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Oct 18
By Matt Gander In Blog 1 Comment

There’s nothing more magical than a Sunday night. A few sacred hours to wind down and relax, and perhaps reflect on the challenges the past week has posed. Then as you slip into bed for an early night, with a roast dinner and an unhealthy dose of nan’s homemade trifle in your belly, you awake Monday morning ready to tackle the next seven days. It’s a scenario many are likely familiar with.

That’s unless you’ve been “logging on” to YouTube to watch Mr. Biffo’s Found Footage. A Kickstarter-funded collection of weird and wonderful skits and shorts, purposely designed to fill your headspace with images of absurdity and tuneful melodies dedicated to computer industry pioneers.

Airing 9pm Sunday for the past six weeks, choice cuts from past episodes include an animated short of 2001: A Space Odyssey, musical homages to Clive Sinclair and Steve Wozniak, and parodies of GamesMaster’s consultation zone presented by Goujon John – a reoccurring character that ties episodes together in the darkest, and daftest, imaginable way.

Presented in ‘80s VHS-o-vision, Found Footage is much more than it initially appears. Amongst adverts for spoof products, music videos, clips of faux video games – including a couple of graphical text adventures with unfortunate endings – and cameo appearances from the likes of Danny Wallace, Robert Popper and Iain Lee lies something deeper and darker still – a slowly unravelling conspiracy.

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