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Oct 11
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UK Charts

In the all formats chart Castlevania: Lords of Shadow managed to outdo Enslaved: Odyssey to the West by one place – Konami’s fang-tastic romp goes in at #6 while Ninja Theory’s monkey man jumps in at #7. Likewise in the PlayStation 3 chart Castlevania sold more than Enslaved did but the Xbox 360 chart tells a different story with Enslaved ranking higher than Castlevania by one place. What does this tell us? Probably that more PlayStation owners are bigger fans of Castlevania.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is the highest new entry though at #2, currently unable to shove FIFA 11 off the top of the chart. Wii Party – which comes bundled with a Wii Remote – boogies into the chart at #10 while WRC: FIA World Championship skids in at #11. NBA 2K11 is the only other new release making a chart appearance at a respectable #19.

There’s still no sign of movie tie-in Despicable Me in the top 40, and neither has Front Mission Evolved managed to make it. It does though make it into the Xbox 360 chart at #25.

Sep 20
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UK Charts

It’s really no surprise to find that Halo: Reach is top of the all formats chart. It has become Microsoft biggest ever launch week and the 5th biggest ever in the UK, selling 200,000 more copies than Halo 3: ODST did upon release.

The PlayStation Move hasn’t done too badly either – Sports Champions debuts at #2, Start the Party at #29 and Racket Sports at #32. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has also risen up from #17 to #9, thanks to having Move compatibility.

Three games have had a tumble from the top 10 this week though – Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions drops from #6 to #13, Tetris Party Deluxe from #5 to #20 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep from #7 to #31.

As feared last week, Metroid: Other M has now left the chart completely.

Aug 16
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UK Charts

Toy Story 3 has claimed its third consecutive #1, which is more than any other Disney published title before it. So far this year only 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Red Dead Redemption and Just Dance have stayed longer at the top of the chart.

Nintendo’s Art Academy has had a very good week too, shooting up from #28 to #5, while Madden NFL 11 enters the chart at a respectable #10. Starcraft II has now left the top 10, going from #4 to #12.

Aliens vs Predator has managed to re-enter at #20, presumably because the likes of Zavvi have cut it to just £9.99, however both Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 look like they’re about to depart the chart currently at #39 and #40 respectively.

Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 is on the brink of becoming the UK’s best selling game ever – Chart Track thought it might take the title last week, but it didn’t manage to. It’s only a matter of time though. Maybe even by the end of this week?

Aug 09
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UK Charts

Starcraft II has only managed to stay on top of the chart for one week – it’s now at #4, pushed down by the likes of Toy Story 3 which has risen back to the top of the chart. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone back up from #8 to #2 thanks to some discounts on the high street while Square-Enix’s DS-exclusive RPG Dragon Quest XI continues to do well holding onto a #7 position.

Even though it has been out for a few weeks now Hidden Mysteries: Titanic on Wii has managed to enter the top 40 at #32. Nintendo’s Art Academy is the only other new entry in the chart, painting its way in at #28. I bet you didn’t know that it was developed by the people behind House of the Dead: Overkill and Battalion Wars 2, did you?

Aug 02
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UK Charts

Activision Blizzard’s PC RTS Starcraft II has gone straight to #1, selling more copies in the UK in just one week than the original’s entire UK lifetime sales. Chart Track tells us that the original – which was released in 1998 – entered the chart at #24 and that it wasn’t even the highest selling PC game that week (Lucasarts’ Star Wars Supremacy was). So, well done to Blizzard for proving that PC gaming isn’t quite dead yet.

Toy Story 3, Red Dead Redemption, Dance on Broadway and LEGO Harry Potter round off the top 5 best selling games of last week. Dragon Quest XII has risen two places, going from #9 to #7, but Crackdown 2 has now left the top 10 dropping from #10 to #19.

It looks like the poor old PlayStation 2 is fading fast – this week Chart Track could only find seven games to compile a PlayStation 2 chart out of. There are a few releases still lined up for the system though including FIFA 11 and Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest.

Jul 26
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UK Charts

There isn’t a single game in the top 10 chart this week that’s in the same place it was last week. Mostly notably, the jolly decent Toy Story 3 has risen from #5 to #1, DS-exclusive Dragon Quest IX enters at #10 while Crackdown 2 drops all the way from #1 to #10.

Despite not being very good both Naughty Bear and Sniper: Ghost Warrior have risen a few places – they were at #21 and #22 respectively but they’re now at #20 and #17. Transformers: War for Cyberton has driven up a few places too, going from #35 to #30.

There’s nothing massively major going on in the single format charts, although I am surprised to see F1 2009 at #8 in the Wii chart given that it’s almost eight months old.

Jul 12
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UK Charts

Crackdown 2 has become Microsoft’s first all formats #1 of 2010. The last one only managed to get to #2, so all those sales of pre-owned copies haven’t been in vein. LEGO Harry Potter drops to #2, followed by Red Dead Redemption, Dance on Broadway and 2010 FIFA World Cup. Naughty Bear and Sniper: Ghost Warrior have both left the top 10 this week, suggesting that people have started finding out how bad they are.

Proving that Pokmon is still popular, PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure enters the chart at #25. Alan Wake is back too at #23 thanks to some heavy discounts on the internet.

Although Singularity was on the rise last week, it’s now on the fall currently at #40. It might even leave the chart entirely next week. Shame.

Jul 05
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UK Charts

Three of last week’s releases are in the top 10 chart this week. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 enters at #4 – thus proving that all publicity is good publicity – Dance on Broadway taps in at #6 while Sniper: Ghost Warrior shoots in at #10. Publisher City Interactive must be pretty pleased with that result.

The top 3 remains the same – LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 at #1, Red Dead Redemption at #2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 at #3. Naughty Bear drops down from #5 to #9 while Transformers: War for Cyberton has gone from #8 to #11.

Demon’s Souls has had a bad week, going from #6 to #20 but Singularity is doing better than last week going up from #38 to #24. Tournament of Legends doesn’t even enter the top 40 Wii chart, let alone the top 40 all formats. This isn’t a bad thing – reviews have been around the 3/10 mark.

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