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Sep 28
By Matt Gander In New Nintendo Downloads 1 Comment

Dock it like it’s hot – sixteen (!) new releases are imminent on the Switch eShop. So many titles, in fact, that some are bound to be overlooked. Time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

FIFA 18 (£54.99) and One Piece Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition (£54.99) are both available digitally and physically. Despite launching tomorrow, we’re still waiting on FIFA 18 reviews. It’s lacking some features from the PS4/Xbox One version – this much has been known for a while – but it’s still looking like a decent enough rendition.

Reviews of One Piece are starting to trickle through now, including a 7/10 from Nintendo Life. “The handful of extra quests and costumes included in this ‘Deluxe Edition’ probably won’t be enough to tempt anyone into double (or triple) dipping, but excellent visuals and drop-in co-op with single Joy Con controls make the Switch version a great place to jump in,” they said.

Here’s a rundown of the remaining fourteen titles:

Arcade Archives Mario Bros. – £6.29
After converting numerous NeoGeo games to Switch, HAMSTER gained the go-ahead to bring Nintendo’s arcade classics to Switch. First up is Arcade Archives Mario Bros, which apparent suits the Switch perfectly due to its focus on co-op play.

Golf Story – £13.49
An unlikely combination of a role-player and a typical 2D golf game, Golf Story has generated quite the buzz on Twitter this week, gaining comparisons with Earthbound, Undertale and the handheld Mario Golf entries.

Eurogamer gave it their recommendation earlier today. “[…]one of the finer games you’ll find on Nintendo’s Switch this year”, was their verdict.

Picross S – £7.19
Coming from the studio behind the 3DS’s ‘Picross e’ series, there’s little reason to doubt that this Switch rendition won’t be another chip off the ol’ block.

Deemo – £26.09
Mobile rhythm game Deemo makes the jump to Switch, some 10 million downloads later. New are tracks promised via free updates.

Conga Master Party! – £7.99
Rising Star’s 2D party game reportedly suffers from poor replayability and repetition, but still manages to provide some short-lived fun.

Binaries – £9.99
We reviewed the PS4 version of this physics-based 2D puzzler around a year ago. “It’s the significant challenge the game possesses that makes those victories all the sweeter,” we said before handing out an 8/10.

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Feb 13
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

The chaps at Chart-Track never cease to amaze with their chart-related facts. According to them EA’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has become the first new RPG IP to go straight to number one since Pokemon Red in 2000. An original Game Boy game, ladies and gentlemen.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 drops to #2 followed by new entry The Darkness II at #3. Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection and FIFA 12 round off the top five.

After just one week Soul Calibur V has left the top 10 – it’s down from #5 to #11. Re-entering the top 10 though off the back of the new 3DS version is Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games at #10.

Catherine makes at chart appearance at #20, which isn’t too bad seeing Tesco doesn’t appear to be stocking it and GAME/GameStation are charging £42.99.

EA’s Grand Slam Tennis 2 bounces in at #26 while One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP somewhat predictably misses out on the top 40 but makes #9 in the 3DS chart.

Finally, the PlayStation 2 chart raised a smile on our collective faces this week – it contains no less than seven Singstar titles.

Sep 28
By Matt Gander In Cache in the Attic No Comments

If you follow the retro scene you must have heard of TecToy at some point. They’re the company who handled all things Sega in Brazil, not just publishing their games but also developing new ones and even managing to release a few unpublished games that Europe never saw.

Just about anything with TecToy on it sells for a handsome amount – like this copy of Buggy Run on Master System that went for £56 (6 bids) and this wireless Super Compact Master System which bagged £84 on a Buy It Now.

The Tectoy website is a source of fascination – they’ve recently released a Guitar Hero style-music game for the Mega Drive called Guitar Idol, while their latest iteration of the Master System is actually pretty darn sexy. Does it really need six-button joypads though?

From Master System, to GameGear. A brand new pale blue Japanese system – which comes with Ninkuu, a game based on an anime – sold for £132 (23 bids).

A boxed copy of Mortal Kombat 3, which was in fact a European exclusive, went for £70 due to its rarity. I hope the seller realises how bad a game it is – it plays like the developer made it during their lunch break.

The Game Gear was pretty bulky, but if for some reason you wanted to make it bigger there was a Handy Gear plastic case that offered extra protection for clumsy gamers. One of these sold for £17 (12 bids). A boxed bootleg cart also went for £50.51 (10 bids). The box claims it contains 68 games but chances are it only has 10 or so games repeated with different names. We took a look at the murky world of bootleg carts a few months ago.

A brand new Game Boy Advance fetched £102 (16 bids), but this was no ordinary GBA – it was a Boktai limited edition with a coffin shaped carry case. Very popular with emo collectors, we’d wager. Boktai, for the uninformed, was a very unique game from Konami which had a solar panel built into the cartridge. This had to be used to charge the main character’s weapon to destroy his vampire adversaries. A million times cooler than Twilight. The buyer could have even displayed his new purchase in this incredibly retro looking Nintendo display case, which sold for £75.89 (8 bids).

Speaking of vampires, the desirable Castlevania: Syphony of the Night continues to sell for a packet even though it has been on XBLA for some time. This one went for £108 (16 bids).

Meanwhile a full set of Namco Museum disks with a Namco joystick zapped £175 out of somebody. These didn’t review too well back in the day containing a mere five games on each disk but still retailing at almost full price. They’re popular with collectors though as the cases spell out NAMCO once lined up.

Nobody wanted this copy of One Piece: Grand Battle on PS1 for £100. If you’re wondering why that price is steep it’s because it was only released in Spain.

This 36” Spyro plush did sell though – for £149.99 on Buy It Now.

The One Piece Ultimate Cruise games on Wii are worth keeping an eye out for, selling at increasingly high amounts. The rare double pack containing both parts went for £70 while One Piece Ultimate Cruise Part 2 sold for £47.49 on its own. If you want to see how high your eyebrows can go, take a look at the prices on Amazon Marketplace.

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