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Jan 31
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The arrival of the Switch signals the end of the Wii U. This means those keen to keep up with current trends will likely turf out their Wii U collections in order to fund Nintendo’s exciting new plaything.

In a month or two from now, Wii U sections at the likes of GAME and CeX will be bigger than ever, and as such, games that are seldom seen will be easier to get hold of. In principle, anyway.

There are plenty of rare collector’s editions and whatnot – Nintendo was quite fond of packaging amiibo with Wii U software towards the end of the system’s life – but what’s the rarest PAL retail release out there? All signs point to it being Cocoto Magic Circus 2, a shooting gallery packaged with two gun accessories, published by BigBen.


Both Nintendo and Wikipedia claim it was released 26th December 2013. In fifteen years of Games Asylum’s existence, this is the first we’ve heard of a game receiving a ‘boxing day’ release.

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