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Jun 25
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Usually retail compilations of PSN or XBLA titles are very bare-boned affairs. A few don’t even have a main menu in place, instead simply plonking their contents into your game library. When thatgamecompany is involved with something though, nothing is ever ‘usual’.


Retailing at £15 – give or take a quid or two – Journey Collector’s Edition brings together the celebrated Journey, the equally beautiful Flower and early PS3 curio flOw, along with a generous amount of extras. Even those who have played all three before will find the 30 minute developer commentaries for each title informative, plus there’s also the option to download exclusive themes and avatars, as well as export the whimsical soundtracks to your music library.

A trio of bonus mini-games have been included for good measure too, all of which were originally entries to 24 hour GameJam coding competitions. Understandably they’re on the basic side, but they aren’t without merit. Duke Wars is the best of the bunch – a single-screen RTS of sorts with some amusing speech-samples. Gravediggers is another single-screen effort, with the idea being to collect the heads of zombies and return them to a crypt. Likewise, the sound-samples for this one raise a grin. This leaves us with the amusingly named Nostril Shot, which sees a blue-haired anime-style female gunning down waves of 2D enemies.


Journey is the star of the show, of course. Simple yet engaging; minimalistic yet beautiful. This passage of life and death lasts only around two hours, but is renowned for leaving a lasting impression on all those who play it. We could go into great detail about the sights and types of puzzles you’ll encounter while travelling towards a beacon of light in the distance, but we don’t want to spoil a single thing about it. The real beauty of Journey is experiencing it for yourself first-hand.

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Jun 06
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With Capcom now focusing development back onto their internal studios, chances are Remember Me and Lost Planet 3 will be amongst the last titles from their collaborations with Western developers.

Although the jury is still out on Lost Planet 3, it’s safe to say that Remember Me has turned out far greater than the likes of Dark Void and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City before it.


Not only was EDGE’s review of this third-person adventure one of the first to appear online, but it was also one of the highest – an 8/10.

“While the world building isn’t on a par with the best – hampered by a civilian population as robotic as its metal cohorts – a rich backstory and architectural detail make Neo-Paris a place worth visiting,” they reported.

EGM also enjoyed it, handing out a 9.0: “Remember Me strikes the perfect balance between narrative exposition and gameplay” was their final verdict.

Other reviews have been somewhat less positive, like this 5.0 from Now Gamer and 5.9 from IGN who called it “very forgettable”.

As much as we’d like it to become a sleeper hit due to its ambitious nature and the simple fact that it’s a new IP, it’s hard to see that happening given the mixed reviews. There’s still hope though that it’ll chart higher than last week’s Fuse – another new IP that divided critics.

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