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Aug 12
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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is the UK’s number one for the third week running. The last game from Microsoft to hold the top spot for three consecutive weeks, believe it or not, was Forza 2 back in 2007.

With the Premiership nearly upon us FIFA 13 rises back to #2. Then it’s The Smurfs 2 at #3, up from #5, followed by new entry Tales of Xillia at #4.

Namco must be pleased with that top five placing. It charts highly in the PlayStation 3 chart as well, knocking The Last of Us from the top spot.

And what’s at #5 in the top 40? Why, it’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Elsewhere, Pikmin 3 remains in the chart for a third week – now at #23 – while down the lower part of the chart Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and Remember Me re-enter due to recent price cuts.

Now that Remember Me has dropped to the magical £20 mark, we heavily recommend those cautious about it upon release to finally give it a try. It really is quite spectacular to look at, if not quite as impressive in some of the other departments.

Aug 05
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Last week we speculated that The Smurfs 2 may rise up the chart once the movie had been released. Well, we weren’t wrong there – it has shot up all the way to #5 in the UK top 40.

It’s #1 in both the Wii and DS charts, at an absurdly high #5 the Xbox 360 chart and #10 in the PS3 chart.

The game’s pricing is likely to be another reason for its undeserved success – it can be found for a mere £15 in some of the supermarkets.

We’d also wager that price, combined with the kids being off school, has something to do with Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition being the UK’s number one for a second week running. That £12-or-so price tag is a small price to pay to keep them quiet.

Not that we believe Minecraft is strictly kid’s game, you understand.

Back to the top 40. The Last of Us rises up from #3 to #2, while at #3 it’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf followed by FIFA 13 at #4.

Both Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. and Pikmin 3 have left the top ten already, dropping to #11 and #15 respectively.

New Super Luigi U meanwhile falls from #13 to #37. It’s not all bad news for Nintendo though – Luigi’s Mansion 2 is up one whole place to #21.

Jul 29
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This week’s UK chart has an unexpected #1 – not Nintendo’s Pikmin 3, but Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

We assume that’s down to a combination of the game’s ‘pocket money’ price tag and the kids currently being off school.

The long awaited Wii U-exclusive Pikmin 3 pops in at #2 – a very respectable placing, especially when you consider that Pikmin 2 on GameCube debuted at a lowly #32 back in 2004.

The Last of Us, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. finish off the top five.

New Super Luigi U leaps in at #13 – another decent placing that Nintendo must be proud of.

Then during its second week of release, The Smurfs 2 enters at #25. With the movie yet to be released there’s a chance it could climb higher still, despite not being very good.

Jul 22
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It’s The Last of Us atop the UK chart for a sixth week.

Last week’s ‘big’ release, Dynasty Warriors 8 wasn’t desperately likely to depose it, but manages a very respectable #5. Nintendo will be hoping that Pikmin 3 does the deed next week.

Back to this week though, Minecraft is up a few to #2, then it’s Nintendo’s 3DS pair: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros holding firm at #3, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf down a couple to #4.

Our old friend ‘retailer promotions’ means Max Payne 3 is the week’s big winner, up 19 to #7. It’s not the only big mover though. The terrible Aliens: Colonial Marines jumped 12 places to #10 last week, but this week deservedly falls back 16 places to #26. Just ahead of that at #25 is Mario Kart 7, up 15 places.

Jul 08
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In a quiet week for the UK chart, The Last Of Us becomes the first game this year to take the top spot for four consecutive weeks. So well done to all involved.

Minecraft holds steady at #2, then it’s FIFA 13 up a place at #3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf down a place at #4. Assassin’s Creed III is up four to round off the top five, thanks to what Chart-Track describe as “continued price promotions”.

Few new releases mean even fewer new entries, but 3DS RPG Project X Zone makes a decent fist of it, in at #18. The week’s other new release, DARK, manages #18 in the Xbox 360 chart.

Finally, proving that reviews mean nothing, after two weeks Ride to Hell: Retribution has made it into the main chart at #35. Honestly, there’s no telling some people.

Jul 01
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With a third week at the top of the UK chart, the public evidently loves The Last of Us as much as the critics. That means the Xbox 360 retail release of Minecraft misses out on the top spot, but #2 isn’t a bad start.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf and FIFA 13 each drop a place to #3 and #4 respectively, and at #5 it’s a new entry for PC expansion pack The Sims 3: Island Paradise. The new entries keep on coming, with Deadpool at #6, and Company of Heroes 2 on PC at #10.

Then the new entries stop. It’s #1 in the Wii U chart, but Game & Wario is nowhere to be seen in the main top 40; though it does scrape in at #38 in the full price chart. A couple of other new releases scrape into the full price chart: the stunningly bad Ride to Hell: Retribution at a thoroughly undeserved #32, and Painkiller: Hell & Damnation at #35.

The week’s big faller is MotoGP 13, new last week at #15, but down to this week’s #37. Rossi’s first win since 2010 on Saturday probably won’t be enough to help it recover next week.

Jun 27
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You may recall we were concerned about Activision’s Deadpool game after hearing that it’ll be less-than-full-price and that developer High Moon was being downsized upon the game’s competition.

Were we right to be concerned? Perhaps. It’s a short game with little replay value, which we assume is why Activision dropped the price to around the £30 mark, but most reviewers agree that while it lasts it’s pretty good, not to mention genuinely laugh out loud funny. Currently the Metracritic stands at 65% which isn’t a bad score as licensed games go, but nowhere near as glowing as the studio’s previous game – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.


A Wii U version of Deadpool was rumoured but everything seems to have gone quiet on that front. The Wii U does get bonkers mini-game collection Game & Wario this week however, and although it’s not the major shot in the arm the system needs right now it should tie you over until next month’s Pikmin 3. Eurogamer gave it a 6/10 while the Official Nintendo Magazine handed out a not too shabby 75%. It too is a purse pleaser – £24.39 from Wow HD is the best price currently.

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Jan 16
By Matt Gander In Features 6 Comments

Not only does Microsoft have a list of the best selling XBLA games of all time on Xbox.com, but they also keep it updated daily. We doubt it changes dramatically on a day to day basis, but it’s a touch that we didn’t expect to see.

Speaking of unexpected things, the official top 50 best sellers list does contain more than a couple of surprises.

UPDATE: It so transpires that Microsoft takes DLC into account, hence why Rock Band Blitz is so high on the list. It’s also worth pointing out that Microsoft has different best sellers lists for every region. This is the UK list.

50. Monkey Island: SE (2009)
Considering that are currently 532 XBLA games listed on Xbox.com, Lucasarts should feel no shame about this classic point and clicker clocking in at #50.


49. Super Street Fighter 2 HD (2008)
Although a decent version of the classic globe-trotting brawler, it would appear fans prefer the original which can be found at #22. At 1,200 MSP this HD revamp is a little pricey also.

48. From Dust (2011)
You may not think #48 is very high, but this lovely-to-look-at God-sim has in fact managed to outsell many other Ubisoft games including I Am Alive, which received a significant amount of press coverage.

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