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May 22
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The first thing that entered our mind when playing this Xbox Indie title was whether or not the developers had cheekily pinched Halo’s grass texture. That’s a compliment more than anything – Halo had the best looking grass around, and for quite some time. Evidentially we spent a lot of time staring at it.

memories of the Spectrum classic Monster Maze 3D came flooding back

We may never know if Rendercode Games have pilfered Halo’s most famous of textures, but we can tell you that The Monastery has a very humble feel to it.

Armed with just a flashlight, you’re tasked with retrieving bibles scattered around the ruins of a reasonably large monastery.

This quest may seem a little tedious initially, but once a few bibles have been found you soon learn that you’re not alone. Inside the ruins lie demons that are quick to give chase. Since combat doesn’t feature, all you can do is run. In the blink of an eye it goes from being a fetch quest to a rather deadly game of ‘cat and mouse’. We suppose this would mean that the bibles are now cheese.


Thankfully the ability to run faster than the evil that lurks inside provides the upper hand. This doesn’t mean that the demons don’t pose a threat, however. As more bibles are found they increase in number.

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