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May 03
By Jake In UK Charts 1 Comment

Shenanigans! I declare SHENANIGANS!

A couple of weeks ago, our new release round-up carried the headline Portal Kombat – because Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat were released. Very clever, you’ll agree. Today, Chart-Track have used the same headline for this week’s chart news. Blatant thievery!

Either that, or it’s quite an obvious play on words that’s probably been used in loads of places. It has: look.

Sorry, you didn’t come here for South Park-referencing pun-based tomfoolery. You came here for unadulterated CHART ACTION.

Well that’s going to be tricky, friend. You see, the reason Chart-Track resorted to a pun, rather than their more usual informative headline, is that there is NOTHING HAPPENING in this week’s chart.

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat retain their respective positions at the top of the chart. The only one of last week’s new releases to bother the top 40 is Virtua Tennis 4, at #23. There’s no sign of Thor: God of Thunder, even in the single-format charts; early reviews suggest that the public isn’t missing much.

It has been a good week for games involving flapping about though: Just Dance 2 up five to #10, Michael Jackson: The Experience up five to #13, Kinect Sports up 14 to #17, Carnival Games: In Action up seven to #22.

With the recent DS versions of Pokemon at #12 and #14, Michael Jackson is between Black and White.

Loser of the week: Bulletstorm, down 14 to #38. Clearly it was not deemed an appropriate way to celebrate the royal wedding.

Apr 28
By Matt Gander In This Week's Games No Comments

I was hoping some reviews of Sega’s Thor tie-in would be floating about prior to writing this week’s round up, but alas this isn’t the case. Chances are though the lack of press coverage is for a reason. Sega did send out copies of Virtua Tennis 4 in good time, however, with word on the street being that it’s not quite as good as Top Spin 4 but still pretty good.

You can probably guess what format Musiic Party: Rock the House is on. The website claims that it’s “The first music rhythm action title on the Wii console that does not require additional accessories” but I’m not convinced – Wii Music didn’t have any plastic tat bundled with it. The music selection sounds pleasingly mixed including tracks from Tina Turner, Madness, James Blunt and Judas Priest. £17.85 from TheHut seems to be the cheapest price online.

If you’re more of a dancer than a musician, Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 4 is also out this week on Wii. The previous games in the series weren’t bad at all, providing you’re into that type of thing.

This leaves us with Natalie Brooks – Treasure of the Lost Kingdom on DS, which would appear to be another one of those presumably cheap to produce hidden object games. Looks like there’s another one out next week too. Joy.

Next week: Steel Diver, Plants vs Zombies, Dangerous Hunts 2011, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, The First Templar, Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets and Youda Safari.

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