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Sep 21
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UK Charts

After just one week at #1 Guitar Hero 5 has been forced off the top spot of the UK top 40 chart. Need for Speed: Shift is the game to do so, with the PlayStation 3 version selling the most copies with 52% of the sales. Xbox 360 takes 44% and PC and PSP share the remaining 5%.

I’m surprised to see WET at #6 considering review scores haven’t been very good. Maybe the foxy female lead has something to do with it? The next new entry is way down near the end of the chart at #36 in the form of Singstar Motown, followed by NHL 10 at #37.

In the single formats Katamari Forever goes in at #28 in the PlayStation 3 chart, Raven Squad and Heroes over Europe at #30 and #37 respectively in the Xbox 360 chart and Toy Story Mania at an impressive/ridiculous #7 in the Wii chart.

Sep 07
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UK Charts

This week’s chart hints that the PSP’s fortunes are on the turn with Dissidia: Final Fantasy entering the top 40 chart at #10. It’s not the highest new entry though – IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey has gone in at #6. Here’s what else is going on in the top #10 – Batman Arkham Asylum holds onto #1, Wii Sports Resort remains #2, Call of Duty 4 has gone up from #10 to #3 and Wolfenstien has dropped from #4 to #11.

No sign on Metroid Prime Trilogy or Cursed Mountain in the top 40 but they do go into the Wii chart at #7 and #9 respectively. Puzzle Bobble Galaxy pops in at a lowly #38 in the DS chart while Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny punches/slashes/kicks in at #2 in the PSP chart.

Aug 17
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UK Charts

Codemaster’s Ashes Cricket 2009 remains #1 for the second week running. There’s something comforting about seeing a Codemaster’s game at #1. It’s like 1985 all over again.

There’s just one new entry in the top 10 – Madden NFL 10 at a surprisingly high #8 – but EA’s own Fight Night Round 4 has taken a tumble from #5 to #12.

Too Human is back in the chart at #32 due to only being a fiver at Game at the moment. Also notable is the absence of GI Joe from the top 40. This is a good thing though – it’s apparently pretty pap.

Jul 27
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UK Charts

Just one new entry in the top 40 and a predictable one at that – Wii Sports Resort at a resounding #1. It’s the fourth fastest selling Wii game so far behind Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. Interestingly, Grand Slam Tennis – the only other Wii game that currently uses MotionPlus – has actually dropped this week, down from #17 to #25.

In the single formats, Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward goes in at #33 in the DS chart and Watchmen: The End is Nigh goes in at a lowly #38 in the Xbox 360 chart. I thought it would do a bit better seeing it’s only £20 and that the DVD is out this week.

Jun 22
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UK Charts

Ghostbusters: The Video Game hasn’t been able to shove Prototype and The Sims 3 from the top two positions of the chart. It makes you wonder – if it had been released on all formats at once as planned then maybe would gone straight to #1? Instead it settles for #4, under Wii Fit. In the single formats Ghostbusters goes in at #1 in the PlayStation 3 chart and a somewhat bizarre #5 in the PlayStation 2 chart under the likes of Ben 10 and FIFA 09.

The only other new entry in the chart is PC thing Arma II at #19. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is doing a bit better in its second week of release though, up from #32 to #13. In the PSP chart Rock Band Unplugged plugs in at #3 while in the Wii chart Sega’s Let’s Tap goes in at a respectable #14. It has even managed to outsell MySims Racing which goes in at #16. Now there’s a thing.

Jun 15
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UK Charts

Prototype fails to knock The Sims 3 off the top of this week’s top 40 chart, having to settle for #2 instead. Red Faction: Guerrila moves down to #3 followed by Wii Fit and UFC: Undisputed. Call of Duty: World at War is back up from #16 to #7 while iNfamous drops from #6 to #9. The rubbish Terminator Salvation is now out of the top 10, going from #10 to #16. Thank flip for that.

Grand Slam Tennis is the next new entry at #13, followed by Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings at a rather low #32. Walk With Me on DS walks in at #39. Fuel is the biggest faller this week going from #12 to #24. And as noted last week, Resident Evil 5 has now left the top 40 entirely.

It looks like it’s the Wii version of Indiana Jones that’s the most popular – it’s in at #8 in the Wii chart, outselling Punch Out!! and Boom Blox 2: Bash Party which are at #16 and #14 respectively.

Jun 08
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UK Charts

The UK charts are in for last week and it’s The Sims 3 that takes the top spot. It has become the fourth fastest selling PC title in the UK, behind the two World of Warcraft expansion packs and Championship Manager 4. Red Faction: Guerrilla goes in at a surprisingly high #2. The last Red Faction game was released way back in 2002 and if memory serves it wasn’t even as popular as the first.

Codemaster’s Fuel just misses out on a top 10 entry by arriving at #12. Blame the mediocre Terminator Salvation, which has gone up from #11 to #10. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has also done well seeing that the first game wasn’t released on consoles going in at #15. In fact, it has done better than Square-Enix’s Star Ocean: The Last Hope which goes in at #18.

Moving down the chart, there’s something called Mystery Stories – which I’m guessing is a DS adventure game – at #20 and Jillian Michales’ Fitness Ultimatum at #27. Still no Boom Blox 2 or Punch Out in the top 40, but Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat goes in at #10 in the Wii chart. Hopefully the next New Play Control title to be released will be Chibi-Robo.

Resident Evil 5 is almost out of the chart completely, clinging on at #40. A price cut could well see it shoot back up though.

Jun 01
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UK Charts

The top three titles in the top 40 remain the same this week – UFC 2009: Undisputed at #1, Pokemon Platinum at #2 and EA Sports Active at #3. Guitar Hero: Metalica arrives at #4 while iNfamous goes in at #5. I bet Sucker Punch are glad that Sony didn’t ask them to make another Sly Racoon game instead.

More new entries still – Virtual Tennis 2009 at #8 and the apparently very poor Terminator: Salvation at #11. I’m guessing that a lot of people will be taking their copies back pretty sharpish. Night at the Museum 2 goes in at #25 on its second week of release. And that’s all the new entries for this week, so no Boom Blox: Bash Party or Punch Out. Boom Blox: Bash Party smashes in at #18 in the Wii chart though.

SBK-09 Superbike World Championship doesn’t make the top 40 either, but it hasn’t done too badly in the single format coming in at #9 in the PSP chart, #13 in the PlayStation 2 chart, #28 in the Xbox 360 chart and #24 in the PlayStation 3 chart. I apologise for the over-use of the word ‘chart’ in that last sentence.

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