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May 23
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On the Switch eShop this week you’ll find something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Just like last week’s re-release of Sniper Elite V2, Ubisoft’s re-release of Assassin’s Creed III is another that has graced a Nintendo platform once before.

It’s worryingly similar to the Wii U version, in fact – it may be called a ‘remaster’ on the box, but Nintendo Life – amongst others – claims that it feels like a “straight up port”.

“The expected graphical bells and whistles are mostly absent and this game feels more like a straight port of the 2012 original. Framerate issues plague many of the busier areas of the open world and make combat and traversal a chore for the most part, while audio problems are also a constant niggle,” they said before dishing out a middling 5/10.

It’s worth noting that the package also contains Liberation, which sweetens the deal somewhat while making the £29.99 price tag easier to swallow.

Indeed, Switch owners need especially deep pockets this week. Capcom’s trio of Resident Evil re-releases have arrived, debuting at £29.99 each. £90 for three old Resident Evil games…now that’s a hard sell.

Reviews for Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 are at least positive, and this is despite RE4 lacking motion controls. The other two are apparently bogged down by long loading screens, but the few new enhancements are welcome.

Nintendo Insider awarded RE4 an 8/10: “The lack of Wii-like motion controls hurts this release, as it means this isn’t the best way to play the game. However, the fact you can play it on the go for the first time is probably the next best thing. If you have somehow managed to miss playing this title in the past 15 years, then go ahead and add another point to the score, as those that have played the many re-releases over the years won’t be quite as impressed as they once were.”

The original RE garnered an 8/10 from Nintendo Enthusiast too. “Gaming’s first realization into true survival horror is timeless thanks to the technical enhancements of this HD remaster,” they said.

Resident Evil 0 received similar scores, including a 7.5 from Nintendo World Report. “Revisiting the core survival horror gameplay with an added modern control scheme proves to be a wonderful pairing,” was their verdict.

If a double whammy of Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil wasn’t enough, Sonic is also back. Team Sonic Racing, as the name suggests, relies on teamwork – simply coming in 1st place isn’t enough, as you need to ensure the rest of your team makes it to the podium, sharing items and creating slipstream as you race. It’s a decent enough twist, but there’s a general lack of excitement and surprises, and it also doesn’t help that the menus and UI are rather bland. One step forward, one step back.

Screen Rant are one of the few sites to review the Switch version – which is reportedly lacking the CGI intro – where it was awarded an above average 3.5/5.

“Sporting 21 courses set that span seven distinct zones, Team Sonic Racing is replete with gorgeous and memorable tracks that keep races interesting hours and hours in,” they said before criticising how the unlockable ‘Mod Pod’ upgrade system works. “[it] is a pointless nuisance that turns unlocking quasi-random items one-by-one a complete chore.”

Coincidentally, one of SEGA’s pre-Sonic mascots has also made a return. Wonder Boy Returns Remix is an improved version of the 2016 PS4/PC remaster, adding a new charge shot and a wider field of vision. “[…] it’s a great modernisation of a classic and a stress-free way to feel the thrill of Wonder Boy and get to the final boss,” said Nintendo Life, opting for a 7/10.

You’ll find the full list of new Switch re-release below, with other highlights including TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge, 2D run and gunner Gunlord X, GTA style crime caper American Fugitive, and the first person horror adventure Among the Sleep.

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Jan 22
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Deep Silver must hope not many gamers are a expecting a colossal post-Christmas credit card bill – the cumbersomely titled combo pack Saints Row IV Re-Elected/Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell was originally due out in February but brought forward to this week.

Eurogamer reports that – challenges aside – the Gat Out of Hell expansion takes around 3-4 hours to finish. “Just don’t expect it to be a sequel, or even a full slice of Saints Row 4 at its best” they said, before handing out 6/10. The £15.99 asking price strikes us as being a little expensive if an afternoon’s worth of entertainment is all it offers.

The Metro’s write up wasn’t quite as positive as Eurogamer’s review, giving it a poor 4/10 while painting a bleak picture: “Despite the outrageous plot and bizarre weapons this is a disappointingly mundane expansion beneath all the silliness, and one that addresses none of the parent game’s failings”.

They also reported that “the hit rate for the jokes is as low as ever”. They did, however, enjoy the musical number but we doubt that’s worth the admission fee alone.

For those wondering how Saints Row IV holds up on the new consoles, EG’s Digital Foundry put the PS4 iteration through its paces. “The PlayStation 4 version of Saints Row 4 represents a clear improvement over the last-gen instalments of the game. Based on what we’ve played so far, it’s not a transformative experience on par with the PS4 Tomb Raider remaster, but it’s shaping up as the best console purchase for those looking to experience the outrageous action and satirical humour that the franchise delivers” came their conclusion.


Resident Evil HD Remaster – which appears to be simply known as Resident Evil on the download services – has been getting steadier reviews. For those not aware, it’s a remake of an already existing remake. How paradoxical.

Currently the Metacritic stands at 83% for both the Xbox One and PS4 versions, including a 9/10 from Videogamer and a 9.5 from Game Informer. “One of the greatest horror games of all time becomes even better” said the latter. Incidentally, the PSN version has Cross-Buy support but only until 3rd Feb.

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Oct 26
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When Capcom announced Resident Evil: Gaiden for the Game Boy Color it came as a surprise to many. Not because the source material was undecidedly unsuitable for the demographic, but because Capcom had cancelled a handheld conversion of Resident Evil just a year before.


Developed by London-based HotGen Studios, it pushed Nintendo’s 8-bit handheld hard to include all scenes and locations from the PSone original. The general reaction from the gaming press was that it was an impressive effort.

Originally due for release in time for Christmas 1999, it was quietly hit by a delay following a no-show. Crawfish’s equally ambitious Game Boy Color conversion of Street Fighter Alpha also failed to make an appearance during the festive period, which too was being developed in the UK.

The English to Japanese language communication barrier was cited as the reason to push both games into 2000, but whereas Street Fighter Alpha did finally make it to store shelves Resident Evil was canned before revised February/March 2000 release.

The Japanese publisher simply claimed that they were “not confident that the product would have made both consumers and Capcom happy”.

Before the game’s cancellation IGNPocket interviewed HotGen, and it was here it came apparent that development was far from smooth.

“All of the characters and enemies in Resident Evil Game Boy are software scaled, so given the limited amount of CPU bandwidth the Game Boy has available, it is very difficult to have extremely large enemies, and [even more difficult for] lots of enemies on screen at the same time. The speech was also a problem because the Game Boy is not suited to large amounts of speech, especially when it is critical to the game. The problem has been addressed by using a text window that appears at the bottom of the play area.”

“That said, we have still managed to keep all the locations and puzzle elements totally authentic, and all the locations use the same viewpoint and are identical to the PlayStation version.”

All signs suggest that HotGen had bitten off more than they could chew. Another reason for cancellation mentioned at the time was that when played on a handheld it was a nowhere near as scary experience. Although some sacrifices were made with the CGI and live action clips in order to fit the game onto a 4MB cart, it did still include the infamous door opening sequences that were not just to disguise loading times in the original but also used to induce tension.


When the conversion was first announced it was reported that HotGen planned to include new enemy types, the ability to disarm traps and a new save system designed for on-the-go play.

Judging by the two prototypes released in 2012 following an online fundraiser though, only the improved save system was incorporated. Screenshots from an IGN preview did feature a red zombie not found in either prototype, but this could have been a mere ‘work in progress’ of the common place green-hued zombies.

Something curiously sinister in the prototype version is that the zombies don’t fall to the ground when killed. Instead they simply drop to their knees, remaining upright. It’s highly plausible that this was due to the Game Boy Color’s constraints – having to render and draw different 2D sprites for each of the static camera angles used may have been an issue, and one that also restricted character movement. It could however have simply been the case that the animation was unfinished.

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Mar 22
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Capcom seemingly learnt nothing from the forgettable Resident Evil: Outbreak series on PlayStation 2 – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has been getting some terrible reviews, including a 3/10 from gamesTM. GamesMaster also reviewed it this month but didn’t give it a score as they weren’t able to play it online. They did however point out that the single-player mode is not worth buying it for and your AI team mates are so poorly programmed that they walk into laser tripwires and the like. IGN agreed with the AI issues, and gave it a 4.0.

IGN didn’t think much of Ninja Gaiden 3 either, which they dished out a 3.0 for. They seem to be in the minority though – both the Official Xbox 360 Magazine and CVG gave it an 8. It’s a lot easier than the previous Ninja Gaiden games, but the multi-player modes feel a little clunky. It needs an online pass too, although free DLC is due somewhen.

Kid Ikarus: Uprising is one that Nintendo has been working on for a long time. That time has paid off, with review scores including a 9 from Eurogamer, an 8 from EDGE and an 8.5 from IGN. Destuctoid on the other hand gave it a 5/10. “Kid Icarus: Uprising is equal parts tremendous and terrible, with a fine line clearly separating the two distinct territories,” they said. With the Metacritic average standing at 84, Destuctoid’s review would appear to be rather harsh on it.

Then we’ve got mech shooter Armored Core V, which scored at 6 from The Official Xbox Magazine and a 7 from GamesRadar. Designing mechs is good fun, said GamesRadar, but the PlayStation 3 version apparently suffers from frame rate issues.

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond is another with mixed reviews – The Metro’s GameCentral said it’s far too shallow and similar to the first game and gave it a 3/10. The Official Nintendo Magazine agreed that it’s too alike to the first game but still gave it 70% anyway.

Another casual game? Oh go on then. Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure is one which Microsoft has been curiously quiet about. The first review to appear was a rather nice 78% from German site GamingXP. They suggested that Disneyland Adventures was a better purchase though as that’s a little bit nicer presented.

Next week: Ridge Racer Unbounded (PS3, 360, PC), Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3, 360), Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3, 360), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (PS3, 360), Warriors Orochi 3 (PS3, 360), Capcom Digital Collection (360), Just Dance Best Of (Wii), Nickelodeon Dance (Wii), Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (PS3, 360), Cats & Dogs 3D: Pets at Play (3DS) and Farming Simulator 3D (3DS).

Jan 30
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Last week Resident Evil: Revelations made the news as eagle-eyed gamers spotted a host of ‘typos’ not only on the box but also during the cut-scenes.

This week it’s making news again – it’s at #6 in this week’s UK chart, making it the first new release of 2012 to make the top 10.

FIFA 12 holds its position at #1 for the fifth week running. It still has a long way to go to beat FIFA Road to the World Cup 98 though which managed 11 weeks in a row at #1. FIFA 12 has however already made more money than any other sports game before it.

There isn’t much else going on in the charts (it is January, after all) but we do spot Tales of Abyss making it into the 3DS chart at #9. After selling for crazy money on eBay (£50+) Namco has confirmed that new stocks are making their way into stores. Amazon and Play are both due a new supply this week according to Namco’s twitter feed.

Jan 26
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We have Capcom to thank for January’s biggest new release – Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS. It’s also the only new game out this week. Good timing there, Capcom.

Reviews have been mixed – EDGE gave it 6/10 (“the levels are a mishmash of beauty and blandness”) while Nintendo Gamer magazine dished out 90% and said it sets the standard for all third-party 3DS games. Both agreed though that it’s a bit of a looker.

There’s a demo on the eShop which is available to download so you can make your own mind up. Just before the demo was released the game was knocking around the 30th position on Amazon’s pre-order chart but after the demo launched it was in the top ten.

Are you paying attention, Nintendo? Demos work wonders.

Zavvi is the only place to stock the bundle with the circle pad pro. The existence of the extra analogue stick caused a bit of an uproar, but after hearing that it costs very little and has a battery life of a colossal 480 hours people have calmed down a bit.

Next week: Soul Calibur V, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, NeverDead and Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove 3D.

Jul 04
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Fore! With tennis on the television this weekend both Virtua Tennis 4 and Top Spin 4 re-enter the top ten at #5 and #8 respectively. Oddly though, Fight Night Champion dropped down the chart despite boxing being on the picture box as well.

As predicted last week, with Transformers: Dark of the Moon now out in cinemas, it too makes the top ten rising like the fallen up from #17 to #6. Zumba Fitness is still #1. Is it any good, or is it just selling on name alone?

The new arrivals in the top ten have forced both The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Duke Nukem Forever down, to #11 and #12.

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D is the next highest entry at #21, followed by UFC: Personal Trainer at #22.

Remember – if you buy a copy of Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D pre-owned, somebody from Capcom comes over your house and does a dirty on your doorstep. Either that or you won’t be able to make new save files. I forget.

Jun 30
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Solatorobo: Red Hunter is the type of game that Nintendo fans would kick up a stink about if it had been denied a European release. But behold – here it is on our shores, without signs of any begging or pleading. If anything it proves that Nintendo are still confident in the DS market. This twee anime-style adventure features characters from Tail Concerto on PlayStation but is neither a sequel nor a prequel. NGamer magazine dished out 81% saying it’s not deep or original but both handsome and confident.

NGamer also reviewed Max and the Magic Marker which is out this week on Wii. They said it’s all right but it only costs £7 to download on WiiWare while this retail version costs a whopping £25. The DS version got a mauling (32%) due to poor collision detection and other niggles. Stick with Super Scribblenauts, eh?

Capcom caused a bit of trouble this week by announcing that if you buy Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D pre-owned you won’t be able to delete the previous player’s save data. HMV have since announced that they won’t be taking any pre-owned copies in. Unsurprisingly, GameStation and Game said they’re fine with it. It’s not a fully fledged Resident Evil but rather a score-based affair that’s worth a look if you enjoyed Resident Evil 4’s mercenaries mode.

Then we have Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, which you’re bound to love or hate with a passion either way, and UFC Personal Trainer which has Kinect and PlayStation Move support. The Wii version seems to be a tenner cheaper than the other versions online.

Next week: Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on DS and the 3D TV compatible Air Conflicts – Secret Wars on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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