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May 31
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It so transpires when escaping from a heavily guarded enemy fortress it’s essential to carry a piece of metal pipe. In the hands of chisel-jawed war hero B.J. Blazkowicz such a simple object becomes an invaluable tool of many uses, from prying open doors and breaking down broken walls to knocking unaware enemy soldiers off their feet, ready for a swift and silent final blow to the head.

The first part of this standalone prequel entails BJ and his comrade disguising themselves as Nazi soldiers to sneak intel out of a large cliff-based stronghold. Things don’t quite go to plan, however, prompting a daring escape against great odds. Before making a hasty retreat, exploring the Nazi’s prison cells, unkempt kennels and other such delightful places provides an unearthly and harrowing experience.


Like before, stealth is optional and handled well – BJ will automatically arm himself with a silenced pistol when patrolling guards are near, while a rough estimate of their whereabouts appears on the HUD. Trial and error is rare; once their location has been discovered they can then either be dispatched or avoided with ease. Shooting your way out of trouble is possible too, but a far more challenging method – even when dual-wielding a pair of shotguns that perforate eardrums as well as vital organs.

Both chapters have their own villain, each leaving a lasting impression

Set in a once picturesque village divided by a canal, part two mixes things up to the point where it’s hard not to let any spoilers slip. It’s more of a ‘grindhouse’ experience, complete with crimson red skies and plenty of claret being spilt. Enemies are far greater in number, but worry not – by this point BJ comes clutching a handy, pistol-sized, grenade launcher that’s highly satisfying to use. Proficient shooting – such killing certain amounts of enemies while in cover or dual-welding weapons – unlocks perks that assist in combat too, including the ability to add a hulking “portable” mini-gun to weapon wheel.

Both chapters have their own villain, each leaving a lasting impression. Tall, blonde and muscular, Rudi Jager is a curiously polite and well-mannered psychopath known for feeding prisoners to his beloved dog. Helga von Shabbs meanwhile is more of your typical egomaniac with a thirst for power, involved with excavating antiques with unknown and mystical properties. Confrontations with these two are tense, backed by well-written dialogue. Being in enemy territory and all, allies are few in number but those BJ is fortunate to meet up with are likewise memorable, including a British nurse who plies our hero with some much needed tea and biscuits.

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May 18
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The glorious Project CARS is the UK’s number one for a second week running. Amazingly, that’s Bandai Namco’s longest number one streak since Ridge Racer Type 4 way back in 1999.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – another Bandai Namco published title, due out tomorrow – should help add a few more weeks to that record.

At #2 it’s the physical release of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. The PS4 version took a hefty 67% cut of the sales. Initially, the Xbox One version wasn’t going to receive a physical release, possibly explaining why only 27% of sales were for Microsoft’s system.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is back in the top 40 too, albeit down at #32.

This week’s chart presents us with another record breaker – GTA V has now passed 5m sales in the UK. Rockstar’s crime caper is at #3, down from #2. Mortal Kombat X likewise moves down a position, now at #4.

At #5 it’s another new entry – Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4. We had a feeling this would perform surprisingly well.

Positions #6 through to #10 are then filled by FIFA 15, CoD: Advanced Warfare, Dying Light, Destiny and Battlefield: Hardline.

Alas, another one of our inklings has also proven true – Code Name S.T.E.A.M. failed to make an impact on the top 40. It has to settle for #4 in the 3DS chart.

The Wii U’s Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush hasn’t seen a significant drop, however – the pink blob merely moves down two places, now at #23

May 06
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Due to a dearth of big name releases store shelves have been rather stagnant of late. Expect to see some new faces come Friday though as this week sees eight new titles head to retail. By our reckoning, anyway.

Even Wii U owners have something to dash out and purchase – the (mostly) well-received Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush. Kirby’s latest – known as Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in the US – was given 9/10s from Destructoid and EGM when it launched in America earlier this year, along with 8/10s from EDGE and IGN. It hasn’t pleased everybody, however – The Metro gave it a critical mauling due to a lack of ideas and a short running time. Giant Bomb wasn’t impressed either.


In a perfect world standalone prequel Wolfenstein: The Old Blood would be gracing shop shelves too, but somewhat cheekily Bethesda set the digital and physical releases a week apart. Prices don’t differ a great deal, thankfully – it’s available now on PSN and on Xbox One store for £14.99. The physical version can be pre-ordered for a couple of quid less, but like we said there’s not much difference.

Scores have been varying between 7 and 8 with “short but sweet” being the general consensus. “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood operates just like an old school PC expansion should, and if you liked New Order, this is a no-brainer. In fact, due to the pulp feel of the second half I even slightly prefer it to the original, and the two interconnected plots are incredibly easy to swallow in an afternoon” said Destructoid. The Metro meanwhile found solace in the fact that there were no last-gen versions holding it back. To quote: “…the graphics are actually slightly better than The New Order, as there’s no last gen consoles to constrain it”


There’s no reason to doubt that Project CARS won’t be flying off shelves. The anticipated racer has been delayed several times, much to the fustration of those who helped crowd fund it way back in 2012. Indeed, Project CARS has been a very long time coming. When it was first revealed Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were on the agenda but fell to the wayside as development progressed. The Wii U version is still coming though. Incidentally, the Wii U gets its first third-party retail release of the year this Friday in the form of physics-based platformer Teslagrad. That’s unless it has been delayed again, anyway.

Going back to the subject at hand, Project CARS appears to have been worth the wait. “The earnest, hard-fought drama of its real-world track action is enough to earn Project Cars a recommendation for any fan of a good, old-fashioned motor race” said Eurogamer when chalking up their initial impressions earlier this week. GamesRadar however went one better and reviewed it. “Whereas Gran Turismo 6 managed to fool my brain for a few seconds into thinking I was looking at reality, this has entire minutes of perfection where I simply can’t believe my eyes. If only it were a little more polished and consistently awesome, it would be a classic” was their verdict.

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