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Jun 20
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Three. That’s how many of this week’s new releases are based around bikes, and each is different in their own little way.

MotoGP 13 may seem like an acquired taste, but Eurogamer’s review makes it sound like a taste worth acquiring.

They handed out a resounding 8/10 yesterday, claiming to to be a “lean, scrappy racer that’s not just the best motorbike game around at the moment – it’s one of the best pure motorsport experiences on console for years”.


We’re are pleased to see it being released on PS Vita as the handheld hasn’t had anywhere near as many racers released on it as the PSP did. Then again, if memory serves, the PSP had something like 12 racing games in its launch line-up alone.

If you prefer your motorbike games to have a smattering of violence there’s 1960’s free-roaming biker sim Ride to Hell: Retribution on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

If you’re thinking that this one has come out of nowhere then you’re right – it was only officially announced back in April. Word has it though that it has been stuck in development for quite some time beforehand, so even at £30 you might want to approach with caution. Here’s the trailer:

The third and final bike-based game of the week is Tour de France 2013: 100th Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360. The last few Tour de France games received a mauling, but it would appear that the developer has given this edition an overhaul. Still, we’re very wary of their track record – Tour de France 2009, 2010 and 2011 all failed to break 50% on Metacritic.

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