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Apr 05
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Few companies have enough obsessed fans or intrigued observers to get a new social network up to critical mass on day one. But only Nintendo could get away with launching an odd little social network where everything happens by proxy.

That proxy is a Mii, familiar to millions thanks to the success of the Wii. Your first task is to design the Mii that will be your representation in Miitomo, or let the app give it a bash via your device’s camera. Miitomo keeps taking photos and generates a stream of wildly inaccurate Miis, to genuinely and presumably unintentionally hilarious effect. I had every colour of skin under the sun; my wife had a variety of facial hair.


Then it’s down to business: answering questions. “What have you just been doing?” “What have you noticed that has become popular recently?” The questions come from your Mii, and the Miis of your friends. Finding friends is easy via Twitter or Facebook – assuming you know the sort of person who would immediately download a weird Nintendo thing and link it to their social media accounts, which if you’re that sort of person, you probably do.

You can visit your friends’ Miis, to have conversations in which they pass on some of the answers your friends gave them. Your Mii will also visit other Miis, and have conversations with them, then have conversations with you about what they talked about, which will be what your friend told their Mii. Your friends’ Miis will visit you too, where you can talk to them, or leave them to talk to your Mii. It’s a charmingly convoluted question and answer system.

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Jun 14
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Bethesda starts off the E3 conferences this year. If you can stay wake until 3am (BST) expect to see lots of more of Fallout 4, Doom 4, Battlecry and the all-but-officially-confirmed Dishonored 2. Maybe a couple of other surprises – current-gen revamps of the original Dishonored and Fallout 3/New Vegas have been rumoured in the past. With Mad Max performing well at the cinema, a budget-price Xbox One/PS4 re-release of RAGE seems likely to us. But don’t quote us on that – it’s knocking on a bit now, after all.


Tomorrow evening there’s a triple whammy of Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft at 5:30pm, 9pm and 11pm (BST) respectively. Microsoft has already confirmed that Scalebound and Crackdown are being saved for Gamescom, which presumably leaves us with Forza 6, Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Fable Legends, Gigantic, Gears of War and whatever Rare are working on. We have a feeling that the Xbox One version of World of Tanks will go live during the conference as it appeared on Xbox.com over the weekend. Some hopefuls believe that the FTP Fable Legends will launch over E3, but we reckon it’s still a few months off – the current beta is still lacking a few key components.

It’s likely that Star Wars: Battlefront will front EA’s conference, joined by Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Minions Paradise and a surprise or two. As for Ubisoft, expect yet another showing of The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege plus Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. These three are the only titles confirmed. It’s highly doubtful Ubisoft will be showing just three titles; six is usually the standard. It’s too early for a new Far Cry announcement, but Watch_Dogs 2 could make a potential appearance.


Then on Tuesday it’s the turn of Sony, Nintendo and Square-Enix. Sony’s conference is another ‘red eye’ affair, commencing at 2am. A double dose of Nathan Drake (Uncharted 4/The Nathan Drake Collection), Ratchet & Clank, No Man’s Sky, Fat Princess Adventures and Project Morpheus are a given. We can also look forward to plenty of new indie titles – Sony loves the indies, after all – and some unannounced games. Rumours of The Last Guardian were rumbling again last week, with reports that Knack creator Mark Cerny is now involved with finishing off the notoriously troubled title.

Nintendo is renowned for revealing several surprises over E3. Hyrule Warriors for 3DS was leaked earlier this week and Best Buy are running in-store demos of Mario Maker during E3 so expect to see plenty of those two. Although a new trailer was released last week, Devil’s Third may be shown in order to drum up pre-orders. New information and trailers for Star Fox, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Project Treasure and the likes of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Chibi Robo: Zip Lash and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice are highly likely. The Nintendo Treehouse event is also returning this year, in addition to the Nintendo World Championships 2015.


We very much doubt that Star Fox will be the only big release on Nintendo this winter, which suggests to us that something else will be shown. Maybe a new Metroid from Retro? Or a HD conversion of Mario Sunshine utilising Splatoon‘s tech?

Square-Enix will no doubt showcase Deus-Ex: Mankind Divided, Dragon Quest Heroes, Just Cause 3, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Their YouTube teaser video hints at four surprises, no less. Possibly one of those will be a new Hitman, as another Agent 47 outing is long overdue.

The PC Gaming Show – hosted by AMD and PC Gamer – is the last conference on the agenda, taking place 1am (BST) on Wednesday. Blizzard Entertainment, Creative Assembly, Cliff Bleszinski, Splash Damage, Microsoft, Humble Bundle and more will be speaking. The likes of OverWatch and the unfortunately titled Total War: Warhammer will presumably take the limelight.

You’ll find Twitch live streams of the conferences below:

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Jun 09
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It’s that time of year again. As most of you know, somewhere in America the annual gaming expo known as E3 (pronounced “eeeeeeeh!”) is happening. Specifically in Los Angeles from June 10-12th, but what does that mean for us British folk?

The big publishers are all holding press conferences to showcase their new titles today and tomorrow. We’ll report on the aftermath of each conference, but if you want to know where and when to watch each one (in sensible UK time), just look right here.

Who? When? Where?
Microsoft Monday June 9th at 5.30pm GMT Watch it here
EA Monday June 9th at 8pm GMT Watch it here
Ubisoft Monday June 9th at 11pm GMT Watch it here
Sony Tuesday June 10th at 2am GMT (Monday night) Watch it here
Nintendo Tuesday June 10th at 5pm GMT Watch it here

As usual, we won’t be there, but we probably will be sat at our computers, watching the live press conference streams, bitching about it on Twitter and writing up our thoughts here. Exciting!

Jun 06
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By their nature, racing games are perfect system showcases. The rivalry between Saturn and PlayStation launch titles Daytona USA and Ridge Racer in particular had the ‘90s gaming press frothing with excitement. Even before that Nintendo’s F-Zero impressed just about everyone who laid eyes on it. Hot on the heels of F-Zero came the legendary Super Mario Kart – a game that made anything on the Mega Drive look positively bland in comparison.

Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7 showed that the respective handhelds were no slouch when it came to throwing around polygons, while Mario Kart Wii proved that the console was more than just a GameCube in a slimmer case.

This brings us nicely onto Mario Kart 8. To say it looks sensational would be an understatement. A genuine treat for the eyes, there’s no way somebody could say the Wii U is underpowered after catching even the slightest glimpse of it in motion. Colourful and vibrant throughout, the frame rate doesn’t falter even with twelve beautifully animated characters on the track at once. The MKTV replays look better still, removing the on-screen clutter while adding a subtle filter.


Rather than refine the series or take it back to basics, Mario Kart 8 builds upon its 3DS predecessor with a few notable tweaks here and there. That means the hang gliding and underwater sections are back for a second time, whilst the track selection is a mixture of new and old. Love them or hate them, bikes make a return as well. Cornering while on two wheels is trickier than before, but the pay-off is made slightly more rewarding because of it.

The majority of karts and bikes are locked to begin with, becoming available once enough coins have been collected. Half the characters are locked at the start too, including all six of the Koopa siblings and a few surprise faces. New vehicle parts unlock at such a steady rate that almost every victory earns something new, even if it is just a glider with a different motif.

Innovation comes not just from the aforementioned MKTV replays – which can be edited and shared online – but also from new anti-gravity strips that send Mario and chums upside down and vertically along walls. Handling becomes slightly slippery, allowing for some big power-slides… which of course provide those all-important speed boosts. Even the revamped retro tracks have been freshened up with an anti-grav strip or two, along with the occasional underwater section.

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Jan 24
By Jake In The Week In Pictures 1 Comment

It was Toy Fair 2014 at London’s Kensington Olympia this week. Video games didn’t exactly feature prominently, but Sonic was there.

Peter Shilton, Toy Fair 2014

You can see him above, loitering in the background of a photo of event manager Simon Pilling. Sega weren’t exhibiting, so it’s hard to say exactly what Sonic was up to. Apart from loitering.

But importantly, Sonic’s presence is pretence enough to bring you this slightly uncomfortable photo of Peter Shilton from the show.

From play to academia, and the Epic Games Centre launched at Staffordshire University this week. That’s not a case of academia trying to be all hip and young; it’s a collaboration with developer Epic Games. Here’s their European Territory Manager Mike Gamble standing in the centre.

Epic Games Centre, Staffordshire University

Looks nice enough, doesn’t it?

It’s not exactly a local tie up. With headquarters in North Carolina, and additional studios in Washington, Utah, Poland, Korea and Japan, it’s not going to be very convenient for the “key personnel” involved from Epic. Even the UK arm, which handles licensing services for Europe, is based in East Sussex. There are going to be some hefty expense claims.

Derby University

Just down the A50, Derby University also blew the trumpet of its game-related degree courses, as its graduation ceremonies took place.

The chap in the photo is Peter Innes, who completed the BSc Computer Games Programming last year with a 2:1, and is now working for Microsoft in the fancy USA, but flew back for graduation. And to stand in front of a lorry with a cracking billboard on and have his photo taken.

It’s also worth noting that the Programme Leader for that particular course is the improbably named Dr Tommy Thompson.

BBC News - Nintendo

And finally to Nintendo, who have been in the actual news with their loss warning and resulting share price drop.

BBC News wins the award for best accompanying photo, with this effort of a slightly sad looking man near a Wii U.

It’s the standard to which we all aspire.

Jun 04
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The tech press is getting in a right froth over smart watches. Honestly, don’t they remember the Game Watch?

The calculator watch had been around since the 1970s, and a decade later the next step was the game watch. US company Nelsonic Industries was at the forefront of this exciting technological frontier.

The games were basic, and they typically couldn’t be played on your wrist – but they were often licensed, which was clearly the selling point. Nintendo were remarkably keen to pimp out their properties, and in 1992 three of them made it over to Europe through Zeon.

As Super Play put it at the time:

Of the three, Tetris is probably your best bet. This is probably the most addictive puzzle game ever, and one which adapts to on-wrist technology quite neatly. This version has been cut down a little from the original – the screen is only six blocks wide – but it plays just as well.

Inevitably, Tetris was the one that I didn’t buy. Like all 11-year-olds, I was an idiot.

So let’s have a look at the Super Mario Bros. 3 and Legend of Zelda tat I probably wasted a perfectly good Christmas present on.

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Rollcage tyre
Mar 22
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Everyone loves something for nothing, so when some freeness is offered as a bonus for pre-ordering, or dished out at a games show, you’re not going to turn it down, are you? But you’re also not going to use it, are you? Let’s see what tat’s been languishing in a box in the attic for the last decade or two.

Yoshi’s Island soundtrack CD

Yoshi's Island OST

Ah, the soundtrack CD, a classic freebie – and still a common sight, even in these digital days. Sounds like a nice idea, but there aren’t many games that have music you’d want to listen to alone – mainly because that’s not what it’s for.

Yoshi’s Island is a case in point. It’s an incredibly (others might say insufferably) cute game, and the music is no different. The title, Love, Peace & Happiness, doesn’t exactly try to hide it.

The joy is almost deafening, and you’d struggle not to raise a smile when it first hits you. It’s another matter after that same tune has been recycled repeatedly in slightly varying musical styles. It must be tiring to be that happy all the time – it certainly is listening to it.

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Jan 22
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There’s a Hong Kong-based online retailer where, hidden away from the official console bundles and realms of third party peripherals, there’s a peculiar section titled “Other videogame consoles”. Here you’ll find a variety of dubious looking handhelds of all shapes and sizes, pre-loaded with hacks of NES games and more.

We don’t condone piracy here at Games Asylum – hence the lack of a link to the website in question – but the consoles found here are so brilliantly bizarre that we couldn’t resist taking a thorough look. Most of these devices don’t even have proper names, let alone adequate descriptions, so we’ve taken the liberty with some of them.

If curiosity gets the better of you, it shouldn’t be hard to spot the website’s name from the watermarks.

Angry Birds ZH-398


Costing less than £10, we very much doubt that the “Angry Birds ZH-398” has a particularly high build quality. Well known games such as Zumba, Plants vs Zombies, Pac-Man and “Anger Birds” are shown on the main menu. It’s existence is sure to anger Rovio, that’s for sure.

It’s impossible to tell if the 32 games it contains are genuine or bootleg clones, but we assume the latter.

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