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Mar 07
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Even with the 3DS mere days away, Nintendo fans still managed to find £30 to purchase either Pokemon White or Pokemon Black. The former sold the most out of the two, taking #1 in the chart and shoving Killzone 3 off the top.

Pokemon Black goes in at #2 while EA’s Fight Night Champion punches in at #3.

Killzone 3 is now at #5 while Bulletstorm drops from #2 to #4. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 leaves the top 10, dropping #7 to #14.

The only other new entries in the chart are PC titles – Dawn of War II: Retribution at #17 and Rift at #19.

This means THQ’s uDraw Studio misses out on the top 40, but it doesn’t do too badly in the Wii chart – it’s in at #11. EA’s Rango movie tie-in, which they’ve been rather quiet about, enters at lowly #39 too. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and DS versions are nowhere to be seen.

Mar 03
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THQ has a new peripheral out this week for you to consider – the uDraw ‘Gametablet’ for Wii. It’s £49.99 on Amazon with uDraw Studio – a price that I don’t think is too steep seeing how much DJ Hero and Wii Fit were when they were first released. Joining it are Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure, available for £17.99 at pop.

I would imagine that most Nintendo fans though have been saving money for Pokémon Black/White. Yes, it’s the same old formula yet again only now the graphics have been overhauled with some snazzy special effect and there’s a colossal 649 Pokémon to catch. If you know what to expect, you probably won’t be disappointed.

On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 there’s EA’s Fight Night Champion, which I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about. Tecmo Koei are slipping out the apparently quite poor PlayStation 3-exclusive RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia while PopCap Hits Vol 2 – which features Plants vs Zombies – hits Xbox 360.

There’s also hairdressing sim Redken Busy Scissors on DS and Wii and Zumba Fitness for the latter. Zumba seems to be quite popular at the moment, so it might chart well.

Next week: Dragon Age II, Warriors: Legends of Troy, We Dare, Yoostar 2 and a very belated UK release for Stoked: Big Air Edition via Namco.

Nov 04
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This Week’s Games

There’s no Bond movie this year yet there’s not one but two James Bond games out this week. If the early reviews are to go by then it’s GoldenEye 007 on Wii that’s the one to spend your golden coins on.

GoldenEye 007 scored a lofty 9 on IGN but they only gave James Bond 007: Blood Stone a 5. Eurogamer also gave Blood Stone an average score, calling it a “forgettable weekend diversion” and nothing more. A few other websites have been a little bit more generous with their scores but not by much.

For those who haven’t given up on the PSP yet there’s the pretty good, if a little predictable, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Football Manager 2011.

The DS gets Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs while PlayStation 3 owners are being treated to the Move-enabled Time Crisis Razing Storm. Both of these are probably alright, if, again, a little predictable.

There isn’t a whole lot else out apart from kid’s games, and for the curious here they are in list form: Defendin DePenguin, Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales, Disney Channel All Star Party, Zhu Zhu Pets: Kung Zhu, Zhu Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch and Imagine Fashion Paradise.

Next week: Oh man – it’s a big one. (Breathe in) Call of Duty: Black Ops, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Motion Sports, Sonic Free Riders, Kinect Joy Ride, Dance Central, DanceEvolution, Fighters Uncaged, The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, Crossboard 7, Sonic Colours, Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama, Cooking Mama World: Hobbies and Fun, Beyblade: Metal Fight, Doctor Who: Return to Earth, Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth, We Sing Robbie Williams, Dance Paradise, Cabela Big Game Hunter 2010 and HAWK 2 on Wii (Breathe out). Three games with the world ‘dance’ in the title? Ubisoft has a lot to answer for.

Apr 06
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UK Charts

Publishers – if want your new videogame to sell, simply stick the word ‘just’ in the title – Just Dance has gone back to the top of the top 40 chart this week, while Just Cause 2 drops to #2.

New DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has helped it go back up from #6 to #4. I had another bash on the online mode the other day. I’m still deeply rubbish – 6 kills was my highest over the space of several games.

Both Pokemon: Soulsilver and Pokemon: Heartgold are still in the top 10 at #5 and #7 respectively but God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII have now left the top 10. Metro 2033 is the biggest faller of the week, dropping from #14 to #32. If retailers cut the price to £20 or so, it could very well skyrocket back up though.

Mar 29
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UK Charts

Nintendo’s battling monsters show no sign of loosing popularity – Pokemon: Soul Silver goes in at #2 this week with Pokemon: Heart Gold at #4. I would have placed money on it being the other way around. Square-Enix’s Just Cause 2 takes the top spot of the chart but if sales of the two Pokemon games were combined then it would be a different story.

These new releases have pushed God of War III down from #1 to #7 while Final Fantasy XIII has gone from #3 to #8. Metro 2033 has left the top 10 already – it was at #5, now it’s at #14. Prison Break: The Conspiracy does surprisingly well, in at #17, while Red Steel 2 makes its mark at #34.

Mar 25
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This Week’s Games

A fan of Lost? Then you might be interested in Just Cause 2 (if you weren’t already) – apparently there’s an island that pays homage to the Lost island, complete with a hatch and a smoke monster. I haven’t seen any 9s dished out for it yet, but there has been plenty of 8s. The same goes for Red Steel 2 – it’s a vast improvement over of the original, with a new graphic style and setting and better controls. NGamer Magazine said that the cut-scenes were very dated though. You can get it for a nice £29.73 from Amazon with the Motion Plus add-on.

Infinite Space should please those looking for a new DS game with a bit of depth and complexity behind it. The same probably can’t be said for SpongeBob Boating Bash (out on Wii and DS today) and movie tie-in How to Train Your Dragon. Another licensed game hitting stores this week is Prison Break: The Conspiracy. I’m almost done writing our review. In short: it’s solidly put together, but not very original. It also contains loads of stealth sections that require patience, so it might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver should do well in the charts, and people can’t moan that there’s nothing new in this installment of Nintendo’s cash miltank (see what I did there?) as it comes with a Pokewalker LCD handheld so you can take your ‘mon on the move.

Sega’s Resonance of Fate and Tecmo Koei’s Last Rebellion both sound like the type of thing that are bound for curiosity. They’re both RPGs of the angst ridden teenager kind – Resonance of Fate is out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 while Last Rebellion is a PlayStation 3-exclusive.

Next week: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Dead or Alive: Paradise, Lips: I love the 80s and Supreme Commander 2.

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