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Jun 17
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

Backed by a string of 10/10 review scores, The Last of Us has unsurprisingly become the new UK number one. The last time Sony took the top spot was with Uncharted: Golden Abyss over a year ago.

Moreover, it’s the third fastest selling game of the year so far and also takes the accolade for being the biggest new IP launch since 2011’s L.A. Noire. Crikey.

The ever inquisitive Eurogamer did some digging in to how well The Last of Us has sold compared to Naughty Dog’s own Uncharted series. They report that the opening tally was five times greater than the original Uncharted and that it had stronger launch week sales than Uncharted 2. It didn’t, however, outperform Uncharted 3.

Nintendo must be content with Animal Crossing: New Leaf taking #2. That makes it the best 3DS launch since Mario Kart 7 and the biggest 3DS launch ever for a non-Mario title.

To make way for the new arrivals Grid 2 drops to #3. Codemasters’ racer is then followed by Tomb Raider – which is up from #7 to #4 – and FIFA 13 at #5. Last week’s new top 10 arrival Remember Me has already departed, dropping from #3 to #20.

Rugby Challenge 2: Lions Tour Edition is the only other new entry in the UK chart this week, taking #12.

Jun 12
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Never mind all the big new games being shown off at E3. This week sees the release of two new titles that you can play now. Well, from Friday officially.

The Last of Us and Animal Crossing: A New Leaf couldn’t be more opposite, but both are essential purchases. Late to the PS3 party? Have yet to buy a 3DS? These are two worth owning systems for.


The Last of Us is a very different experience from the zombie games we’ve seen before. This is partly due to the setting – 20 years after an outbreak. Ellie, the girl that lead character Joel has been ask to protect, was born after the infection started and as you explore what’s left of our civilization she asks questions of what life was like before. Indeed, narrative is strong throughout. Those who just simply want to shoot stuff are well catered for too – combat has been tinkered with until perfection, with some pleasing shades of realism. Joel may be a hardened survivor but even so his hands still tremble when faced with something monstrous.

Review scores…gosh, where do we start with this one? It’s the highest rated game of the year so far, beating even Bioshock Infinite. The Metacritic currently stands at a lofty 96% from 61 critics including 10/10s from EDGE, Eurogamer, IGN and more. Not everybody has given it full marks, of course. GameSpot thought it was worth an 8 while Polygon caused a bit of a stir by giving it 7.5, especially as they’d given XBLA zombie game State of Decay a higher score just one day prior. Both of the reviewers highlight why they thought it wasn’t a 10/10 in their eyes, so they’re worth a read.


Nintendo’s colourful time-waster hasn’t been short on glowing reviews either. “Every time you open your 3DS to play New Leaf, you know you’re almost certain to experience something new or surprising. And how many games can you say that about?” said the Telegraph in their 5/5 review. EDGE meanwhile handed it a 9 – “As ever, Nintendo pays extraordinarily close attention to minutiae, and New Leaf’s many tiny visual details and animations help to make its world – your world – all the more convincing.”

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Jun 05
By Adam Philbin In Blog 2 Comments

Sony E3 conference

Sony’s E3 2012 press conference came and went, much as expected, and a little light on dramatic unveilings. Whilst the big hitters such as The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension oozed quality, the biggest surprise of the night was arguably Wonderbook, an augmented reality… book. In its favour, the first Wonderbook title, The Book of Spells, is a creation of Harry Potter’s J. K. Rowling.


Sony’s show was also heavy of the Ellen Page. In addition to The Last of Us featuring Ellen’s doppleganger, Quantic Dream’s new title Beyond actually stars Ellen Page, with the actress providing the voice and motion capture for the game’s main character. It’s a game about telekinesis and the after life, so hopefully it should be as good as Quantic Dream’s last game, Heavy Rain.


PS Vita titles were a little thin on the ground – the main news being an exclusive version of Assassin’s Creed III for the Vita and the ability to use the Vita as an additional super control pad in various games, such as Little Big Planet and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Speaking of the All-Stars… Super Smash Bros wants its game concept back.

The Last of UsFittingly, the show was played out with The Last of Us, which reinforces Naughty Dog’s position as possibly the best developers around right now and easily producing the most impressive titles on Sony’s system since the first Uncharted.

As always, an E3 without a new system unveiling can be a little quiet, and Sony didn’t really throw out any big surprises to set the world alight, but there was nothing particularly wrong and they’ve shown that there’s some life left in the old dog.

Should you want to sit through the whole conference yourself, Sony livestreamed the event online, and you can catch it on Youtube below.

You might want to skip to the 30 minute mark.

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