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May 05
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NetherRealm’s disturbingly brutal brawler is the UK’s number one for a third consecutive week.

Just one more week is needed to topple Battlefield Hardline’s record of four weeks straight – the longest a game has dominated the top spot so far this year.

With a 32% dip in sales and the anticipated Project CARS out this Friday though, Mortal Kombat X may very well find itself dethroned come next Monday.

Positions #2 and #3 are held by GTA V and Battlefield Hardline for a second week running.

FIFA 15 and Minecraft: PlayStation Edition then follow to form the UK’s top five.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is the top 40’s biggest riser – up from #28 to #18, despite this week’s incoming GOTY edition – while Bloodborne is the chart’s biggest faller, dropping from #12 to #21.

Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and Mario Party 10 meanwhile make top 40 re-appearances at #27 and #35 respectively.

Both have seen some very generous online discounts lately.

Apr 27
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With just one new game out last week, it’s no surprise to find that this week’s UK chart lies dormant.

That new release was Tropico 5 on PS4, which managed to enter at #18 in the top 40 and #7 in the PS4 chart.

Mortal Kombat X is still king of the castle, making it two weeks running. The bloody brawler is then followed by GTA V, Battlefield: Hardline, Minecraft: PlayStation Edition and FIFA 15 to form the top five.

The bottom half of the top ten has seen a slight shuffle. Far Cry 4 and Bloodborne both depart – now sitting at #11 and #12 – while Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and WWE 2K15 re-enter at #9 and #10 respectively.

Despite price drops Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin continues to fall. That’s now at #19. Fellow newcomer Ride is on the descent too falling from #19 to #27. Final Fantasy Type 0-HD however is back on the rise, up from #33 to #21 this week.

Apr 20
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Battlefield: Hardline has been knocked off the UK chart top spot by Mortal Kombat X. Knocked into a vat of boiling acid, presumably.

Warner Bros. must be pleased – it had the biggest ever launch for a Mortal Kombat title, and also the second biggest launch of the year so far behind Battlefield. And that’s despite the PS3/360 versions being delayed until later in the year.

Sales were spilt 61% on PS4, 38% on Xbox One and just 1% on PC. As always though, digital download sales aren’t included.

The PC version of GTA V has seemingly helped Rockstar’s crime caper rise back up to #2. Battlefield now sits at #3 with FIFA 15 and Bloodborne rounding off the top five.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection departs the top ten this week, falling from #9 to #11.

After making a surprise top ten re-appearance following a surge in console bundle sales, Forza Horizon 2 and Halo: MMC likewise depart, dropping to #13 and #14 respectively.

As for other recent new top 40 arrivals, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the Second Sin is now at #17 while Ride falls one place to #19. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD meanwhile re-enters at #33 due to price cuts.

Apr 15
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We’re far from being prude here at Games Asylum, but having watched a Mortal Kombat X fatality reel earlier this week we were left thinking that NetherRealm’s latest pushes the boundaries of acceptability somewhat.

Long ago, fatalities in MK games were mostly crass – dropping an arcade cabinet onto a hapless foe’s head, and such – but in MKX they all seem…pretty disgusting. Faces are shaven clean off, brains slide out of the top of pierced skulls and intestines dribble over the floor, all in a disturbingly realistic manner. We never expect a MK game to be tasteful, but nor do we expect one to be just plain gross.


Perhaps Warner Bros. were hoping to spark some good old gaming controversy – the kind this franchise has thrived upon. No longer do elaborate codes have to be consigned to memory to perform fatalities either. Well, that’s the case for those with money to burn – the game launched alongside an IAP that allows for simplified fatalities. Two button presses instead of four, apparently – £3.99 gets you 30. Perhaps we should be grateful that there aren’t IAPs for easier combos. Simplified fatalities won’t help players win matches, after all.

Gratuitous guts, gore and grizzle aside, MKX’s core mechanics are seemingly sound. It would also seem that we’re in the minority in thinking that it’s a little too violent for its own good – VideoGamer called it “hilariously brutal” while The Metro reckons that it’s “just tongue-in-cheek enough not to offend”. Both outlets gave it an 8/10, which is the score most European sites are dishing out. A few US sites have gone for 9/10s, which isn’t entirely unexpected – Mortal Kombat always goes down a storm in the US but is mostly met with the shrugging of shoulders in the UK. The same always goes for Twisted Metal, not that we’ve had a new one of those for a while.

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