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Aug 26
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Bad games. We’ve seen plenty since this site started in 2001, but in this day and age of big budgets and high expectations they’ve started to become few and far between. Godzilla on PS4 was the most recent, and it’s fair to say that many were surprised by how awful it was. We’ve come to expect competency.

Every few years though we see the release of something that sets tongues waggling, and not for the best of reasons. Games so dated and unfinished that it’s almost a miracle they managed to end up in consumer’s hands.

Inspired by the negativity surrounding Devil’s Third – which is finally released this week after a seven year development cycle – we’ve rounded up five games that managed to escape development limbo.

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever

Credit goes to Gearbox and Piranha Bytes – they managed to take something that was stuck in gaming purgatory since 1997 and turn it into an experience that was merely mediocre. Not terrible, but certainly dated. But it wasn’t just the action that felt like something from the past – many found the Duke himself a man out of time. His corny one-liners and uber-macho visage may have seemed cool in the ‘90s, but today’s gaming icons are rarely as shallow.

Boss battles, gun turret sequences, first-person platform jumping elements and a multi-player mode entitled ‘Capture the Babe’ – there’s no debating that Duke Nukem Forever was a relic from days gone by. Yet, it was playable – using the True Achievements website as a source, roughly half the people who purchased a copy finished the single-player mode.

Haven’t played it for yourself? It can usually be found for around £2-£3 these days, and it’s well worth a purchase just for the extras – there’s a timeline video showing the game in various states of development, plus trailers from iterations that were cancelled. The credit roll raises a grin too. After scrolling for what seems an eternity, Gearbox basically put their hands up and say “It’s impossible to name everybody who worked on DNF – big shout out to all the people who did”.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

Here we have Gearbox’s very own Duke Nukem Forever. After several delays and five years in development, the world was presented with something that looked incredibly different to the glitzy pre-release screenshots and even E3 gameplay footage from a year prior. Blurry textures, shoddy animation, lifeless explosions and poor lighting effects – Aliens: Colonial Marines was released in 2013 but was firmly stuck in 2008. This lead to a lawsuit against SEGA on the grounds of false advertising.

There are a few conspiracies regarding development, most of which entail Colonial Marines being placed on the backburner while Gearbox focused on Borderlands – their own IP. The rumour that holds the most water is that Gearbox simply took SEGA’s money and then paid TimeGate Studios (developers of the F.E.A.R expansion packs and first-person flop Section 8) to create the single-player mode without SEGA knowing. TimeGate then went bust, forcing Gearbox to pick up the pieces and carry on their work. This is why the “finished” version was more than a slight mess – the sight of AI teammates magically teleporting to the player’s location if they fell too far behind frankly ruined all chances of creating a tense atmosphere.

We’ve seen numerous sealed copies of Aliens: Colonial Marines in charity shops and at car boot sales over the past couple of years. It has become so notoriously rubbish that people can’t even muster up the enthusiasm to remove it from the cellophane.

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Aug 02
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We hope that in years to come somebody gets the scoop on how Ride to Hell came to be. No developer intentionally sets out to make a bad game, after all.

It was first announced in 2008 as an open-world affair, with the first trailer reporting a 2009 release. That proposed release date came and went, and with all traces of the game removed from both Eutechnyx and Deep Silver websites many believed it had been sent to the scrap pile.

Behold this generation’s Superman 64

What happened in the years to follow is a bit of a mystery, but we assume that it was put on hiatus while the studio focused on creating Activision’s NASCAR games.

Skip forward to earlier this year and Deep Silver had seemingly regained faith in the Ride to Hell brand, announcing two new games – XBLA & PSN download Route 666 and a beat ’em up for mobiles – alongside the resurrection of Retribution. Perhaps it was thought by somebody, somewhere, that they ought to try and scrape back the money invested in 2008. A small sum must have been laid out at some point as the cut-scenes were directed at Universal Studios while the story – which is set during the 1960s – was penned by movie maker Tom Smetham.


If Retribution simply felt dated in the way that Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines did upon release, then we could begrudgingly live with that. But not only does it look and feel like a relic from five years ago though, it’s also blatantly unfinished. It’s not hard to get the impression Eutechnyx were instructed to carry out the bare minimum to get it through the Sony and Microsoft QA processes and nothing more. Most of the open-world features have now been dropped, nay forcibly cut, leaving just a hollow husk of what was once promised.

Straight from the outset bizarre designs choices have been made. It starts with a machine gun turret sequence with no explanation as to why or who you’re shooting at. Next comes a short beat ’em up section, displaying some of the ugliest ugly character models of recent times. Textures often fail to load and punching enemies results in huge nonsensical spurts of blood, like something out of the early PSone era 3D Mortal Kombat games. Next you’re presented with a shoddy motorbike chase, lasting for around a minute or so.

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Jul 15
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The Last of Us celebrates a deserved 5th week on top of the UK top 40 this week.

Nintendo has a reason for celebration too – Animal Crossing: New Leaf and new entry Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. are at #2 and #3 respectively. Now that’s a dream team.

FIFA 13 and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition finish off the top five.

There’s a slight shuffle elsewhere in the top 10 – Deadpool is down from #9 to #16 while the dismal Aliens: Colonial Marines is up from #22 to #10. Surely everybody must be aware how poor it is by now?

Speaking of poor games, Ride to Hell: Retribution is still hanging around at #37. Go away, smelly.

Namco-Bandai’s Project X Zone graced the chart at a respectable #18 last week but has seemingly now vanished into the Twilight zone. Stock shortages could be to blame – we haven’t spotted a single copy on the high street yet.

A late arrival of MotoGP 13 at #38 is the only occurrence of note.

Don’t be surprised if The Last of Us manages a 6th week at #1 – The Smurfs 2 and Dynasty Warriors 8 are the only new games arriving at retail.

Jul 08
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In a quiet week for the UK chart, The Last Of Us becomes the first game this year to take the top spot for four consecutive weeks. So well done to all involved.

Minecraft holds steady at #2, then it’s FIFA 13 up a place at #3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf down a place at #4. Assassin’s Creed III is up four to round off the top five, thanks to what Chart-Track describe as “continued price promotions”.

Few new releases mean even fewer new entries, but 3DS RPG Project X Zone makes a decent fist of it, in at #18. The week’s other new release, DARK, manages #18 in the Xbox 360 chart.

Finally, proving that reviews mean nothing, after two weeks Ride to Hell: Retribution has made it into the main chart at #35. Honestly, there’s no telling some people.

Jul 01
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With a third week at the top of the UK chart, the public evidently loves The Last of Us as much as the critics. That means the Xbox 360 retail release of Minecraft misses out on the top spot, but #2 isn’t a bad start.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf and FIFA 13 each drop a place to #3 and #4 respectively, and at #5 it’s a new entry for PC expansion pack The Sims 3: Island Paradise. The new entries keep on coming, with Deadpool at #6, and Company of Heroes 2 on PC at #10.

Then the new entries stop. It’s #1 in the Wii U chart, but Game & Wario is nowhere to be seen in the main top 40; though it does scrape in at #38 in the full price chart. A couple of other new releases scrape into the full price chart: the stunningly bad Ride to Hell: Retribution at a thoroughly undeserved #32, and Painkiller: Hell & Damnation at #35.

The week’s big faller is MotoGP 13, new last week at #15, but down to this week’s #37. Rossi’s first win since 2010 on Saturday probably won’t be enough to help it recover next week.

Jun 20
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Three. That’s how many of this week’s new releases are based around bikes, and each is different in their own little way.

MotoGP 13 may seem like an acquired taste, but Eurogamer’s review makes it sound like a taste worth acquiring.

They handed out a resounding 8/10 yesterday, claiming to to be a “lean, scrappy racer that’s not just the best motorbike game around at the moment – it’s one of the best pure motorsport experiences on console for years”.


We’re are pleased to see it being released on PS Vita as the handheld hasn’t had anywhere near as many racers released on it as the PSP did. Then again, if memory serves, the PSP had something like 12 racing games in its launch line-up alone.

If you prefer your motorbike games to have a smattering of violence there’s 1960’s free-roaming biker sim Ride to Hell: Retribution on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

If you’re thinking that this one has come out of nowhere then you’re right – it was only officially announced back in April. Word has it though that it has been stuck in development for quite some time beforehand, so even at £30 you might want to approach with caution. Here’s the trailer:

The third and final bike-based game of the week is Tour de France 2013: 100th Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360. The last few Tour de France games received a mauling, but it would appear that the developer has given this edition an overhaul. Still, we’re very wary of their track record – Tour de France 2009, 2010 and 2011 all failed to break 50% on Metacritic.

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