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Jan 02
By Matt Gander In UK Charts 5 Comments

The final UK top 40 for 2017 was published earlier today, revealing a trio of Switch titles in the top ten.

Super Mario Odyssey was the highest placing, making #6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild both re-entered the top ten meanwhile, taking #9 and #10, with Zelda rising a whole ten places from last week.

This appears to have pushed PUBG out of top ten – the popular shooter is now at #11.

Not unusually for this time of year, there was no movement in the top five. This means Call of Duty: WWII has claimed a ninth week at no.1. If it can manage just two more weeks it’ll be on par with the current franchise record holder – Black Ops III, with 11 non-consecutive weeks at no.1.

January’s biggest releases – Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ – aren’t due until the 26th, so it’s likely CoD: WWII will keep hold of the top spot until then.

Running down the rest of the top five, FIFA 18 is at #2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 remains at #3, AC: Origins is at #4 and good old GTA V sees us out at #5.

No new arrivals made the top 40 but a few games managed to re-enter lower down in the chart, including a triple-whammy of Bethesda titles – Prey (#37), DOOM (#39), and The Evil Within 2 (#40).

Sep 23
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What could be this week’s UK number one? What could it possibly be? Oh, that’s right – Destiny. Bungie’s sci-fi shooter sits atop the chart for a second week. Well done Destiny.

Only time – and more specifically FIFA 15 – will tell if Destiny retains the top spot next week.

Three new titles entered the chart this week, two of them occupying the second and third place spots right behind Destiny. In at two is Disney Infinity 2.0, which we reviewed last week. Who can resist a Marvel-themed Disney game with collectable figurines?

Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors takes the number three spot. Not bad for a Wii U game competing with Destiny. Although from four onwards the chart looks pretty stale (Hello Watch_Dogs at #4!), so don’t get too excited.

Fans of Final Fantasy themed 3DS musical rhythm games will be pleased to know TheatRhythm: Curtain Call has entered the chart at #17. Good job there Square Enix.

FIFA 14 is still in the charts at #37, so perhaps next week it will get to stay in the top 40 alongside its newer sibling. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Jul 20
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With the film now out, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince takes the top of the chart. I saw it last night and was mildly disappointed. Daniel Radcliffe and co. give their best performances yet, but there’s very few new characters or locations – just the same old backdrops and now over familiar faces – and it’s also the least action-packed Potter film so far. No doubt the next one will make up for that though.

Back to the chart: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is up from #3 to #2 due to being cut to under £30 at most high street stores. Rhythm Paradise is back in the chart at #21 because of the new TV advert featuring Beyonce while the duly titled Fallout 3: Game Add-On Pack is this week’s biggest faller going from #22 to #39.

After just one week, The Conduit is out of the top 40. I can’t see it coming back, unless Game, GameStation and the like drop it to £20 pretty sharpish.

Apr 20
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UK Chart

Last week was a dull one for new releases, so consequently there are no new entries in the top 40 chart this week. The top 10 is also largely unchanged, you boring sods. Wii Fit is #1 for the twelfth week (but only the third week running), followed by EA’s big bad Don The Godfather II at #2 and FIFA 09 at #3. Carnival: Funfair Games is back in the top 10, up from #16 to #10. People must really like shooting plastic ducks.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party has been advertised heavily on TV recently, helping it rise up from #21 to #15. Sega Mega Drive Collection is also back on the rise up from #36 to #25. I’m guessing that’s because Sega has finally got round to publishing more copies.

Halo Wars has dropped out, as predicted in last week’s chart. It looks like Wanted: Weapons of Fate will soon be joining it, currently hanging on at #40. You might say it’s not wanted after all…

Feb 09
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UK Chart

Surprise! Nintendo’s Mystery Case Files: Millionheir makes its mark in the chart at #4, which just goes to show what a spot of TV advertising will do for a game. Left 4 Dead is on the rise from #29 to #15 due to being reduced on the high street (£29.99 at Game if I recall) while SimAnimals arrives at #22 in its second week of release. Wii Fit remains #1.

Rise of the Argonauts and Burnout: The Ultimate Box make no impact in the top 40 but they’re at #13 and #20 in the Xbox 360 chart and #12 and #20 in the PlayStation 3 chart. Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen cuts into the Wii chart at #30 while the Pikmin troop in at #17. Then in the DS chart there’s Chrono Trigger at a respectable and also surprising #10.

Interestingly, or perhaps embarrassingly, no less than 5 of the games in the PlayStation 2 budget chart are Singstar titles. That’s a quarter of the chart!

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