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May 27
By Matt Gander In UK Charts 4 Comments

Wolfenstein: The New Order – which we reviewed earlier this week – is the UK’s new number one. That may not surprise you – it has been a rather quiet month, at least up until this week – but what may take you by surprise is just how well it has sold.

It’s the second biggest release of the year after Titanfall, accounting for a quarter of all entertainment sales last week.

Chart-Track also reports that it’s the first Wolfenstien take the top spot since the all-format chart begin in 1997. Activision’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein made #11 back in 2001 while Raven’s 2009 rendition settled for #2, behind Wii Sports Resort. So well done Machine Games.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition rises up one place to #2 while FIFA 14 falls to #3.

At #4 we find Titanfall, dropping down from #2. 2014 FIFA World Cup holds fast at #5.

There are no other new entries in the top 40, but there are a few new arrivals in the single format charts. F1 2013: Complete Edition makes #16 in the Xbox 360 chart and #17 in the PlayStation 3 chart, while PS3-exclusive JRPG Mugen Souls Z enters at #27.

Then over in the PC budget chart, the pleasingly daft Goat Simulator entered at #12.

May 19
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Even with EA’s World Cup tie-in released way ahead of the first kick off, sales of FIFA 14 show no sign of slowing.

It’s the UK’s number one yet again, making it the 12th week it has taken the top spot. This is actually an all-new record for EA – the previous best was FIFA: Road to World Cup ’98 with 11 weeks.

Titanfall drops to #2, and then at #3 it’s a new arrival – Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition. With the Xbox 360 version currently at #3 and the PS4 and PS Vita iterations not far off, we could potentially see a UK top five comprised of different versions of Minecraft at some point.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil finishes off this week’s UK top five.

Kirby Triple Deluxe is only other new entry in the top 40. The pink hued dude arrives at a respectable #16.

Last week’s chart arrival Bound By Flame falls from #12 to #19. Considering the mixed reviews it has been receiving – everything from 7.5/10 to 1/5, according to Metacritic – we thought it may have dropped further than that.

Over in the single format charts, Nascar ’14 makes a pitstop at #23 in the PlayStation 3 chart while The Amazing Spider-Man 2 makes #5 in the Xbox One chart.

We imagine that the majority of people interested in Spider-Man 2 chose to download it from the Xbox Marketplace – where it was available at launch – rather than wait for the belated retail release. Either that or the mediocre reviews have put people off. Which is highly likely, in fairness.

May 12
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Titanfall is the UK’s #1 for a fifth week, albeit not consecutively, knocking movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 off the top spot.

Spidey now sits at #3, with FIFA 14 rising one place to #2.

According to Chart-Track, less than 400 copies were between Titanfall and FIFA 14.

The rest of the UK’s top ten is compiled of the usual suspects, including no less than three LEGO titles. You can probably guess which.

Narrowly missing out on a top ten entry is new arrival Bound By Flame at #12. Publisher Focus must be pretty pleased with that. As we predicted last week, it’s the PS4 version that has proven to be the biggest selling so far.

The apparently not too bad action RPG also clocks in at #3 in the PlayStation 4 chart, one place higher than inFamous: Second Son.

That’s it for new entries this week, which means God of War Collection on PS Vita – last week’s only other new release of note – misses out on a top 40 placing. It is however #1 in the PS Vita chart.

May 06
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the UK’s new number one, knocking Titanfall down to #2.

It’s Activision’s first no.1 since Call of Duty: Ghosts, although Chart-Track reports sales were down 5% from the last Spider-Man tie-in.

The individual format chart reveals that the PS4 version shifted the most copies, followed by Xbox 360 and then PS3. The Wii U and 3DS versions failed to enter the top 40 individual format chart.

The rest of the UK’s top five is the usual mixture of FIFA 14, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and Call of Duty: Ghosts, in that order.

At #9 it’s a new entry, and a surprising one at that – Ubisoft’s Child of Light. As a digital release, all chart sales are from the Deluxe Edition which is available only for PC and PS3/PS4. You have to admit, that’s good going. It’s also #2 in the PlayStation 4 chart, under The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Mario Golf: World Tour is the only other new arrival, putting in at #22, although Dark Souls II has risen up a few places to #14 off the back of the last week’s PC version.

In the single-format charts Etrain Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl enters at #10 in the 3DS chart. With decent scores behind it, we would have expected it to chart a little higher.

Apr 28
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A dearth of new releases has resulted in a lack of activity in this week’s UK top 40. In fact, EA’s dominance in the top ten is about the only noteworthy occurrence.

Titanfall is on top for a third week running, while 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil remains at #2.

FIFA 14 is at #4, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare at #9 and finally Battlefield 4 at #10.

We’re surprised to see PvZ still hanging in there, especially considering that it isn’t a multi-format release. With a lengthy spell in the top ten, it’s clearly not the write-off many initially thought it would be.

At #3 and #5 respectively, Call of Duty: Ghosts and LEGO The Hobbit fill the gaps in the UK top five.

After entering at a respectable #7, Trials Fusion this week falls to #14.

Kinect Sports Rivals is also on the descent, falling from #19 to #23. Although reviews have been lukewarm, there is a chance this could still turn out to be a slow and steady seller – the 360′s Kinect Sports titles were knocking around the lower echelons of top 40 for many months.

Apr 15
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EA wasn’t lying when they claimed the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall was in safe hands. Over the years Bluepoint Games have made a name for themselves by releasing a steady string of quality HD conversions, including Konami’s MGS HD collection and Sony’s pairing of Ico and The Shadow of Colossus.

Titanfall however is their biggest project yet. Bringing an older game with a HD makeover to a newer system is one thing. But to do the opposite? Now that’s a challenge.

Bluepoint’s expertise with conversions is notable from the outset. Save for some slightly less impressive explosions and a few grubby textures, it exceeded all expectations. To be handed a game that makes the Xbox 360 feel shiny and new all over again, especially this late in the system’s life, is something we never expected.


As you’ll no doubt be aware, Titanfall wasn’t just intended to show off – ergo sell – the Xbox One, but to also to give the FPS genre the kick up the behind that it so sorely needs. The titular titans are the obvious unique addition. You’d think that the ability to stomp around in a mech would be a reward of gaining a certain amount of kills – just like Call of Duty’s killstreak perks – but that’s pleasingly not the case. Regardless of skill level, every player get a couple of chances to summon a Titan per match.

These hulking beasts are more vulnerable than you may expect. Not only does every pilot carry an anti-Titan weapon, and it’s also possible to boost jump onto their shoulders for a spot of Titan rodeo.

Moreover, their shields deplete quickly. Keeping your Titan alive for lengthy periods takes a degree of skill, and as you adapt to boosting out of harm’s way and using Vortex shields to fling bullets back at enemy Titans you’ll find yourself in the cockpit for much longer. If you don’t want to run around in a Titan, preferring to capture hardpoints and take out enemies on foot, the option to put your Titan into AI guard mode is there. They can also be instructed to follow you, which is highly useful during the final moments of a battle – a frantic dash to an evac point. Suddenly the players who have been hounding you the whole game become little more than fleeing rabbits.

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Apr 14
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With the Xbox 360 version finally released, Titanfall has re-taken the top spot of the UK chart.

This is more of an accomplishment than it may seem – it has managed to keep LEGO The Hobbit from claiming #1. And we all know how popular LEGO games are, right?

LEGO The Hobbit enters at #2. The individual format chart reveals it was the Xbox 360 version that has proven to be the biggest seller so far, followed by the PlayStation 3 version.

FIFA 14 – last week’s unexpected #1 – drops to #3. No doubt thanks to price-cuts South Park: The Stick of Truth rises to #4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts finishes off the top five.

The apparently disappointing Kinect Sports Rivals is the highest entering new release after LEGO The Hobbit, climbing in at #14.

Moving down slightly we find the PS Vita’s Football Manger 2014 at #18. We thought this may have made the top ten. It is, however, #1 in the PS Vita chart.

Then at #34 it’s Don Bradman Cricket 14, shortly followed by the retail release of Terraria at #37.

Apr 09
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There’s more riding on Kinect Sports Rivals than you may expect – Microsoft hopes that it’ll reignite people’s passion for the motion controlled device, just like the original Kinect Sports did back on Xbox 360.

Sadly though, review scores haven’t been too positive so far. On the bottom end of the scale there’s the 2/5 Joystiq dished out on the grounds that most of the sports are “insultingly simple” and the package as a whole “feels cheap”.

GameSpot and Videogamer meanwhile found it to be merely mediocre, both giving it a 5/10. GameSpot called it “inconsistent” while Videogamer found that although the technology is impressive, the game itself isn’t.


God is a Geek, GameCentral, Polygon and the Official Xbox Magazine enjoyed it a tad more, each giving it a 6/10.

A few outlets handed out a higher score than the above – such as Eurogamer Italy’s 8/10 – but not enough to bring the Metacritic average any higher than 64%.

This lukewarm reception once again fuelled discussion regarding Microsoft’s decision to bundle the Kinect with the Xbox One. Worryingly, we can’t find a single other Kinect game on its way to Xbox One after Kinect Sports Rivals releases this Friday. Does this mean that a Kinect-less Xbox One is due out soon? Probably not – Microsoft insists that the device is a vital part of the Xbox One experience.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future has in store for Rare should the game fail to sell. The thought of them making sports games still seems alien to us.

Those who haven’t jumped ship to Xbox One yet may be interested in how the belated Xbox 360 version of Titanfall performs. Eurogamer has done the dirty work and put the Xbox 360 version up against the Xbox On and PC iterations. To quote: “There are times when the game feels uncannily close to the Xbox One version“.

“With just one tenth of the available RAM and far less capable silicon, it’s safe to say that Bluepoint Games has more than exceeded expectations”, they continued.

It’s a decent conversion, then. Hurrah!


LEGO The Hobbit is also out this week, launching on just about every format going – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and PC. As mentioned in our weekly Nintendo eShop round-up, we’re slightly worried that it’ll be too similar to the LEGO Lord of the Rings. The fact that the third chapter is rumoured to be released as DLC later in the year doesn’t sit well with us either. With just two chapters, it may be on the short side. Just like a Hobbit.

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