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Sep 28
By Matt Gander In New Nintendo Downloads 1 Comment

Dock it like it’s hot – sixteen (!) new releases are imminent on the Switch eShop. So many titles, in fact, that some are bound to be overlooked. Time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

FIFA 18 (£54.99) and One Piece Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition (£54.99) are both available digitally and physically. Despite launching tomorrow, we’re still waiting on FIFA 18 reviews. It’s lacking some features from the PS4/Xbox One version – this much has been known for a while – but it’s still looking like a decent enough rendition.

Reviews of One Piece are starting to trickle through now, including a 7/10 from Nintendo Life. “The handful of extra quests and costumes included in this ‘Deluxe Edition’ probably won’t be enough to tempt anyone into double (or triple) dipping, but excellent visuals and drop-in co-op with single Joy Con controls make the Switch version a great place to jump in,” they said.

Here’s a rundown of the remaining fourteen titles:

Arcade Archives Mario Bros. – £6.29
After converting numerous NeoGeo games to Switch, HAMSTER gained the go-ahead to bring Nintendo’s arcade classics to Switch. First up is Arcade Archives Mario Bros, which apparent suits the Switch perfectly due to its focus on co-op play.

Golf Story – £13.49
An unlikely combination of a role-player and a typical 2D golf game, Golf Story has generated quite the buzz on Twitter this week, gaining comparisons with Earthbound, Undertale and the handheld Mario Golf entries.

Eurogamer gave it their recommendation earlier today. “[…]one of the finer games you’ll find on Nintendo’s Switch this year”, was their verdict.

Picross S – £7.19
Coming from the studio behind the 3DS’s ‘Picross e’ series, there’s little reason to doubt that this Switch rendition won’t be another chip off the ol’ block.

Deemo – £26.09
Mobile rhythm game Deemo makes the jump to Switch, some 10 million downloads later. New are tracks promised via free updates.

Conga Master Party! – £7.99
Rising Star’s 2D party game reportedly suffers from poor replayability and repetition, but still manages to provide some short-lived fun.

Binaries – £9.99
We reviewed the PS4 version of this physics-based 2D puzzler around a year ago. “It’s the significant challenge the game possesses that makes those victories all the sweeter,” we said before handing out an 8/10.

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Apr 06
By Matt Gander In New Nintendo Downloads No Comments

Another week, another NeoGeo game for Switch. This time it’s the top-down space shooter Alpha Mission II (£6.29) from 1991. While not the most renown of NeoGeo games, it’s generally well liked.

It isn’t the only retro game to see an eShop re-release this week – the equally infamous World Sports Competition (£5.39) heads to Wii U. This Turbografx title includes 18 sporting events and several modes, courtesy of good old Hudson Soft.


The Wii U also gets the budget priced (£1.79) indie shooter Y.A.S.G, which is seemingly influenced by Atari’s Asteroids and other space shooters of the era.

Switching back to the Switch, we have the first major release since the system’s launch – LEGO City Undercover (£49.99). That’s joined by the exceedingly colourful Graceful Explosion Machine (£9.99) – which Nintendo Life awarded a lofty 9/10 – and Has-Been Heroes (£19.99) from the creators of Trine.

This side-scrolling roguelike showed promise in early footage, but reviews haven’t been great. GameSpot gave it a mediocre 5/10, while The Metro gave it an even lower score – a miserable 3/10, while calling it “no fun whatsoever” due to its reliance on luck.

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Mar 05
By Matt Gander In Blog 2 Comments

News that five NeoGeo games were ready and waiting for retro purists on the Switch’s launch day has seemingly flown under the radar. The fact that a handful of NeoGeo conversion are also now available on Xbox One, courtesy of Japanese publisher Hamster, even more so.


In the absence of Virtual Console for Switch, the five NeoGeo games – Waku Waku 7, Shock Troopers, World Heroes Perfect and Metal Slug 3 – are a godsend for anybody hankering for some old skool entertainment. Their £6.39 asking price is more than reasonable, too, considering they aren’t mere ROM dumps: new features such as online leaderboards have been added.

The Xbox One, meanwhile, has never been anybody’s first port of call for when it comes to retro gaming so it’s no wonder that the four NeoGeo titles currently available (World Heroes, Metal Slug, Neo Turf Masters and Nam-1975) appear to be going down well, with mostly positive user reviews on the Xbox One Store. World Heroes allegedly has some framerate issues and the action is prone to stuttering when the achievements pop, but the other three are reportedly faultless conversions.

Due to its high price tag and limited availability the NeoGeo doesn’t hold a special place in many gamer’s hearts. Certainly, not in the same way as the Mega Drive or SNES. In fact, it’s likely that many gamers are experiencing the aforementioned games for the first time, making them a pleasant change from the games we usually see on Nintendo’s VC services. Urban Champ, we’re looking at you here.

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Jun 29
By Matt Gander In Cache in the Attic 2 Comments

Loose copies of Taito’s Little Samson on NES can fetch up to £100 due to its rarity. You’d think that a complete copy would only fetch a little more, but not so – this new and sealed copy netted a US seller $5,500.00 (£3,444.39) after 29 bids. What is it with Americans paying stupid amounts of money for NES games? Still, $5,500 is nothing compared to what that infamous copy of Stadium Events sold for.

One lucky seller is also ending this month a whole lot richer after selling two new and sealed Nintendo Game & Watch LCD handhelds. Octopus sold for £2,999 on Buy it Now while a panorama view Mickey Mouse went for £2,000 on a Best Offer. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a taking the Mickey to charge £10 postage on top of those prices. Just to confirm its actual worth, another complete Mickey Mouse recently sold at $999.00 (£625.63) with one bid.

Because Sega released Sonic & Knuckles in a cardboard case it can be hard to find a boxed copy. And when they do turn up boxed it’s usually in bad condition. Not this French copy that sold for €511.56 though (£453.80) – it’s new and sealed in a blister pack. He also got €121.00 (£107.34) for a copy of Sonic 3 in similar packaging. Blister packed games are common in France. They were often used as it allowed toy shops, supermarkets and the like to display and sell games without fear of the contents being stolen or damaged.

Seeing as it’s Sonic’s 20th this month, here are a few other hedgehog related items. A Brazilian TecToy release of Sonic Spinball on Master System spun £49.99 out of somebody on Buy It Now, this Tomy Sonic Pinball game went for £29.99 while somebody thought £41.37 was a fair price to pay for a Sonic costume. Gosh!

With The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D riding high in the charts now is as good as time as any to give Link some loving too. A signed copy of Ocarina of Time on N64 went for £155 (13 bids). Obviously it was signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, and not the seller’s mum. A Zelda Game & Watch also netted £205 (8 bids), and proving that there are a lot of mugs out there a Zelda edition Game Boy Advance SP sold for £200 on Buy It Now. That said, another went for £109.99.

There hasn’t been much of note going on in the world of PlayStation collecting – apart from a sealed fishing game selling for an absurd $90.00 (£56.36) – so we’re going to have to turn to the obscure stuff.

How’s about this? A development copy of Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy on Atari Jaguar which ended at $75.00 (£46.97). The seller was unable to find buyers for his 8 other development cartridges though. Random fact: Trevor McFur made up 50% of the Atari Jaguar’s US launch line-up. The other 50% was the pack-in game Cybermorph.

Then on NEOGEO copies of Super Sidekicks 4, World Heroes Perfect and the brilliantly named Bang Bang Busters sold for £887.08, £637.90 and £520.00 respectably.

The NEOGEO – the only console that you have to sell a kidney to be able to buy new games for.

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