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Jun 19
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If we were asked to name three things Insomniac has brought to the world of videogames our reply would be something like this – purple talking dragons, wise-cracking robot sidekicks and over the top weaponry.

Fuse features just one of these things, and you can probably guess which.

If Fuse’s servers aren’t ghost towns in six months’ time we would be very surprised

Stupidly powerful sci-fi weapons are the whole premise for this third-person shooter, in fact. Scientists have managed to reverse engineer alien technology to create an arsenal of prototype weapons with a very destructive nature. After a break-in at the testing facility they end up falling into the wrong hands – an organisation known as Raven. Specialist squad for hire Overstrike 9 – a nod to Fuse’s original name – are then called in to prevent them being used for terrorist attacks, but not until each squad member snaffles an alien weapon of their own on the sly.


From start to finish you’re joined by three AI-controlled teammates, each of which has their own unique plaything. The chisel-jawed Dalton carries a translucent screen-filling shield, while Jacob favours a crossbow that fires what only can be described as molten rods. Neat little touches are frequent – every crossbow bolt has the chance of a ‘critical strike’ that’ll pin enemies to walls, while if you look closely you can see enemies’ bullets lodged into Dalton’s shield.

Izzy and Naya are the females of the team – a hacker and assassin respectively. Izzy carries the very nifty ‘shattergun’ which produces a black crystal-like substance that smothers enemies and occasionally those nearby too. This leaves us with Naya, who comes clutching a rifle that can produce a vortex. The downside of this weapon is that it drains fuse (read: ammo) in a flash. The usual array of sniper rifles, SMGs and shotguns make up the rest of arsenal, and if you fancy getting up close and personal there are both melee and stealth attacks. Performing either of these triggers a snappy (quite literally, in some cases) little slow-mo animation.

Every kill bags XP and by combining attacks additional XP can be gained – using the crossbow on enemies covered in crystals has a very explosive effect in particular. AI teammates earn XP as well, although seemingly at a slower rate than yourself. After rising up the ranks new secondary skills open up for each character, including Izzy’s very handy medical beacon that heals anybody in close proximity.

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Jun 03
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Well-received racer Grid 2 has got off to a flying start – it’s the UK’s new number one. Codemaster’s last game to take the top spot was F1 2010, fact fans.

Chart-Track however notes that sales are down 29% over the original Grid which entered at #2 five years ago.

Last week’s #1 Resident Evil: Revelations is now at #5, with FIFA 13, Dead Island: Riptide and Far Cry 3 at #2, #3 and #4 respectively.

Brace yourselves for this one – EA’s Fuse is the only other new entry all the way down at #37. As reported last Friday, we failed to find anywhere stocking it.

It was even outsold by the mediocre Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel which this week re-enters at #32.

May 31
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A quest to find a copy of Fuse today proved fuseless. Sorry, fruitless.

Admittedly, we didn’t stroll into GAME – the one place that’s almost guaranteed to be stocking EA’s new shooter – but Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s all appear to be giving it a miss.

It was revealed last year that supermarkets now sell more games than not just GAME and HMV but also Amazon. As such, it’s hard to imagine Fuse entering the chart at a particularly high position next week.

We can only speculate why the supermarkets aren’t stocking it. The most obvious possible reason is that reviews haven’t been great – the Metacritic currently stands at 63% on Xbox 360 and 67% on PS3. It should be noted however that poor reviews didn’t stop the likes of Tesco and Asda from stocking Activision’s terrible The Walking Dead tie-in.

Another possible reason is that Fuse has been rather under the radar. We’ve seen a few banners on gaming sites and a spot of promotion on Xbox Live for the recently released demo, and that’s about it.

Although this article may seem a little trivial, it does illustrate how tough it can be to launch a new IP. If super publisher EA can’t get supermarkets to stock a new franchise, then what chance do smaller publishers have?

May 30
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If there hasn’t been a new shooter from EA released every month this year so far, then it certainly feels like it.

Fuse is this month’s offering, which originally started out under the guise of Overstrike. The squad-based shooter was then given a major overhaul, with a catchier new name to boot. It’s Insomniac’s first multi-format release but reviews suggest it doesn’t fare quite as well as some of their other games.


CVG gave it 6, IGN a 6.5 and Destructoid 4/10. There have been a few 7/10s around too, including this one from PlayStation Lifestyle who called it “strangely addicting”.

We really, really, detest the use of the word ‘addicting’.

Destructoid’s review paints a very grim picture indeed: “A four-person co-op shooter as dry as a dead tree, Fuse walks the same path as other fabled “me too” middle-ground games like Inversion and Quantum Theory — a repetitive, flavorless, excruciating slog from cover-based firefight to cover-base firefight.

“It’s ostensibly Gears of War on autopilot — a slow-paced retread through ground so familiar you could set a watch by it, remorselessly lacking in surprise, while any originality is quickly wasted through overuse and shameless self-exploitation,” they continued.

From the sounds of things Wii U owners can take comfort that they’re not going to be missing out too much.

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