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Nov 24
By Matt Gander In UK Charts 1 Comment

Grand Theft Auto V has retaken the top spot of the chart, becoming the UK’s best selling game of all time in the process. Sales generated during last Tuesday’s PS4/Xbox One launch alone were enough to push it past Call of Duty: Black Ops, Chart-Track reports.

Ubisoft also has a reason to be cheerful. Far Cry 4 – which entered at #2 – has become the most successful iteration of the franchise in terms of week one sales.

To make way for the above Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare falls to #3. FIFA 15 holds onto #4 and then at #5 Dragon Age: Inquisition makes an appearance. Chart-Track claims sales were almost equal to that of Dragon Age II.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity drops from #2 to #6 while WWE 2K15 is on the rise from #20 to #7 due to the new PS4/Xbox One versions.

LEGO Batman 3, Minecraft: PlayStation Edition and Halo: Master Chief Collection round off this week’s top ten.

Leaving the top ten are Assassin’s Creed: Rouge (now at #12), Destiny (#13) and Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (#19). Also spare a thought for Alien: Isolation which falls all the way from #15 to #36.

Escape Dead Island, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show are, somewhat predictably, top 40 no shows.

Watch_Dogs on Wii U also failed to set the charts alight. It limps in at #14 in the Wii U chart, outsold by launch title FIFA 13. Now that’s ruff (rough) going.

Nov 17
By Matt Gander In New Nintendo Downloads No Comments

After more delays than we can recall Watch_Dogs finally arrives on the Wii U eShop this Thursday. While the retail version – due out Friday – can be found for around £35 online, the eShop version has been marked up at a hefty £49.99.

On top of this there are two additional add-ons – Conspiracy! sees Aiden take a ‘digital trip’ to battle cyborgs and is priced at £3.99 while the Access Granted Pack costs £5.49 and includes 3 missions, 6 skins and access to “powerful” perks.

Although it’s great to see Ubisoft supporting the game with DLC, that £49.99 price tag strikes us as incredibly steep considering the PS4/Xbox One versions can now be found for around the £20-£25 mark. It’s hardly the way to thank those who have been waiting patiently.

We’re also currently in the dark as to how the Wii U version performs. Presumably it’s somewhere between the last and current gen versions, a la EA’s impressive NFS: Most Wanted conversion. Presumably. Hopefully reviews will appear before Friday.


Also on the Wii U eShop this week: Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric (£39.99), scrolling brawler Rock Zombie (£6.29) and two SNES VC releases courtesy of Natsume – Wild Guns (£5.49) and Natsume Championship Wrestling (also £5.49). Nintendo’s press release notes that if you already own either on Wii these two re-releases can be had for a special price. How “special” though is a mystery.

The PAL version of Wild Guns is worth a small fortune, so to see it on Wii U pleases us. Natsume Championship Wrestling meanwhile was never released in Europe, making it a likewise welcome addition to the Wii U’s VC library.

Natume are also bringing Lufia: The Legend Returns to 3DS VC this week, priced at £4.49. This Game Boy Color RPG reviewed reasonably well when it was first released back in 2001.


That’s being joined by 101 Pony Pets 3D (£3.59), Tetris Ultimate (£15.99) and movie tie-in Asterix The Mansions of the Gods (£29.99). A demo of that last one is also due on Thursday. “Walk through the village, hunt wild boar, make the bard stop singing and prepare the final victory banquet!” reads the press release. Sounds like a tenuous mini-game collection to us.

Then there’s Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (£34.99), which like it’s Wii U counterpart has been getting incredibly unenthusiastic reviews. Still, Nintendo are giving away a free 3DS theme to “celebrate” its release. That’s got to be worth switching the 3DS on for.

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Sep 08
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The UK chart has been pretty stagnant lately. Not this week however – there are three new entries, including a new number one, and the top ten has seen an unexpected shuffle.

That new number one is The Sims 4, becoming EA’s fourth #1 of the year. It’s also the first PC game to take the top spot since Guild Wars 2, just over two years ago. Of course, Chart-Track doesn’t take digital PC sales into account.

At #2 it’s Watch_Dogs, all the way up from #9. The individual format chart reveals that a sales surge for the Xbox 360/PS3 versions is the reason. Presumably one of the major retailers reduced them in price last week.

Metro Redux – last week’s chart topper – falls to #3, The Last of Us Remastered drops once place to #4 and then at #5 it’s Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

The next new entry is the PS Vita’s Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair at #29. We had a feeling this one may do surprisingly well. It’s also #1 in the PS Vita chart.

Then at #34 Warriors Orcochi 3: Ultimate makes an arrival.

We could see a few ‘older’ PS4/Xbox One titles re-appear in the chart next week – Destiny is going to shift a lot of shiny new systems, we’d wager.

Jul 21
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Last week really was a poor one for UK game sales. So poor, in fact, that this week’s UK top 40 sees 2011’s Pokemon White and Pokemon Black resurface at #21 and #22. What are they doing there? Why, they’re reduced to £7.99 at Argos currently. Even with limited stock available they’ve still managed to almost break the top 20.

There were no new releases last week either, and so the top ten features all the usual faces.

Watch_Dogs is still #1, FIFA 14 moves up to #2 due to heavy discounting, Call of Duty: Ghosts is at #3 and then at #4 and #5 respectively it’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and Sniper Elite 3.

Mario Kart 8 is back in the top ten though, which Nintendo and Nintendo fans alike will no doubt be pleased to hear. It’s at #10, up from #16. Tomodachi Life meanwhile leaves the top ten this week, going from #9 to #14.

Elsewhere in the top 40, movie tie-in in disguise Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark rises up from #18 to #15. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil continues its descent, plunging to #19, and GRID: Autosport moves down from #20 to #28. With very few new releases out, we would have thought that Codemasters’ latest racer would be performing a little better.

Jul 14
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You know it’s a slow time of year for new releases when the only new arrival in the chart is a movie tie-in. That game? Little Orbits’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 at a lowly #34.

It’s Watch_Dogs that’s the UK’s number one, knocking Sniper Elite 3 down to #2. This’ll be the 4th week that Ubisoft’s crime caper has taken the top spot.

FIFA 14 remains at #3, Wolfenstein: The New Order moves up to #4 and then at #5 it’s Titanfall.

As we suggested last week, 3DS curio Tomodachi Life has managed to penetrate the top 10. Nintendo’s promotions – including a buy one download get one half price deal at GAME – have paid off, with the game now at #9. Fellow Nintendo title Mario Kart 8 is now at #16, incidentally.

Wii Sports Club – last week’s only retail release – has failed to make the top 40. Not only this, but it also failed to make the Wii U top ten. Presumably those who wanted to play Wii Sports in HD have already made a purchase via the eShop.

Jul 07
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Last week was uneventful for new releases and as such this week’s UK chart is a dull one.

Sniper Elite 3 is the UK’s number one for a second week running while Watch_Dogs remains at #2.

FIFA 14 rises up from #6 to #3. Titanfall holds onto #4 and then at #5 it’s Wolfenstien: The New Order.

Presumably due to price-cuts, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil re-enters the top ten, up from #11 to #8.

Mario Kart 8 is back on the rise too, if only from #13 to #12. Tomodachi Life has likewise seen a boost, going to #16 to #11. Will it manage to break the top ten? With various promotions around, it may well do so in the coming weeks.

Last week’s new arrivals – GRID Autosport and Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – are already on the descent. Codemaster’s latest racer drops all the way from #7 to #16 while Activision’s transforming robots go from #12 to #18.

It’s a quiet week in the individual format charts too, aside the noteworthy arrival of Child of Light at #1 in the PS Vita chart.

Jun 16
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Watch_Dogs is top dog for a third week running, keeping 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil at bay. With the World Cup now in full swing, EA’s soccer sim rises up from #6 to #2. A price cut could see it take the top spot next week, but we can’t see EA cutting it just yet.

Wolfenstien: The New Order moves up one place to #3, Mario Kart 8 falls from #2 to #4 while FIFA 14 hangs in at #5.

Murdered: Soul Suspect has managed to remain in the top ten for a second week, although it has dropped from #3 to #9. We were surprised that it managed to enter the top five on launch. For a new IP that hasn’t gone down too well with critics, it’s most unexpected.

Fellow new(ish) arrival Tomodachi Life remains at #15 for as second week.

At #19 it’s a new entry for the review-shy Enemy Front. It makes #11 in the PlayStation 3 chart and #13 in the Xbox 360 chart.

Also of note is PlayStation Vita Pets arriving at #10 in the PS Vita chart.

World Cup fever also seems to have hit Wii U owners – FIFA 13 has made a reappearance in the Wii U chart at #10. It’s amazing to think this could be the only football game the system ever receives.

Jun 09
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

Even with an 81% drop in sales, Watch_Dogs is the UK’s number one for a second week running. That’s no surprise. What is surprising though is that Mario Kart 8 has managed to remain at #2.

At #3 it’s a new entry, and a surprisingly high one at that for Murdered: Soul Suspect. The individual chart reveals the PS4 version proved to be the biggest selling.

According to Chart-Track there were just 400 copies between Square-Enix’s murder mystery and Wolfenstein: The New Order, which falls from #3 to #4.

FIFA 14 finishes off this week’s UK top five, with 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil one place behind it.

Moving down the chart slightly we find two new entries – PC MMO Wildstar and 3DS curio Tomodachi Life at #14 and #15 respectively.

Also of note is manky Xbox One-exclusive Fighter Within re-entering at #23.

The launch title has been available for £9.99 for quite a while already. For it to re-enter the chart, we assume one of the high street retailers must have cut the price further.

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