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May 03
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Another long bank holiday weekend is upon us. If you’re fortunate enough not to be working, then you’re in luck – the UK Switch eShop is swarming with new games. No change there, then.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age stands out as the week’s biggest releases. We were mildly concerned about the £44.99 price tag, but reviewers claim that this PS2 classic holds up remarkably well. The Metacritic currently stands at 85%, with Gaming Age dishing out full marks.

“In terms of the quality of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on Switch this is a very worthy port. And in terms of value that’s up to how you want to look at the whole package because where it’s virtually double the cost of any previous Final Fantasy port yet you do have a load of added features and content that weren’t in the original PS2 version and even extras to the Switch and Xbox One since then which make this one the definitive and best way to play Final Fantasy XII,” they said, while addressing the game’s price.

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse is currently one review shy of a Metacritic score, but all signs point to it being one of the higher scoring Switch games of late. It’s a roguelike that owes a lot to Zelda: A Link to the Past, boasting alluring 2D visuals.

Nintendo World Report opted for a lofty 9/10. “ The thrill of discovery, the joy of exploring, and the fun of the combat and puzzles help to make this an outstandingly great time,” was their verdict.

Shadows of Adam is a JRPG that has flown under the radar somewhat, featuring 16-bit style pixel art. Scores so far include an 8/10 from Nintendo Enthusiast – who praised the “satisfying, thoughtful combat system” – and a 7/10 from Nintendo Life, who referred to it as a bite-sized adventure due to a noticeably short runtime. That suits us just fine.

Mixing things up (pun intended), there’s VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, which is best described as part visual novel and part bartending sim. An odd mix, for sure, but one that works brilliantly. Not convinced? It has gained full marks from a trio of sites – God is a Geek, Digitally Downloaded, and Vooks.

Giga Wrecker Alt. – a physics puzzle/platformer with a distinct art style, from the creators of Pokemon – has arrived to a mixed reception, meanwhile, gaining everything from a 4.5/5 from Impulse Gamer to a middling 5/10 from The Metro. “Giga Wrecker is a game full of good ideas but the execution is absolutely awful, said The Metro before comparing it to a failed Kickstarter project. Ouch!

Lastly, there’s the arcade-like racer Table Top Racing: World Tour, which made its debut on PS4 many years ago. The general consensus is that it’s a fun, if throwaway, racer that provides an easy-going ride. Not spectacular but still worth a look, especially if you love Micro Machines or kart racers in general.

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