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Jul 06
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You may have noticed that it’s a slow week for new releases on both PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a different story for the Nintendo Switch, however, with six new games now available on the eShop.

Flip Wars (£8.99) from Nintendo themselves leads the way. This four player competitive party game involves claiming coloured tiles on grid-based battle arenas. Imagine a cross between Bomberman and Lights Out, and you’ll get the gist. Different modes, power-ups, environmental hazards and online play all feature. Could become a sleeper hit, this.

Then we have I and Me (£8.99), a 2D puzzle platformer which puts two cats under your control. It arrived on Steam back in May 2016, gaining “very positive” user reviews.


Mech hack ‘n slasher IMPLOSION (£10.79) is another conversion, this time of a mobile game. Don’t let that put you off – it boasts ‘AAA console game’ production values, and as such, it looks surprisingly slick. User reviews on the Google Play store are (mostly) full of praise, suggesting it’s worth a look.

Shephy (£4.99) on the other hand is a Japanese card game which involves collecting sheep, while Vaccine (£8.99) takes inspiration from the early Resident Evil games, low poly count characters and all. Despite the intriguing set-up, it received mostly mediocre reviews over on the likes of Xbox One.

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