to hear that achievements and Gamerscore can be carried over. Likewise, Xbox Live Gold memberships can be transferred over. We approve of all of these things.

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