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Nov 02
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If you haven’t had your fill of Halloween spookiness yet, then you’re in luck – two horror adventures hit the eShop this week.

Perception (£12.99) on Switch comes from minds behind Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. This narrative thriller didn’t gain the most favourable of reviews on the likes of PS4 and Xbox One, but the team has taken complaints on board to ensure the Switch version is better received. They’ve even gone as far to call it a remaster.

The 3DS’s Creeping Terror (£8.09) is a horror game of the 2D variety, sporting some accomplished visuals. Video Chums found it to be a little short and easy – with the lack of danger impacting the overall experience – but ultimately deemed it worthy of a 6.8/10.

Sticking with the 3DS, Kirby Battle Royale (£34.99) is one of this week’s highlights. Curiously, it isn’t due out in the US until January. No reviews are live yet, but there is a demo (which unlocks Meta Knight in the full game).

Kirby is joined by logic puzzler Phil’s Epic Fill-a-Pix Adventure (£5.99), 2D shooter GALAXY BLASTER CODE RED (£1.39) and Frutakia 2 (£3.49) – a match-three puzzler with fruit machine mechanics.

Over on Switch, Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (£29.99), Monopoly for Nintendo Switch (£29.99) and Monster Jam: Crush It! (£34.99) head to both the eShop and retail.

We reviewed the Xbox One version of Battle Crashers and found it to be a cheap and lazy cash-in, with no personality whatsoever – the characters are mute throughout. Fellow conversion Monster Jam: Crush It! didn’t fare too well either, resulting in a shameful 38% Metacritic. Monopoly for Nintendo Switch meanwhile has come under fire for stupidly long loading times. Ubisoft is working on a patch already, apparently.

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