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Dec 21
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It’s a mystery as to why there aren’t official LEGO Pokémon sets, given the immense popularity of both brands. Those brave enough to delve into the murky waters of eBay will soon discover a alternative world where Pokémon building sets are in bountiful supply, each as illegally manufactured as the last. Decades after Pokémon debut, the counterfeit scene is still in full swing.


Two sets arrived on our doorstep today from China – a large set from a company known as Elephant, and a small set from Dargo. Both feature Pokémon Go branding even though some artwork is taken from later games in the series.

We didn’t have high hopes for these at all, making a purchase simply out of curiosity. Also: they’re ridiculously cheap. After tipping out the contents of the smaller set – featuring Ash, Squirtle and Eevee – it soon became apparent that they don’t quite resemble the images on the back of the box. The Poké Ball, for instance, is missing all detail. It’s merely a badly painted red and white blob that’s impossible for Ash to hold.

When putting Ash together we ran into far bigger problems – one of his legs was missing and he had two right arms. Squirtle was missing the chest piece, too. Vital pieces, one and all – Ash Ketchum going into battle without a leg to stand on, yet again.

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