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Jun 28
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UK Charts

Christ on a moped – this week’s chart is a bit of a shocker. LEGO Harry Potter has gone straight to #1, pushing Red Dead Redemption to #2. Naughty Bear enters at #5 (early reviews suggest it’s pretty unbearable, crap pun intended), the ace Demon’s Souls at #6 and Transformers: War for Cyberton at #8. Rooms: The Main Building, which was #5 last week, has fallen like a broken lift shaft all the way to #19.

Activision’s Singularity hasn’t had the best of starts making an appearance at a lowly #38. They only have themselves to blame – reviews have been good, but there has been next to no promotion.

Interestingly, the Wii version enters of Transformers hasn’t done nowhere near as well as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. It has only managed a limp #33 placing in the Wii chart while the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 iterations are at #11 and #5 respectively.

Jun 21
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UK Charts

It’s Monday, which can only mean one thing – a round up of the top 40 UK charts. Red Dead Redemption is #1 for the 5th week running, Super Mario Galaxy 2 holds onto #2 with 2010 FIFA World Cup still at #3.

Codemaster’s International Cricket 2010 is the highest new entry at #12, beating Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which strolls into the chart at #18.

Spreadsheet sim Football Manager 2010 is the biggest riser for the week, going all the way from #31 to #16. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has also had a good week, going from #20 to #11. And after being reduced by retailers, Ubisoft’s Pure Football has made a re-appearance at #28.

I wasn’t sure if Darkstar One: Broken Alliance was out yet on Xbox 360, but it’s appearance in the Xbox 360 chart at #22 confirms it. Apparently it’s not bad at all.

Jun 14
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UK Charts

E3 is underway, so there are slightly more interesting things to be writing about than the top 40 UK chart. As such, we’ll keep it brief this week.

Red Dead Redemption has managed to fend off Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Rockstar’s cowboy sim holds onto #1 with the chubby plumber at #2. Rooms: The Main Building has shot up from #12 to #4 while EA’s Green Day: Rock Band is the only new entry in the chart at #14.

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, which has nothing to do with bellybuttons, makes it’s entry in the Xbox 360 chart at #38. Splash!

Jun 07
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UK Charts

Despite very few games being released last week there has been a slight shuffle in the top 10 chart. The Sims 3: Ambitions is the sole new entry at #5 while both Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Split/Second: Velocity have left the top 10 already. They were at #8 and #6 but they now reside at #13 and #14. Blur has risen from #14 to #10 while Red Dead Redemption stays at #1 with 2010 FIFA World Cup at #2. EA’s latest soccer sim could very well go back to #1 next week once the real deal kicks off.

Rooms: The Main Building makes its entrance at #12 and some two weeks after being released Ubisoft’s Pure Football has finally made its first chart appearance at #36. I can’t see there being a Pure Football 2 being announced any time soon. Motorbike-based racer SBK X doesn’t make the top 40 but it skids in at #23 in the Xbox 360 chart and #20 in the PlayStation 3 chart.

Jun 01
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UK Charts

Even though reportedly out of stock, Red Dead Redemption manages to stick to the top of the chart. Bloody brawler UFC: Undisputed 2010 enters the ring, sorry, chart at #2 with 2010 FIFA World Cup at #3 followed by Just Dance and Wii Fit Plus.

Actvision’s Blur and Sega’s super spy sim Alpha Protocol miss out on top 10 positions – Blur is in at #14 and Alpha Protocol at #13. I am surprised with Alpha Protocol – I knew it would get into the chart, but not this high. Reviews are now starting to appear, with the average score being 68% so I reckon #13 could be as high as it goes. Still, that’s not bad.

Belated movie tie-in Clash of The Titans – which Eurogamer dished out a 3/10 for – is the final new entry of the week, at a very limp #37 placing. Iron Man 2 is only one position away from it at #36. Leaving so soon, Mr. Stark?

May 17
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UK Charts

Less than stellar reviews for Lost Planet 2 haven’t done it any harm, with Capcom’s shooter arriving at #3 in the chart. Alan Wake goes in at #2 while 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa stays on the top of the chart and will probably continue to do so until the World Cup is over. Skate 3 skids on in at #5. Unless I’ve been walking around with my eyes shut again I haven’t seen much publicity or press coverage for it, so well done EA.

The biggest faller of the week is God of War III dropping from #11 to #34. Iron Man 2 is also on a slow decline, going from #12 to #18.

The current sales at Game and GameStation continue to help a number of titles jump back up the chart – Final Fantasy XIII goes up from #14 to #8, Nier re-enters at #23 and Bioshock 2 and Bayonetta are also back at #30 and #31.

May 10
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UK Charts

Sales on the high street, specifically at Game and GameStation, have seen dozens of titles climb back up the chartModern Warfare 2 is up from #9 to #3, Alien Vs Predator goes from #21 to #15 and Wolfenstien is back at #38 due to being cut to £9.99 at the former retailer. Invizimals on PSP makes a surprise appearance at #28 thanks to also being heavily discounted – £9.99 at GameStation with the PSP camera, if memory serves.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa – to give it’s full and correct title – is still #1 though and Just Dance is at up one place at #2 pushing Super Street Fighter IV down to #6. Iron Man 2 rises up from #20 to #12 now that the slightly lacking movie is out while Wario Ware DIY is the only new entry at #24.

The Wii’s big white hope Monster Hunter Tri had a bad week, dropping from #12 to #26.

May 04
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UK Charts

Not only do we have a new #1 this week but a new #2 too. 2010 FIFA World Cup heads to the top of the top 40 chart, followed by Super Street Fighter IV at #2. God of War Collection makes its first chart appearance at #10. Monster Hunter Tri has fallen out of the top 10 already going from #5 to #12. Quick, Nintendo – put some more adverts on the TV.

Iron Man 2 at #20 is the next highest new entry. I was surprised to see that the supermarkets are selling it for £25 already. In fact, the DS version was only £15 at Tesco.

Avatar is on the rise up from #20 to #13. Believe it or not, it has been considered a flop even though it has been in the chart since being released late last year. Also, Mirror’s Edge is back at #25, presumably because Game were selling it for £3 delivered last week.

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