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Nov 20
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Call of Duty: WWII has managed to hold onto the UK chart’s top spot for a third week running, fending off EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.

According to Eurogamer, physical sales of Battlefront 2 were down 60% over its predecessor. However, it’s highly likely that Battlefront 2’s digital sales were far higher than that of the original. If Destiny 2 was anything to go by, we’d wager by around 30%.

As you’ve no doubt heard, fans haven’t taken kindly to the game’s pay-to-win nature and the ludicrous requirements to unlock heroes.

The backlash was so immense that license holders Disney allegedly stepped in, concerned that EA’s actions were harming the Star Wars brand.

FIFA 18 moved down to #3, while Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon made #4 and #5 respectively.

AC Origins fell three places to #6, The Sims 4 made #7, LA Noire Remastered entered at #8 – with the PS4 version being the biggest selling – while Super Mario Odyssey sticks around at #9.

Then at #10 it’s LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, again with the PS4 version out in front.

The UK top 40 also sees two new iterations of Skyrim make an arrival. Skyrim VR managed to make #19, becoming the fastest selling third-party PSVR title, while Skyrim on Switch made a not-particularly-impressive #26.

Worry not, as it did manage to make a far more respectable #3 in the Switch chart.

Nov 17
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It’s doubtful we’ll see another eShop line-up as jampacked as this in 2017. The Switch gains several big-name releases and a few new indies of note, while the 3DS receives Pokémon Ultra Moon & Sun.

Despite it simply being an enhanced version of a game barely a year old, it’s easily the handheld’s biggest release of 2017. While some critics wished that Nintendo had held off revisiting Sun & Moon until further down the line, reviews claim that this is by far the superior version with plenty of improvements. The Metro opted for a 9/10, while Nintendo Life felt it was deserving of full marks.

Switch owners get a meaty RPG of their own, in the form of the 100+ hours The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (£49.99).

Word has it it’s an impressive conversion, but signs of the game’s age are showing in places. Review scores are a mixture of 8s and 9s, leading to a Metacritic of 85%.

Then we have L.A. Noire (£44.99), another conversion of a game that’s knocking on a bit. Scores for this one are a tad less positive than Skyrim, mostly being 7s and 8s. “L.A. Noire isn’t the prettiest project, but it still holds up because there isn’t anything quite like it even today,” said Destructoid, before handing out an 8.

Rocket League (£15.04) also makes a very welcome appearance this week. Like the above, the mighty Switch has managed to do it proud – it has lost very little during the jump from PS4/XO.

Batman – The Telltale Series (£39.99) and RiME (£29.99) are also of note, but you may want to curb your enthusiasm as both display a lack of polish when compared to other versions. RiME’s developers have even talked openly about the struggle of bringing their indie hit across.

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Jun 06
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For a third week in a row L.A. Noire holds onto the top spot of the chart. Brink celebrates a fourth week in the top 5 too but Bethesda’s own Hunted: The Demon’s Forge hasn’t been so lucky having to make do with #14. Considering the lack of reviews and hype though, that’s still not bad going.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean rises from #3 to #2 while DiRT 3 does the opposite. PC add-on pack Sims 3: Generations makes #10.

Sep 01
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When a game is delayed all the while it’s being developed the publisher has to stump up the cash for the extra man hours. Sure, the end product may be a little better but it’s at a huge cost.

Mafia II is a solid example with a six year development under it belt. Even though it went straight to #1, analyst Michael Pachte reckons that it will fail to make profit because of the amount of cash 2K had to pump into it.

If this were a one-off it wouldn’t be so bad for the company seeing that Red Dead Redemption is selling so well, but Max Payne 3 and LA Noire are also coming up to having five years in development. Max Payne is a big franchise and it may be able to make a profit, but LA Noire? I think that one is going to be of niche appeal, like Heavy Rain before it.

At least 2K will have always GTA V to fall back on..

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