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Dec 03
By Matt Gander In Blog No Comments

Now here’s something I didn’t expect to see. Not in 2010, at least…but maybe three or four years ago. Sony has just released a budget-priced Bravia LCD TV in Europe which has a PlayStation 2 built-in.

The screen size (22 inch) and 720p maximum resolution setting is probably going to stop people buying it for a main set, but it’s ideal for the kid’s bedroom or the spare room. The KDL-22PX300 – as it’s known – also has an Ethernet allowing owners to watch YouTube, Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer and three USB ports, four HDMI port and PC input.

Of course, because it includes a PlayStation 2 it can play CDs and DVDs straight out of the box. Richer Sounds looks like being the best place to pick one up – it’s £199 on their site.

Sep 21
By Jake In Blog 3 Comments

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has been speaking to GamesIndustry.biz. Amongst other things, as relayed by Edge, he said that the PSP is “getting a bit old”.

Funnily enough, I unearthed my PSP only last week. It’s the original, chunkiest model. A Japanese version, if you really must know. But I still thought: you know, this is a really nice object. And it is: it’s sleek, the screen is sharp; there’s really not much to dislike.

So I don’t think the PSP is getting old at all. Okay, the loading times are a bit of a problem, but it seems pretty current to my eyes. It’s more that the games are getting a bit old. That’s what’s stopping it from being an exciting platform.

Incidentally, it’s LittleBigPlanet I’ve been playing again, and I’m still struggling to be enthusiastic about it. The story levels strike me as superficially imaginative, but ultimately quite predictable platform fare. I know I should get into the user-generated content side of it, but as previously discussed, that scares the living daylights out of me. So I’ll probably just carry on getting moderate enjoyment out of what comes on the UMD for now. Ho hum.

Mar 11
By Adam Philbin In Blog 1 Comment

Engadget have a mildly interesting piece on their hands-on with the PlayStation Move, Sony’s first foray into the world of dildonics. Or their version of a wiimote – which looks and acts almost exactly like a wiimote + nunchuk, albeit with a stupid ping pong ball on the top.

Rather than fancy magic, the PlayStation Move tracks the controller position using the PlayStation Eye camera – that ping pong ball serves a purpose then. The first PlayStation Move pack will sell for $100 including a game, which sounds sort of acceptable. From their hands on, Engadget found the controller surprisingly light (not in a negative way), although they noted the demos on hand felt a bit laggy, but such is the nature of demos.

It does look a bit silly though.

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