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Jun 25
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To allow plenty of reviews of the week’s new releases to materialise, we always wait until towards the end of the week to compile our weekly round-up. This week however we’re still waiting on reviews for two major releases – Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and Sniper Elite 3.

Rise of the Dark Spark developers Edge of Reality have been around since 1998, and have worked mostly on conversions and licensed games. We’re still unsure as to why Activision didn’t let High Moon Studios carry on their good work, but on the grounds of Edge of Reality’s experience we’re mildly confident that this latest Transformer endeavour will be ‘good’ at the very least.


Don’t expect the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions to be leaps and bounds over their last-gen counterparts though – word has it that the differences between last-gen and next-gen versions are barely noticeable.

The 3DS version, incidentally, is a strategic RPG developed by WayForward. Although an alluring proposition, we’re worried that it’ll veer on the casual side of things. You can however bet your last Energon cube that it’ll feature some tidy sprite work, if nothing else.


As much as we enjoyed Sniper Elite V2 – once referring to it as “the thinking man’s third-person shooter” – we’re slightly apprehensive about Sniper Elite 3. As to why the review embargo isn’t being lifted until the last minute is one reason; the fact that it’s a mere £25 on PS3 and Xbox 360 is another. Could the cheap price tag be compensating for something, such as the game’s length? Perhaps, although the PS4 and Xbox One versions are set to retail at around £40.

With a bit of luck, reviews will be knocking around by the time you read this. We highly doubt that Rebellion are about to release a steamer, in all honesty – Sniper Elite is their flagship franchise.


GRID: Autosport is one that we can recommend, thanks to the positive reviews that appeared earlier this week. Eurogamer said that “Grid Autosport is a fine racing game, though it’s never a thoroughbred one” before handing out a respectable enough 7/10, while God is a Geek enjoyed it a touch more, giving it an 8/10. “Even if your interest in cars is merely fleeting, GRID Autosport juggles realism and aggressive satisfaction to deliver an intoxicating mix somewhere between the joy of an arcade racer and the science of a true sim” they said.

Codemaster’s latest racer is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There are no next-gen versions – Codemasters wants their next-gen racing début to be something truly special.

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Apr 14
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It’s a decent week for new releases on the Nintendo eShop, with Nintendo Pocket Football Club arriving just in time for the World Cup.


Reviews of the 3DS soccer management sim surfaced last week, including 7/10 from both Eurogamer and God is a Geek.

Nintendo Life meanwhile felt it was worth an 8/10: “If you’re willing to invest hours of your time in building the right team, observing the unskippable matches and training up your rag-tag selection of players, then you’ll find it an engaging experience which is hard to put down”.

The pint-sized simulation will set you back £10.79 until 1st May. After that it’ll cost £13.49.

After launching alongside the PlayStation 4 itself, Putty Squad this week heads to 3DS. It was due out on Wii U at one point too, but that version seems to been quietly forgotten. Incidentally, the Xbox 360 version has also seemingly vanished into the thin air.


With a Metacritic of just 36%, the PS4 version didn’t go down well at all. It may however fare slightly better on 3DS. £17.99 strikes us a much fairer price too. That’s actually less than the retail release is expected to launch for later this month.

Two demos will also be available on the 3DS eShop from Thursday – Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl and Mario Golf: World Tour. If you choose to purchase Mario Golf: World Tour from the eShop, you can claim a free download of Mario Golf on Game Boy Color. Deal ends 29th May.

Also out on 3DS this week: Tiny Games – Knights & Dragons, priced at £2.49. It’s a mini-game collection aimed at younger gamers.


Another two GBA games are heading to Wii U – F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and the cult RPG Golden Sun. Both are priced at £6.29. On the 3DS VC meanwhile there’s the NES’s Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, at £4.49.

The GBA games above aren’t the only new Wii U releases – My Exotic Farm is also making an appearance. It would appear to be a simple re-skin of My Farm, which launched earlier this year. If you already own My Farm, you can get My Exotic Farm for £3.14 instead of £4.49.

Even the DSi gets a new release this week, in the form of the dully titled I am in the Movie. The £1.79 download got a kicking on Nintendo Life: “For an application designed for amateurs to edit video footage, it’s amazing to think how little effort was put into making it accessible to first time users”.

As always, our round-up ends with this week’s discounts. There are only three this week – Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion on 3DS drops to £8.99, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Wii U is down to £14.99 while Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will cost £7.79 until 24th April. Those brothers are history.

Nov 25
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Ahead of Putty Squad launching alongside the PlayStation 4 this Friday, System 3 has released a new trailer featuring the vocal work of Brian Blessed. And yes, he does yell “Putty’s alive!”

As well as plenty of in-game footage, the trailer also shows off the additional extras this HD remake includes such as collectable stickers that unlock a potential year’s worth of new levels.

If your memory needs a jog, Putty Squad was originally due out on the Amiga back in 1994 but was canned despite review copies being sent out to press.

If somebody swears on their life that they owned it they’re no doubt talking about the original, known simply as Putty.

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Oct 10
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System 3’s platformer Putty Squad headlines the news section in this month’s Retro Gamer magazine.


As well as confirming that the retro revamp – first announced way back in 2010 – is still alive and bouncing, it also has been revealed that the newly announced collector’s edition will contain something very special – the Amiga version on disk.

An Amiga 3.5″ floppy disk, to be more specific.

The Amiga version was originally due out in 1994 but despite being finished, and even sent out to magazines for review, it was eventually canned. As such, this collector’s edition is likely to be highly sought after by fans of all things retro.

“I can’t wait to see people playing this at retro shows across the country” System 3’s Mark Cale enthusiastically declares during Retro Gamer’s interview.


Rather than a simple re-release, System 3 are giving the game a total HD overhaul.

Free downloadable content will also be available from day one, but you’ll have to work for it by finding and collecting the stickers hidden around the redrawn levels.

The incredibly belated 2D platformer is due out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, 3DS, Xbox 360, PC and Mac next month. Sadly, it would appear that the Wii U version has suffered the same fate as the Amiga original.

Try as we might, we cannot find an online retailer offering the collector’s edition to pre-order. ShopTo does have the standard edition on their site though, currently at priced at £24.85, while GAME are asking £29.99.

Feb 15
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We doubt that many people are planning to buy a PS Vita just to play a revamp of an old Amiga game, but we can’t argue that System 3 aren’t putting effort into the upcoming Putty Squad.

The most interesting new addition is the ability to collect stickers by using the Vita’s GPS system. These are then added to a sticker album and will in turn unlock new avatar items.

The touch screen is being put to use too – you can pause the game and scroll around a map of the level in order to plan the best route. This will certainly be helpful for seeking the quickest paths for the new time trial mode, which will offer online leaderboards. System 3 has already pointed out that some Trophies are linked to finishing levels in record times.

There’s no release date yet – or mention of price – but we do know a demo is being prepared.

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