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Feb 01
By Matt Gander In Blog 7 Comments

Nintendo has revealed that Donkey Kong Country Returns has managed to shift over 4 million copies worldwide since being released on 3rd December while 1.5 million copies Art Academy on DS have been sold so far. I expect that’s more than what Mario Paint on the SNES ever managed to sell.

The two aforementioned now join the likes of Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. in Nintendo’s impressive lifetime sales charts. Below are lists of Nintendo titles that sold at least 1 million between April to December 2010:

Top-selling Wii games
– Mario Kart Wii – 26,500,000 units
– Wii Sports Resort – 26,350,000 units
– New Super Mario Bros Wii – 21,280,000 units
– Wii Fit Plus – 17,740,000 units
– Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 6,150,000 units
– Wii Party – 5,070,000 units
– Donkey Kong Country Returns – 4,210,000 units
– Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition – 1,950,000 units
– Kirby’s Epic Yarn – 1,380,000 units

Top-selling DS games
– New Super Mario Bros DS – 26,210,000 units
– Mario Kart DS – 20,700,000 units
– Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver – 11,720,00 units
– Pokémon Black and White – 5,320,000 units
– Art Academy – 1,520,000 units
– Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem – 1,152,000 units

The popularity behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn – which is still yet to be released in the UK – explains as to why a new Kirby game was announced last week. Apparently it bares a striking resemblance to a canned GameCube Kirby game.

Nov 19
By Jake In Blog 1 Comment

It always makes me double-take when I notice that North America is getting something after Europe. Especially when that something is from Nintendo. But that’s what’s happened with the return of WiiWare demos. Hooray! They arrived in Europe earlier this month, and North America gets the goodness from Monday.

It was a year ago that Nintendo last deigned us worthy of demos, but that was a distinctly short-lived effort. And America came first.

This time it should be different: there will always be a selection of demos available, though the line-up will forever be a-changing. The Nintendo UK website even has a list of what’s currently up for grabs. How very thoughtful.

In fact, it looks like BIT.TRIP FATE has been added since I downloaded a batch of them, so I’ll have to check that out. Last year the demo of BIT.TRIP BEAT nearly converted me to a full purchase – and having returned to it this week, it may yet (though I’m still rubbish at it).

Of the demos recently added, the most interesting is Chronos Twins DX, which hurt my brain, but in a good way. You have to control one jumping-and-shooting character in both the past and present, on different screens. It’s good, and explained far better here.

Another remarkable sampleable treat is Jett Rocket. Remarkable, because it made me realise how long it’s been since I’ve played a generic 3D platformer. It was fun, in an I’ve-not-paid-for-this kind of way. I’d just dig out Ty the Tasmanian Tiger or something if I wanted a fix of this sort of thing.

I may as well pass comment on the other demos, while I’m here. Furry Legends is cute and quite snazzy, but the inertia doesn’t feel right, and the controls are a tad awkward. Zombie Panic In Wonderland seems like a nice enough shooter, but I’ll stick with House of the Dead: Overkill.

Finally, ThruSpace: High Velocity 3D Puzzle has an admirably descriptive title, and also hurt my brain: rotate Tetris-style pieces in three dimensions to fit through gaps. I fancy more patience is required for that than I’m willing to give – which is a criticism of me, not the game.

In conclusion: hooray for WiiWare demos!

Jun 25
By Matt Gander In Blog No Comments

Never mind the Nintendo 3DS – these “Super Mario 3-Dees Jellies” are where it’s at. I spotted these for £1 for a bag in Tesco, next to the bags of Haribo and those vile/inedible Tesco Value sweets that even children have learned to avoid.

3D Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong shapes have been individually wrapped in packets for your chewing pleasure, in four sugar-packed flavours – apple, orange, blueberry and strawberry. The flavours aren’t that strong though, and they feel oddly slippery to touch. Still, good for a sugar fix.

Mar 23
By Adam Philbin In Blog 3 Comments

Nintendo love their new DS versions. This one however, is rather more impressive than the previous iterations – Nintendo have just announced the existence of the Nintendo 3DS, a DS with 3D screens, that don’t require any special glasses.

Not much more is known at this point, other than the fact the new 3D DS system will be unveiled at this year’s E3 show in June, and released some time during this financial year (this Christmas or early 2011 seem likely). A little handheld system with 3D displays? Quite futuristic. Hopefully Nintendo have come a long way from the Virtual Boy.

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