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May 03
By Jake In UK Charts 1 Comment

Shenanigans! I declare SHENANIGANS!

A couple of weeks ago, our new release round-up carried the headline Portal Kombat – because Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat were released. Very clever, you’ll agree. Today, Chart-Track have used the same headline for this week’s chart news. Blatant thievery!

Either that, or it’s quite an obvious play on words that’s probably been used in loads of places. It has: look.

Sorry, you didn’t come here for South Park-referencing pun-based tomfoolery. You came here for unadulterated CHART ACTION.

Well that’s going to be tricky, friend. You see, the reason Chart-Track resorted to a pun, rather than their more usual informative headline, is that there is NOTHING HAPPENING in this week’s chart.

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat retain their respective positions at the top of the chart. The only one of last week’s new releases to bother the top 40 is Virtua Tennis 4, at #23. There’s no sign of Thor: God of Thunder, even in the single-format charts; early reviews suggest that the public isn’t missing much.

It has been a good week for games involving flapping about though: Just Dance 2 up five to #10, Michael Jackson: The Experience up five to #13, Kinect Sports up 14 to #17, Carnival Games: In Action up seven to #22.

With the recent DS versions of Pokemon at #12 and #14, Michael Jackson is between Black and White.

Loser of the week: Bulletstorm, down 14 to #38. Clearly it was not deemed an appropriate way to celebrate the royal wedding.

Apr 26
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

It would seem that people did plenty of gaming while munching on their Easter eggs over the long weekend – there are three new entries in the top 40 UK chart this week. Portal 2 has become Valve’s first #1 (and also EA’s 5th #1) of the year, Mortal Kombat enters at #2 while Operation Flashpoint: Red River marches in at #7.

Sony’s shooter – SOCOM: Special Forces – doesn’t do anywhere near as well, arriving at #28. It still did better than The Conduit 2 though which, rather predictably, doesn’t make the top 40 at all. It has to make do with a lowly #26 placing in the Wii chart.

Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection takes #1 in the PSP chart which is a funny old sight at the moment, comprising of four Square-Enix RPGs, two football games, two kid’s games and two wrestling games.

Apr 21
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You’re spoiled for choice this week – there’s even a new 3DS game out. Fair enough it’s only Puzzle Bobble Universe but that’s still better than another one of Ubisoft’s half-arsed conversions.

Portal 2 is by far the ‘big one’ – critics haven’t been able to find enough words to praise it enough it would seem. The current score on Metacritic stands at an impressive 95% and that’s even with the fact that it stars Stephen ‘irritating’ Merchant. Ricky was busy, was he?

The extra development time for Mortal Kombat appears to have paid off too. This has also been getting glowing reviews – 1UP said it sets the standards for all future fighting games, believe it or not. Eurogamer was slightly less enthusiastic though, giving it a 7.

Then there’s Conduit 2, which gained 7.5 from IGN. They said the characters and story aren’t very original but the multi-player stuff is great. The PlayStation 3 also gets its own exclusive shoot’em up this week – SOCOM: Special Forces. I think this is a series only really appeals to fans of the previous installments. You never see Sony trying to advertise it them to a larger audience. Or indeed advertise them at all.

This leaves us with Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on PSP. The former has been notching up plenty of 7/10 reviews while the latter is a full price release despite being a mere remake. It does though come with a “Screen-cleaning cloth decorated with Cecil from Final Fantasy IV character design” according to Play.

Next week: Darkspore, Thor, Virtua Tennis 4, DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 4, Musiic Party and Natalie Brooks – Treasure of the Lost Kingdom.

I nearly had a nice little rhyme going there…

Jul 21
By Matt Gander In Blog No Comments

Now that Warner Bros. have gobbled up Midway, a few company secrets have emerged. By “few” I actually mean just one – back in the 90s there were plans for a NBA Jam / Mortal Kombat crossover. As in, there was going to be a Mortal Kombat themed court in NBA Jam, featuring a basketball net made of spines and a hell-ish looking backdrop.

NBA put a stop to it though, which is a little odd seeing that the NBA Jam games were always a bit nonsensical. You could even play as Prince Charles in one of them.

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