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Nov 15
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Thinking of buying a Kinect to keep the kids quiet this Christmas? You’ve picked a good time to make a purchase – you should be able to find one for under £80 new, and significantly less second hand, with games starting at literally pocket money prices.

You should feel sorry for our downstairs neighbour – we’ve played most of the games that the Kinect has to offer. We’re now passing our knowledge onto you, so you don’t have to rearrange your furniture and end up playing a game that feels like it has been forged in the bowels of hell.

Presenting our Kinect buyer’s guide.

The good…

Kinect Sports Double Pack
If you own a Kinect and not at least one of the Kinect Sports games then you’re missing out on one (well, two) of the Kinect’s finest. Season One has the better presentation of the two, but Season Two is the better package overall. Season Two does have a ‘money grabbing’ feel to it though, with lots of prompts to purchase extra challenge packs. Basketball is an additional download too. Thankfully a double pack exists so you can get the best of both.

Child of Eden
While this psychedelic shooter can be played with a joypad – a fact that Microsoft and Ubisoft kept rather quiet before launch – it feels a lot more intuitive playing with motion controls, waving your arm around to lock on targets and then pushing it forward to shoot. Fans of Sega’s Rez will feel right at home.

Dance Central 1-3
Take your pick, here. All three of the Dance Central games are thoroughly excellent. The original, which launched alongside the device, can be picked up for less than £10, while Dance Central 2 shouldn’t set you back much more. Ubisoft’s Just Dance series is worth a mention too – Dance Central is more substantial, but the Just Dance games are a little flashier.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Frontier Developments are one of the few studios to fully grasp the inner-workings of the Kinect. Their launch game Kinectimals was one of the better titles. In fact, we’d say it was one of the best virtual pet games ever made. They took what they learned there to make Kinect Disneyland Adventures one of the highest rated Kinect games.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
This wasn’t originally conceived as a Sesame Street game – the idea for it came first, and then the license was added at a later date. Double Fine wanted this to be a game that parents can play along with their children. Or you could just kill two birds with one stone and use it to keep two children quiet at once. It’s rather lovingly made.

The pretty good…

Fable: The Journey
The Fable games are renowned for their moral choices and freedom but not this one – it’s an on-rails journey across a land that’s being smothered by evil. Voice acting, character development and visuals impress, but the fact that you spend most of the game behind the reigns of a horse instead of carrying out quests makes it an adventure that’s likely to be soon forgotten.

Kinect Star Wars
It’s easy to tell that Kinect Star Wars had a rough development. A handful of studios worked on it, each throwing their ideas into the proverbial pot. The third-person adventure mode is a bit lame but the pod racing and dancing mini-games are nicely done. The rancor city-smashing mini-game should please younger gamers too. The dancing mini-game does take massive liberties with the license though, which upset a few Star Wars die-hards.

Kung Fu High Impact
Not the easiest of games to find – it was released only in the US and some parts of Europe – but it’s worth tracking down as it’s laugh-out-loud funny and surprisingly challenging. A lot of the later levels take a fair few attempts to complete, requiring you to use power-ups sparingly. Seeing yourself on your TV screen, leaping through the air and firing magic arrows is rather neat.

Rabbids: Alive & Kicking
Another one that’s amusing to play. It’s as mad as a box of frogs, with a lot of mini-games inspired by arcade classics. One plays like Breakout, only instead of a bat and ball you control a fireman on a fireman’s pole and the ball is a flaming marshmallow. Another mini-game meanwhile plays like Lemmings, the idea being to use your limbs to guide the Rabbids to safety. The achievements too are a lot of fun to get, requiring you to play games different to how they’re supposed to be played.

Puss in Boots
A movie tie-in? Yes. This is one of the better movie tie-ins of recent times. A motion controlled platformer with combat sequences and stealthy bits, all of which are entertaining as the controls work perfectly. Production values are high too – it looks the part and Antonio Banderas himself supplies the vocal talent. The only downfall is the length – it can be beaten in around three hours.

Best of XBLA…

Fruit Ninja Kinect
Up there with Kinect Sports, Fruit Ninja Kinect is one of the Kinect’s finest. Controls are intuitive – simply swipe your hand to slice fruits and build up combos. Each game is randomised with different power-ups appearing, which makes it incredibly addictive. The two-player mode is good fun also. As well as a download it’s also bundled free with The Gunstringer – an above average platformer that can now be found for around £10.

Happy Action Theatre
Another one from Seasame Street: Once Upon a Monster developers Double Fine, Happy Action Theatre stands proud on Metacritic with an 80% average. “My daughter played Happy Action Theater for about three hours when we first downloaded it. We had to drag her away. She shows it off to her friends, who are equally enchanted by it. She now asks to play it after school rather than watch TV,” said Eurogamer in their 9/10 review.

Haunt achieves more than Rise of Nightmares did. We’re using Sega’s disappointing first person adventure game as a comparison there as both share the same perspective and are based around spooking the player. Haunt though has a much more comic vibe – paintings with eyes that move, like something out of Scooby Doo. Double Fine’s Tim Schafer also had a helping hand in this one.

Diabolical Pitch
It’s odd that this one didn’t receive much press attention – it’s by Grasshopper Manufacture, of Killer7 and No More Heroes fame. The hero, a superstar baseball player, finds himself in an afterlife amusement park full of zombies and must use his batting skills to slay waves of the undead. If they get too close they can be given a swift kick to push them away. It’s a pleasingly daft game and one of the few mature Kinect titles.

This castle smashing sim did get a little bit more attention than most XBLA Kinect games, due to being demonstrated during Microsoft’s E3 conference. It’s a 3D Angry Birds of sorts. “While the storyline may be a bit hokey and the voice-acting a bit childish, the fun that can be had with the gameplay and smooth easy motion controls just can’t be denied. It’s the best kind of fun: simple to play, but hard to master. It’s a casual motion controlled game that actually works well, and offers up real satisfaction when that control pays off it high scores and massive destruction,” said Destructioid in their 9/10 review.

And don’t forget…

Kinect Fun Labs
There hasn’t been much going on in the world of Kinect Fun Labs recently, suggesting that Microsoft have given up on their free to download hub full of Kinect gadgets and gizmos. Things like Kinect Bobble Head – which puts your head on a bobble doll – aren’t worth bothering with apart from the easy achievements they contain, but Junk Fu, Battle Stuff and Mars Rover Landing each provide a good hour or so of free entertainment each.

Kinect Playfit
Another free download, but not a game as such. It measures the amount of calories you’ve burnt off playing Kinect games and then tracks your fitness level on a leaderboard. Only certain games are supported though, most of which are first-party, but we’ve managed to get a few achievements out of it despite not owning many of the supported games. Expect more to be added in the future.

What’s next for Kinect?

There’s a notable lack of big-name Kinect games on the horizon, but you’ll at least be able to shout at guards in Splinter Cell: Blacklist and call Cartman a “fat ass” in South Park: Stick of Truth. Now there’s a thing.

Nov 10
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Here’s a situation I think every gamer has been in – browsing inside a game shop, only to see somebody pick up a rubbish game and take it to the counter. To add insult to injury, on the same rack of games was something significantly better for the same price.

The decent thing to do here would be to give some friendly advice on their purchase, but this is at a great risk. I can recall suggesting to somebody not to spend £40 on The Scorpion King on PS2. The way that they looked at me you would have thought that I’ve just asked to shit on their shoes.

How games of a very similar nature can vary in quality so much is quite staggering in places. It’s time to make like an obese opera singer and ‘go compare’.

Why play Naughty Bear, when you could play Conker: Live and Reloaded?

Conker’s Bad Fur Day may be knocking on a bit, but it’s still better than Naughty Bear. It’s backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, hence why we’re mentioning it here, although you can’t play online any more. Conker – the original cute, fluffy trouble maker. Unless you count Basil Brush.

Why play Mercenaries 2, when you could play Just Cause 2?

When Mercenaries 2 is good, it’s very good. Blowing up buildings, calling in air strikes and requesting heavy military vehicles to be dropped at your feet. But when it’s bad… you have to lean over and reset your console because the screen has frozen for the umpteenth time. Just Cause 2 is constantly good – it’s the game that Mercenaries 2 would have been if EA hadn’t rushed it out.

Why play Bullet Witch, when you could play Bayonetta?

As the title suggests, Bullet Witch stars a witch who runs around carrying guns. The only thing it was really noted for upon release was for having a rather cheeky achievement – finish it on Hell Mode to boost your Gamerscore by 1 lousy point. Bayonetta on the other hand is remembered for the 10/10 score in EDGE, the 40/40 in Famitsu…

Why play Spider-Man 3, when you could play Crackdown 2?

Spider-Man 3: run along roof tops and leap through the air in a free-roaming game world that’s filled with glitches. Crackdown 2: run along roof tops and leap through the air in a free-roaming game world that’s not filled with glitches.

Why play Bomberman: Act Zero, when you could play Bomberman Live?

A serious contender for the worst revamp ever, Bomberman: Act Zero took away everything people loved about the franchise. Thankfully Bomberman Live brought it all back. Better still it’s available on an Arcade Pack collection along with Geometry Wars Evolved 2 and Lumines, which costs next to nothing.

Why play Motion Sports, when you could play Kinect Sports?

Kinect Sports was one of the few highlights of the Kinect’s launch and showed early adopters that the device works brilliantly when developers spend time and effort with their software. It’s likely that those who took home the near-impossible to play Motion Sports instead thought that their shiny new Kinect was broken.

Why play X-Men Destiny, when you could play X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Two different games, for sure, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine is everything X-Men Destiny isn’t. Good looking, satisfying, fun to play and super violent thanks to an 18 rating. A very underrated movie tie-in.

Why play Space Invaders Revolution, when you could play Space Invaders Extreme?

We’ll let a Metacritic user review describe Space Invaders Revolution: “I give it a one for 1 middle finger up Atari’s ass. This is pure poop! List price should be 99 cents, not a penny more!” Although it doesn’t have anything to do with Atari (it was published by Rising Star) he does have a point – reviews were dire. Skip forward a couple of years and Square-Enix’s Space Invaders Extreme showed us how a revamp should be done.

Why play Raven Squad, when you could play just about any FPS?

Xbox 360 owners aren’t exactly short on choice for first person shooters, and just about any of them are more welcome than the low budget Raven Squad – a linear, short and simple shooter. Ok, perhaps not the equally duff Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Or Rogue Warrior. Or Shellshock 2. But the rest are pretty spiffing.

Oct 27
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There’s only one game out this week that matters, and that’s Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi’s Garden Party on DS. We’re joking of course – it’s Battlefield 3. Reviews poured out onto the internet earlier this week, along with the announcement that it’ll have a hefty day one patch.

At the time of typing the Metacritic for the PC version is 93% while the Xbox 360 version stands at 85%. 1UP awarded the PlayStation 3 version a B+.

What they had to say was quite interesting: “If you’re looking for a single-player experience, you should not buy Battlefield 3. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a multiplayer experience you can’t find anywhere else, this is the game for you – even if it’s a bit downsized from its PC roots. The game’s issues are outweighed by the fact that no other game on the market plays like this.”

Another shooter is hitting shelves this week, but it’s significantly different enough from Battlefield 3 to stand a chance – it’s Sega’s House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut on PlayStation 3. £29.99 for an enhanced Wii conversion strikes us as a little expensive, especially seeing that most Move games are released at £19.99.

Sticking with exclusives, Kinect Sports: Season Two and Kirby Mass Attack hit the Xbox 360 and DS. CVG gave Kinect Sports a 7/10: “Business as usual for the Kinect Sports franchise. Season 2 packs fun new features but anyone who wasn’t won over by the original will have little reason to love this.” Kirby on the other hand isn’t business as usual – there’s a hint of Pikmin about it. Reviews have been very good indeed, including a 9.5 from Destructoid.

But while Kinect Sports: Season Two has been getting good reviews, Ubisoft’s MotionSports: Adrenaline – out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – hasn’t had any reviews at all. The last MotionSports ranked in as one of the worst games of the year. Ubisoft are also releasing the sleuth sim NCIS on just about everything – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and 3DS. The CSI games have hardly been ground breaking so far.

Disney Universe is being launched in the UK this Friday by Jedward at the GAME inside Hamleys. Apparently it’s not bad – rather like the LEGO games, but with a stronger emphasis on multi-player. Could do very well in the charts over the festive period.

Lastly, there’s Ski-doo Challenge on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Is there high demand for a Ski-doo game? We can’t imagine that being the case.

Next week: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3), Sonic Generations (PS3, 360),GoldenEye 007 Reloaded (PS3, 360), Blackwater (360), Bermuda Triangle (Wii), BlazBlue Continuum Shift II (PSP, 3DS), Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (PS3), DoDonPachi Resurrection (360), Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (PS3, 360, Wii, DS, 3DS), Go Vacation (Wii), Grease (360, PS3), Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP), Persona 2 Innocent Sin (PSP), Raving Rabbids Alive and Kicking (360) and Zoobles (DS).

Aug 09
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I didn’t get my first taste of Kinect until a couple of months ago. A friend asked me to sell his on eBay along with Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports. What type of friend would I be if I didn’t give it a good test to see if it’s fully working beforehand? Not a very good one is the answer. I at least had to check that the achievements unlocked. And so I spent an entertaining afternoon messing around with Adventures – which is a clear cut above most mini-game collections – and sampling the sports in Kinect Sports. Apart from the football – sorry, soccer – game which doesn’t flow too well, it’s a really nice package. Even the volleyball game is pretty good.

It wasn’t until the arrival of Child of Eden that I decided to purchase my own Kinect. The price of Kinect games has taken a tumble over the past few months – I was able to get the device with Kinect Adventures and Carnival Games: In Action for £100, and then picked up Kinectimals for £12.99 and Get Fit with Mel B for four measly quid.

Kinectimals really struck a chord with me. Considering it was a Kinect launch title it’s incredibly polished with visuals that aren’t far off from CGI. Whereas most virtual pet games become dull as soon as you’ve catered to your pet’s needs, here there is always something new to do or see to keep your interest levels up. Selecting a toy out of the toy box makes a random challenge instantly appear on screen – bring a ball out and a coconut shy or target range will spawn out of nowhere. There’s no penalty for failing these challenges but beating them awards adventure points that are used to unlock new areas of the map, and ergo progresses the story which involves pirates and treasure. You can also pester your pet with RC cars, some of which are based on vehicles from Halo. It really is a lovely and charming game full of nice touches.

From petting to prancing. I won’t spend too much time talking about Get Fit with Mel B because I assume it was cut to £4 due to a lack of popularity. It isn’t bad though – you appear on the screen in a fuzzy digitised form, standing next to Mel herself. The idea is to copy what she does and then you’re shown how well you did in the form of a percentage. There are warm up and cool down exercises and you can choose what your goals are – like losing fat off your gut, or generally having more stamina. It certainly works – I sweated in places I didn’t even know produced sweat.

Then we have Carnival Games: In Action. Or Carn-evil Games as it should be known. I don’t think I’ve ever detested a game so much. Two hours was all it took to play each mini-game three or four times and unlock a majority of the achievements. After those two hours I wouldn’t have returned to this game even if you paid me. Just about every mini-game irritates and most boil down to pure luck – I played hoopla about 20 times and only twice did the hoop go over the pole. Then there’s a roller coaster mini-game where you have to put your hands out to collect stars and avoid bad things but because the coaster is full of dips and turns you can’t see what’s coming. It took me five attempts to get a score that wasn’t in minus figures.

Barker the ringmaster – the chap in the bowler hat – taunts you with wisecracks throughout, making this even more of a thoroughly teeth gratingly bad experience. Fair play to the developers for not lazily converting the Wii version, I suppose, but the only good thing about it I found was that I was able to trade it in for something else.

Jun 06
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“There’s plenty of life left in the Xbox 360” said Microsoft last week. What they forgot to add is that you’re going to need a Kinect to squeeze that extra milage out of it. Just about every game shown during their E3 conference uses the device in someway from head-tracking in Forza Motorsport 4 (queue impending whiplash claims) to voice controls in EA’s Mass Effect 3. “Wrex, I choose you!”

EA also confirmed that Madden, FIFA, Tiger Woods and The Sims 3: Pets will feature Kinect support. Broken lamp-shades and jealous pooches ahoy.

But let’s rewind first. Microsoft’s day kicked off with the release of a new Kinect Star Wars trailer. When shown at last year’s E3 it took the form of an unconvincing pre-rendered video that failed to impress. One year later and, well, not much has changed. The trailer shows a range of mini-games including pod racing, rancor stomping and third person adventure sections that bare a worrying resemblance to Star Wars: Obi Wan on the original Xbox. Unless those pod races feature different tracks and leagues to play through it looks like it’s going to be a very shallow package indeed.

Microsoft then dropped a clanger by leaking news of Halo 4 roughly two hours before the conference began. This news came from their own Xbox.com site, believe it or not. Halo 4 was supposed to be their big finale for their E3 conference but the leak soon put a damper on that. But worry not – there were a few surprises on show. And a few unintentionally amusing moments too.

The conference started with demos of two multi-format releases – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Tomb Raider. The first saw a group of soldiers undertaking an underwater mission – which came to an abrupt standstill when a ‘Please reconnect controller’ message appeared on the screen – while Lara’s latest managed to impress with some Uncharted 2-style vistas and an unexpected hint of survival horror. It looks fantastic, but it’s not out until Fall 2012. Modern Warfare 3 has been dated as 9th November though and according to Microsoft “all Call of Duty downloadable content will be available first on Xbox 360.”

Mass Effect 3 and Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier were then shown. The crowd cheered when Mass Effect’s Shepard pulled out a sword during the demo which also showed off the voice command system. It’s down for release on 9th March 2012. A collector’s edition will also be available containing a Dark Horse comic book, hardcover art book, soundtrack CD, lithograph, N7 patch and four exclusive guns. Likewise, Ghost Recon Future Soldier has Kinect support in the form of voice commands, body tracking and Minority Report-style menus that let you customise your own weapons. “All future titles in the Tom Clancy franchise will leverage Kinect,” says Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot.

Next, Microsoft showed off their continuing efforts to turn the Xbox 360 into an entertainment hub. YouTube is on its way and a new voice controlled Bing search service will help you look for items on the marketplace quickly. For instance, saying “Bing X-Men” will bring up a list of X-Men films, games and themes to download. Microsoft’s demonstrator pronounced Lego as ‘Lay go’, much to the amusement of those following the conference live on Twitter. “You guys aren’t going to let this lay go, are you?” we said.

Ice T then came on stage and had a go on Gears of War 3 with Cliff Bleszinski in co-op. Another mispronunciation occurred when Ice T seemingly chose to rename ‘horde mode’ to ‘whore mode’. Crytek’s Roman Kinect hack and slash Ryse was then shown followed by the heavily rumoured Halo 1 remake. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, as it’s called, is going to be a boxed retail release and not a download as some may have first thought. Online co-op play is the focus with seven multi-player maps promised. The trailer for Halo 4 meanwhile was merely a teaser but it’s the start of a new trilogy, which effectively confirms Halo 5 and Halo 6. Master Chief and Cortana are both back, but not until 2012. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is out this year though. In November, to be precise.

Forza Motorsport 4 footage looks very impressive with 16 cars on a track at once. Power by Kanye West played over the top of the video. Incidentally, THQ used the same track for their Saints Row 3 trailer.

Those that thought Fable 3 lacked visual finesse can rejoice – Fable: The Journey is powered by the Unreal 3 engine. The demo showed the Kinect being used to whip the reigns of a horse and then cast spells from a first person perspective. It’s out 2012.

From epic quests to indie games – Minecraft is coming to Xbox 360 this winter. Again, Kinect is the method of control. I really hope that you can still use a joypad.

You might not give a Donald Duck about Kinect Disneyland Adventures or Tim Schafer’s Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster but a small person in your life might do. Kinect Disneyland Adventures is being developed by Frontier. A Peter Pan flying game and an Alice in Wonderland croquet “sim” were demonstrated by two children who gave one another a fist bump after playing it. After the show they were taken back to their orphanage by a limo.

Rounding off the conference was Dance Central 2, Kinect Fun Lab (which will be a portal to homebrew content) and Kinect Sports Season 2 which is being co-developed between Rare and the guys behind Kinect Joy Ride. This time American football, baseball, darts, golf, tennis and skiing will feature. Why? Because apparently these are the sports you asked for.

Indeed, the conference did feature a few too many sequels and updates but with innovation thriving on Xbox Live Arcade – with such games The Gunstringer, Bastion, Toy Soldiers: Cold War and Kinect Fruit Ninja due – as there’s no need to feel disheartened by the lack of new IP.

May 03
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Shenanigans! I declare SHENANIGANS!

A couple of weeks ago, our new release round-up carried the headline Portal Kombat – because Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat were released. Very clever, you’ll agree. Today, Chart-Track have used the same headline for this week’s chart news. Blatant thievery!

Either that, or it’s quite an obvious play on words that’s probably been used in loads of places. It has: look.

Sorry, you didn’t come here for South Park-referencing pun-based tomfoolery. You came here for unadulterated CHART ACTION.

Well that’s going to be tricky, friend. You see, the reason Chart-Track resorted to a pun, rather than their more usual informative headline, is that there is NOTHING HAPPENING in this week’s chart.

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat retain their respective positions at the top of the chart. The only one of last week’s new releases to bother the top 40 is Virtua Tennis 4, at #23. There’s no sign of Thor: God of Thunder, even in the single-format charts; early reviews suggest that the public isn’t missing much.

It has been a good week for games involving flapping about though: Just Dance 2 up five to #10, Michael Jackson: The Experience up five to #13, Kinect Sports up 14 to #17, Carnival Games: In Action up seven to #22.

With the recent DS versions of Pokemon at #12 and #14, Michael Jackson is between Black and White.

Loser of the week: Bulletstorm, down 14 to #38. Clearly it was not deemed an appropriate way to celebrate the royal wedding.

Nov 11
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This Week’s Games

It seems funny to say that most of the games out this week require another £130 to be blown in order able to play. I am of course talking about the Kinect, which doesn’t appear to be totally sold out just yet.

Eurogamer reviewed the launch line up last week – Dance Central and Kinect Sports gained the highest scores, followed by Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Adventures (which is bundled with the device). The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout looks like being the best of the fitness games, getting an 8/10 from Game Informer. Fighters Uncaged, Motion Sports and Sonic Free Riders have been getting a kicking – Ubisoft’s brawler currently has a 41% average GameRankings review score, Motion Sports at 50% and Sonic Free Riders 57%. One website gave Sonic Free Riders a 2/10, calling it broken and unplayable. IGN though gave it 7.5 and said that “The motion controls make it hard to just jump into the game, but they’re fun once you’ve got the hang of everything”. I expect that’s the case for most Kinect games, really.

If you’re a fan of the blue hog then Sonic Colours should be on your shopping list – it’s apparently very good, scoring a solid 8/10 on Eurogamer. Also out, and will probably do quite well I’d imagine, are Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth on DS and Doctor Who: Return to Earth on Wii. The Official Nintendo Magazine gave the DS iteration 69%, suggesting it’s worth a look if you’re a fan of the Doctor. There’s one to avoid on Wii this week too – Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2, which IGN gave 4/10. “Even the loading logo looks terrible,” they said.

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last few days, you’ve probably noticed that Call of Duty: Black Ops (or Blops, as the cool kids are calling it) is out now. 5.6 million copies have been sold already in the US and UK alone. Believe it or not, it’s the only PlayStation 3 game out this week. Not that any others had much of a chance…

Next week: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Prince of Persia HD Trilogy, FlingSmash, EA Sports Active 2.0, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One, Wheel of Fortune, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike, Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, Pictionary, Apache Air Assault, Blood Drive, iCarly: iJoin the Click and three different Harvest Moon games from two different publishers – Frantic Farming, Sunshine Islands and Animal Paradise. Most odd.

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