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May 23
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It’s a little odd to see Donkey Kong Country Returns making the leap from Wii to 3DS. Nintendo tailors their games to the hardware, making the most of the host system’s features and strengths.

Perhaps though the beauty of Donkey Kong Country Returns was that it didn’t require an awful lot of Wii Remote waggling. As such, the conversion to 3DS has worked out smoothly. Eurogamer reports that the textures aren’t quite as nice, but the frame-rate never falters. They gave it an 8, claiming it to be not a bad way to blow a weekend.


The Wii U sees a couple of belated conversions for itself this week too – LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Sniper Elite V2. Both of these are less-than-full-price, and quite rightly so. LEGO Batman 2 wasn’t even the last major LEGO game – LEGO Lord of the Rings came after it.

As for Nintendo downloads, there’s Kirby Super Star and Kirby’s Dream Course on Wii U VC, plus Swords & Soldiers 3D, Air Battle Hockey 3D and Groove Heaven on 3DS eShop. If Swords & Soldiers rings a bell, that’ll be because it was released on WiiWare a couple of years ago. Nintendo Life wasn’t impressed with this 3DS version however, calling it a step backwards.

The Wii U also gets Resident Evil Revelations and Fast & Furious Showdown, although these two are out on other formats.

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