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Jan 19
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With no new entries and GTA V holding the top spot for a second week running, this week’s UK chart isn’t exactly a thrilling one.

The fact that a handful of Nintendo titles have moved up the ranks hasn’t escaped us, however. We put this down to last week’s impressively strong Nintendo Direct.

In the individual format chart Mario Kart 8 shifts back into the top 20 (albeit at #20) while fellow pack-in Nintendo Land reappears at #25. The Wii U iteration of Super Smash Bros. rises from #32 to #27 in the same chart.

And after almost vanishing last week, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker crawls back up to #38.

On top of all this, the original Disney Infinity saw a sales boost due to sizeable discounts. That’s back at #33 in the UK top 40 and re-enters at #5 in the Wii U chart.

As for the UK’s top ten, it’s pretty much unchanged from last week. Chart topper GTA V is followed by FIFA 15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4 and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to form the top five.

Next week’s chart should be a touch more interesting – Saints Row IV Re-elected & Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is out this Friday, along with a few other new releases.

Aug 26
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After a month or so of very little, Image & Form ends the Wii U eShop dry spell with SteamWorld Dig. Although not a new game, its somewhat belated arrival on Wii U is no less welcome.

A heady mixture of Metroid, Mr. Driller and Spelunky, we found the 3DS version very hard to fault when we reviewed it almost a year ago.

It’s priced at £6.99, or £4.99 to those who already own it on 3DS (and have linked both consoles with their Nintendo ID).

Along with a software update on 27th August, Mario Kart 8 is set to receive the infamous Mercedes-Benz DLC. Three free cars are available in total – the modern Mercedes-Benz GLA, the 300 SL Roadster from the 1950s and the 1930’s Silver Arrow. If we spot any photos online of Reggie and Shigsy cruising around in a new Mercedes, then we’ll all know how this bizarre deal came about.


Zen Pinball 2 is also due a huge dollop of new content. The Walking Dead, Doctor Strange, Deadpool and The Guardians of the Galaxy tables arrive this Thursday at £2.39 a pop. Trials for each table will also be available.

As for Virtual Console releases, Mario Golf: Advance Tour (£6.29) launches on Wii U, while just as predicted the 3DS gets Mega Man 5 (£3.59).

Then there’s Outback Pet Rescue 3D (£24.99) which appears to be some virtual pet thing set in Australia.

Only one discount this week, and that’s Secrets of the Titanic 1912-2012 on 3DS. The hidden object game drops to £4.99 until 11th September. Spoiler: the ship sunk.

Jul 28
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With the film now out to buy, The LEGO Movie Videogame has shot up from #12 to #5 in this week’s UK chart. It’s #1 in the Xbox 360 chart and makes a re-entry in both the Wii U and 3DS top tens.

The movie’s release has seemingly helped to bolster sales of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO The Hobbit, as well as causing LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes to reappear in the lower echelons of the top 40.

The rest of the UK’s top five sees only a slight shuffle. Watch_Dogs is top dog for another week while FIFA 14 holds onto #2. Then at #3 it’s Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition followed by Sniper Elite 3.

Wolfenstein: The New Order meanwhile makes a notable exit from the top ten, dropping from #4 to #12. Mario Kart 8 likewise departs, falling from #10 to #16. Fellow Nintendo title Tomodachi Life is back on the rise however, up from #14 to #11.

It’s interesting to note that the current full price Wii chart comprises of just seven titles, suggesting Chart-Track struggled to find ten different Wii games sold at full price last week. Crikey.

Expect to see The Last of Us: Remastered take the top spot next Monday. With the kids off school, LEGO Ninjago Nindroids may do well too. Another LEGO game – just what we all need.

Jul 21
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Last week really was a poor one for UK game sales. So poor, in fact, that this week’s UK top 40 sees 2011’s Pokemon White and Pokemon Black resurface at #21 and #22. What are they doing there? Why, they’re reduced to £7.99 at Argos currently. Even with limited stock available they’ve still managed to almost break the top 20.

There were no new releases last week either, and so the top ten features all the usual faces.

Watch_Dogs is still #1, FIFA 14 moves up to #2 due to heavy discounting, Call of Duty: Ghosts is at #3 and then at #4 and #5 respectively it’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and Sniper Elite 3.

Mario Kart 8 is back in the top ten though, which Nintendo and Nintendo fans alike will no doubt be pleased to hear. It’s at #10, up from #16. Tomodachi Life meanwhile leaves the top ten this week, going from #9 to #14.

Elsewhere in the top 40, movie tie-in in disguise Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark rises up from #18 to #15. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil continues its descent, plunging to #19, and GRID: Autosport moves down from #20 to #28. With very few new releases out, we would have thought that Codemasters’ latest racer would be performing a little better.

Jun 23
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Coming as a mild surprise following some lukewarm reviews, EA Sports UFC is the UK’s new number one.

It’s EA’s third number one of the year, and also their first UFC title to take the top spot since acquiring the license from THQ.

Watch_Dogs drops to #2, while presumably due to price-cuts Titanfall rises from #6 to #3.

Wolfenstien: The New Order falls one place to #4 and then at #5 for a second week it’s FIFA 14.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil meanwhile is on the descent, falling four places this week to #6.

The utterly delightful Mario Kart 8 also remains in the top ten, this week at #7.

Moto GP 14 is the second highest new arrival, entering at a respectable #14. PlayStation 4 owners must be gagging for new racing games, as it’s the PS4 version that shifted the most copies.

Fellow two-wheeled racer Tour de France 2014 failed to enter the UK top 40, with the best it could do being a lowly #39 in the Xbox 360 chart.

Jun 09
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Even with an 81% drop in sales, Watch_Dogs is the UK’s number one for a second week running. That’s no surprise. What is surprising though is that Mario Kart 8 has managed to remain at #2.

At #3 it’s a new entry, and a surprisingly high one at that for Murdered: Soul Suspect. The individual chart reveals the PS4 version proved to be the biggest selling.

According to Chart-Track there were just 400 copies between Square-Enix’s murder mystery and Wolfenstein: The New Order, which falls from #3 to #4.

FIFA 14 finishes off this week’s UK top five, with 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil one place behind it.

Moving down the chart slightly we find two new entries – PC MMO Wildstar and 3DS curio Tomodachi Life at #14 and #15 respectively.

Also of note is manky Xbox One-exclusive Fighter Within re-entering at #23.

The launch title has been available for £9.99 for quite a while already. For it to re-enter the chart, we assume one of the high street retailers must have cut the price further.

Jun 06
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By their nature, racing games are perfect system showcases. The rivalry between Saturn and PlayStation launch titles Daytona USA and Ridge Racer in particular had the ‘90s gaming press frothing with excitement. Even before that Nintendo’s F-Zero impressed just about everyone who laid eyes on it. Hot on the heels of F-Zero came the legendary Super Mario Kart – a game that made anything on the Mega Drive look positively bland in comparison.

Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7 showed that the respective handhelds were no slouch when it came to throwing around polygons, while Mario Kart Wii proved that the console was more than just a GameCube in a slimmer case.

This brings us nicely onto Mario Kart 8. To say it looks sensational would be an understatement. A genuine treat for the eyes, there’s no way somebody could say the Wii U is underpowered after catching even the slightest glimpse of it in motion. Colourful and vibrant throughout, the frame rate doesn’t falter even with twelve beautifully animated characters on the track at once. The MKTV replays look better still, removing the on-screen clutter while adding a subtle filter.


Rather than refine the series or take it back to basics, Mario Kart 8 builds upon its 3DS predecessor with a few notable tweaks here and there. That means the hang gliding and underwater sections are back for a second time, whilst the track selection is a mixture of new and old. Love them or hate them, bikes make a return as well. Cornering while on two wheels is trickier than before, but the pay-off is made slightly more rewarding because of it.

The majority of karts and bikes are locked to begin with, becoming available once enough coins have been collected. Half the characters are locked at the start too, including all six of the Koopa siblings and a few surprise faces. New vehicle parts unlock at such a steady rate that almost every victory earns something new, even if it is just a glider with a different motif.

Innovation comes not just from the aforementioned MKTV replays – which can be edited and shared online – but also from new anti-gravity strips that send Mario and chums upside down and vertically along walls. Handling becomes slightly slippery, allowing for some big power-slides… which of course provide those all-important speed boosts. Even the revamped retro tracks have been freshened up with an anti-grav strip or two, along with the occasional underwater section.

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Jun 02
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Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is the UK’s new number one, smashing the record for the fastest selling new IP in the process. The previous record holder was 2011’s L.A Noire, if you’re curious.

It has had the 17th best launch week in the UK, putting it alongside the likes of GTA, Call of Duty and FIFA. Although seventeen may not sound too impressive that’s a personal best for Ubisoft, toppling Assassin’s Creed III as their biggest ever launch.

Watch_Dogs has also contributed to a PS4 console sales spike of 94%, 53% of which were the Watch_Dogs bundle.

That’s nothing compared to sales boost Mario Kart 8 has given the Wii U though. Console sales were up a hellish 666%, with 82% being the Mario Kart 8 bundle. The colourful kart racer makes #2 in the chart.

Wolfenstein: The New Order falls to #3, FIFA 14 drops to #4 while Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition now sits at #5.

After Watch_Dogs and Mario Kart 8, the PS Vita version of Borderlands 2 is the next highest new entry, making a respectable enough #18.

Also of note is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 leaving the top ten this week, going from #8 to #17.

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