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Dec 29
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Microsoft eases us into 2017 with a ‘Games with Gold’ freebie – The World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap is due to hit Xbox One this Sunday.

It’s a tower defence affair with RPG elements, complete with co-op play. Looks like it’ll fare better than other games that made their Xbox One debut for free – reviews are ‘very positive‘ on Steam. If you’re going to be at a loose end on New Year’s Day, and not too hungover, then definitely give it a whirl.

Incidentally, we’ll aim to give it the review treatment soon.


The rest of January’s releases are mostly due at the end of the month, perfectly timed for your first pay cheque of the year. There’s an absurdly high amount of RPGs due, confirming publishers still believe nobody goes out or does anything but play games during winter.

On PS4 alone there’s four to pick – Digimon World: Next Order, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Tales of Berseria and Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star.

The PS Vita gets Atelier Shallie Plus, while the PS2 classic Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King heads to 3DS. The latter appears to be the only major Nintendo release due in January unless Darksiders: Warmastered Edition finally shows its face on Wii U.

How’s about one more? Earthlock – Festival of Magic is getting a physical release on 27th January, marking the first time it’ll be available on PS4. It’s a very traditional role-player; those who believe the 32-bit era was the RPG golden age will find much to enjoy.

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Dec 20
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The save icon in this incredibly belated console conversion is a 3.5” floppy disk. Nothing odd about that you may think, but consider this: Industry Giant 2 is a game so old that when it was first released in 2002, PCs still came with floppy drives. That save icon isn’t for nostalgia purposes – it’s likely some gamers did actually keep save files on a disk. We’re in deep retro gaming territory here.

After acknowledging demand for this golden oldie on the likes of Steam, German publisher UIG acquired the rights from defunct studio JoWood. Now Xbox One and PS4 owners can take a trip back to 2002, presumably because there’s belief there’s demand here too due to UIG’s farming simulators gaining traction on console. There’s a whiff of ‘testing the water’ about it though – it has an eyebrow-raising £31.99 price tag ($49.99 in the US). Current Steam price? £6.99. Ouch.


Moreover, this isn’t the HD remake PC gamers received in September – it’s the 2002 original, in all its low-res glory. From what we can tell, there are no improvements whatsoever (the FMV intro might be new, but don’t quote us on that) and only minimal effort has gone into adapting it for consoles. Text is small and hard to read even on a HD TV, the menus are bland and ugly and the controls are taxing to learn. Even after playing through all three tutorials it took around another hour of play and experimentation to finally master the control scheme.

It truly has the least intuitive set-up of recent times, using LB and RB to cycle through numerous tabs and options while moving sliders with the D-pad. Train routes meanwhile are selected by hovering over a station and pushing in the left analogue stick; the only time this button comes into use. This may sound like a petty complaint, but it can often take around two minutes of menu flicking just to get a train to pick up the correct goods from one station and drop them off at the next. We imagine this task would have taken mere seconds on PC, thanks to mouse input.

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