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May 26
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UK Charts

It’s not the easiest fighter to get to grips with, but UFC 2009: Undisputed has managed to knock Wii Fit off the top of the chart. The next two games in the chart are new entries too – Pokemon Platinum at #2 and EA Sports Active at #3. So where’s Punch Out? Nowhere in the top 40 is the answer. It has to make do with #7 in the Wii chart, under the likes of – believe it or not – Hannah Montana: The Movie and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party.

The next new entry in the top 40 is Capcom’s Bionic Command at #14 followed by a surprise entry at #15 – Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery Of The Mummy on DS. Then there’s Big Family Games at #30 and Damnation – which apparently is a bit pap – at #35.

Night at the Museum 2 hasn’t made the top 40 either, but goes in at #22 in the Wii chart.

May 05
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UK Charts

Reviews suggest that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is better than most movie tie-ins, so it can’t be bad news to see it arrive in the chart at #2. It’s top of the Xbox 360 and PS3 charts – so far 51% of sales have been on Xbox 360, 39% on PlayStation 3 and the remainder on other formats. Despite what I said last week, it is out on PSP too. Blame Game, not me!

Wii Fit holds onto #1 for the fifth week running, Street Fighter IV is back on the rise up from #25 to #11 (probably because it’s £19.99 at HMV at the moment) while Sonic Unleashed up from #40 to #21. Halo Wars and WWE Legends of Wrestlemania are both back in at #25 and #31 respectively.

There’s a few things going on in the single formats. In the PlayStation 2 chart Coraline goes in at #15, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce at #5 in the PSP chart, and Rhythm Paradise at #7 and Gardening Mama at #24 in the DS chart. Cooking Mama 2 is at #23, which proves that people like cooking more than doing garden work.

I’m still going to hold out for Drinking Daddy, though.

Apr 28
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UK Charts

Atari must be in high spirits at the moment – The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena goes in at #2 in the top 40 chart. Wii Fit remains #1 leaving The Godfather II at #3 FIFA 09 at #4, and Resident Evil 5 at #5. There are no other new appearances in the top 40, although WSC Real 09: World Snooker Championship is back in at #28.

In the single formats Little King’s Story trumps (yes, trumps) his way in to a respectable #12. Moto GP 08 is one place behind. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 goes in at #22 in the PlayStation 3 chart and #24 in the Xbox 360 chart.

The PlayStation 2 chart is currently a very strange mixture of hardcore titles and kid’s licensed games. Ben 10: Alien Force and Monsters Vs Aliens are at the top of the chart, then down below there’s Persona 4, Shin Megami Tensi: Persona 3, Mana Khemia and Warriors Orochi 2. I don’t know what this means.

Mar 10
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UK Charts

Here’s a bit of a blow for PlayStation 3 owners – after just one week at #1 Killzone 2 has been knocked off the top of the chart. But it isn’t by last week’s big new release Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K as you might have guessed but rather by Sega’s PC thing Empire: Total War.

Ubisoft’s H.A.W.K has to settle for #4 while Halo Wars and Street Fighter IV have both dropped from #2 to #5 and #3 to #7 respectively. Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection has fallen out of the top 10 already, going from #6 to #11. Give Ristar some love, people.

Mario Power Tennis has done a bit better than Pikmin, arriving at #23. This could potentially be another one of Nintendo’s “evergreen” steady sellers, like Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii and Brain Training before it. Meanwhile Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals goes in at a lowly #25 in the DS chart. I actually thought this would sell quite well, seeing that the first one did alright.

The PSP chart also sees its first new entry in what seems like ages – Patapon 2 at #5. Things should hot up soon though – Sony have managed to convince publishers to dust off their PSP development kits, with the likes of Assassin’s Creed and Rock Band on their way. The only problem is that most UK retailers have cut their PSP sections down to just a handful of titles.

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