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Apr 04
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The eye-ball pleasing Crysis 2 has managed to stay at the top of the chart for another week. The game at #2 may surprise you – it isn’t MotorStorm Apocalyspe (which makes its appearance at a lowly #17) or Shift 2: Unleashed (in at #4) but rather Zumba Fitness. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I did have a feeling it would be quite popular.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters and WWE All Stars go in at #6 and #7 respectively.

MotorStorm Apocalypse’s slightly rubbish placing is likely to be because it was delayed and Sony didn’t do a very good job at telling people the new release date (last Thursday).

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is the highest placed 3DS game at #16, followed by Pilotwings Resort at #21, Rayman 3D at #23, Super Monkey Ball 3D at #29, Ridge Racer 3D at #30 and Nintendogs + Cats at #32.

Mar 14
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Japan’s biggest publishers have dug deep into their pockets to help assist those suffering in their home country. Nintendo and Sony have dug the deepest dishing out ¥300m (£2.26m) each while SEGA Sammy has given ¥200m (£1.5m). Thoughtfully, Sony has also supplied 30,000 radios.

Namco Bandai has closed their arcades to help save power as well as donate a modest ¥100m (£760,000). Also to help save energy Square-Enix and Konami have shut off many of their servers.

Irem has canned their survival sim Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories (pictured) for PlayStation 3 too. You may know the series either as Raw Danger or SOS: Final Escape, depending on which country you live in.

Outside of Japan, both Sony and Sega have decided to postpone two of their titles – Motorstorm: Apocalypse now as a release date of “TBA” in Europe while Sega’s Yakuza 4, which features a zombie outbreak and is set entirely in Japan, has been delayed.

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