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Jan 17
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FIFA 11 has been top of the chart for a couple of weeks but now Call of Duty: Black Ops has re-taken the top spot. Kinect Sports has risen from #10 to #5 and this week also marks the appearance of the first new entry of 2011 – DC Universe Online at #10.

The Xbox 360 chart tells a different story – it’s Kinect Sports that’s at #1 with Call of Duty: Black Ops at #2.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded draws its way into #5 in the DS chart with Capcom’s jolly decent murder mystery thing Ghost Trick at #22.

Jan 11
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With the dust now starting to settle on 2010, the UKIE (The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment) have released charts for the best selling games of last year.

To learn that Call of Duty: Black Ops sold a shit load of copies isn’t a massive surprise. To see both Just Dance games in the chart though is a little surprising, as is the appearance of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I was under the impression that it charted quite highly upon release and then swiftly vanished. The biggest surprise of all though is to find that Art Academy was one of the best selling DS games of last year.

The best seller list for PSP makes for sad reading – two of the five games are FIFA. A similar thing has happened in the PC chart too, with both Football Manager 2010 and Football Manager 2011 being present.

You can view the charts in full by clicking on the link below.


Jan 10
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It would seem that more than a few gamers ate too much over the festive period. Just Dance 2 is up from #4 to #2, Wii Fit Plus has risen from #13 to #5 while EA Sports Active 2 has entered at #13. Kinect Sport is also still in the top 10, although it has dropped four places since last week.

Nintendo must be running the Art Academy TV adverts again as that’s back at #11. Mass Effect 2 has made a re-entry too at #18 thanks to being cut to £4.99 at various online retailers last week. The PlayStation 3 version will be full price when it arrives at the end of the month, although it does have a load of bonus missions to play through.

There isn’t much going on in the single format charts, although I am surprised to see Touchmaster 4: Connect at a respectable #7 in the DS chart. Touchmaster is one of the franchises Warner Bros. nabbed off Midway when they went bust, so I’m sure they’re glad that their acquisition is paying off.

Jan 04
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UK Charts

This week’s chart is the first since Christmas. This means that a lot of new console owners have been contributing to game sales over the last seven days, and also those who have been out looking for bargains in the sales.

There’s a change over on the top of the chart for starters – FIFA 11 is back on top pushing Call of Duty: Black Ops to #2. Kinect Sports is up from #8 to #6, Fallout: New Vegas rises from #11 to #9 and Dance Central boogies on up from #19 to #10. It’s encouraging to see two Kinect titles in the top 20 for a second week running.

As for possible January sale-related risers, Fable III is up from #32 to #15, Halo: Reach shoots to #37 to #22 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II forces its way up from #36 to #21.

There are seven re-entries as well including Dead Rising 2 at #31 and Kinectimals at #36. Spare a thought for poor old Epic Mickey though – I thought it might be in the top 20 this week thanks to being cut to under £20 at some stores but the mouse has now left the house (chart) completely.

Dec 29
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UK Charts

In the Christmas chart every game in the top 10 was a sequel or part of a franchise. Had this week’s chart been the Christmas chart though then that wouldn’t have been the case thanks to Kinect Sports sliding up #15 to #8 and Michael Jackson: The Experience jiving from #12 to #10. The top 5 is unchanged though, meaning Call of Duty: Black Ops is still #1.

Epic Mickey has been slowly creeping up the chart – it was at #36 last week but it’s now at #26. With the price cut in the sales to around the £25 mark it may even reach the top 20 next week. Monopoly Streets enters at #28 thanks to the some TV advertising while the apparently quite poor Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time teleports in at #29.

In the single formats Tron: Evolution is in at #24 in the PlayStation 3 chart and #34 in the Xbox 360 chart while THQ’s Megamind makes an appearance in the lower half of both the Wii and DS charts.

Nov 22
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UK Charts

Despite the very fine Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit being released last week, Call of Duty: Black Ops has held onto #1. They have to make do with #2 and #3 respectively. Wii Sports Resort has risen from #19 to #7 but Fallout: New Vegas has fallen from #7 to #13. Football Manager 2011 goes from #5 to #19.

The jolly decent Sonic Colours has had a better second week – it was at a lowly #36 but it’s now at #18. This might be because Play had it for £17.99 last week. The bad reviews have seemingly harmed Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows as it can only manage a #20 positioning.

GoldenEye 007 is still outselling 007: Blood Stone but neither are doing fantastically – the celebrated Wii shooter is at #29 while Bizarre Creations’ effort is at #38.

If you’re wondering how the Kinect games are doing, then wonder no more – Kinect Sports is at #9, Dance Central at #25, Motion Sports at #33 and Fighters Uncaged at #39.

Nov 15
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UK Charts

There’s no prize for guessing what’s #1 this week. 2m copies were sold in the UK over 5 days, generating an estimated £81.9m. The Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops sold the most copies with 55% of the share, while the PS3 version gained 42%. This means that the Wii, DS and PC versions only took 3% between them. This is a little surprising – first person shooters usually sell quite well on PC, especially if they give the chance for a PC owner to show off their stupidly expensive graphics card.

Last week’s #1 – Football Manager 2011 – is now at #5.

Kinect hasn’t done too badly either with plenty of the launch games scattered around the chart. However, Kinect Adventures hasn’t been included in the top 40 as it was bundled with the device. Rare’s Kinect Sports did the best at #4, followed by Dance Central at #13, Motion Sports at #15, Fighters Uncaged at #23, Kinectimals at #26, Kinect Joy Ride at #30, Your Shape at #33 and Sonic Free Riders at #38.

Sonic Colours hasn’t fared that much better – it’s at #36.

Both Bonds are slipping – GoldenEye 007 drops from #13 to #20 while 007: Blood Stone has gone from #18 to #22. They may rise back up again though – it’s not hard to imagine a clueless grandparent buying a Bond game for their grandson for Christmas.

Oct 25
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UK Charts

Like Fallout 3 before it, which went straight to #1 back in 2008, Fallout: New Vegas has hit the jackpot for Bethesda and has also managed to outsell its predecessor on launch. Medal of Honor is now at #2, FIFA 11 at #3 and at #4 it’s a new entry for Professor Layton and the Lost Future. Sega’s Vanquish is the next new arrival at #12, followed by EA Sports MMA at #23. I thought MMA would do a little better than this seeing that UFC: Undisputed rode the chart high.

Both Enslaved and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow have had bad weeks – Enslaved has dropped from #11 to #31 while Castlevania drops from #10 to #20. That’s nothing though when compared to Naurto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 which has fallen all the way from #9 to #37.

Despite good reviews DJ Hero 2 has only managed a #25 placing. This, coupled with the fact that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock hasn’t sold anywhere near as well as the last few Guitar Hero games, suggests that music games are on their way out. If EA’s Rock Band 3 fails to sell well then that’ll pretty much confirm it.

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