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Jan 04
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Word on the street (read: Twitter) is that there aren’t many NeoGeo games left for retro specialists Hamster to publish. KOF2002 marked their 100th re-release which leaves around 50 titles, many of which were either Japan-only quiz games or carry licenses no longer owned by SNK.

Looking through the list of what’s left, it’s believed as few as 11 (of the remaining 50) may make it out. This week we can tick another off that list – ACA NeoGeo Ragnagard, a brawler from 1996 with characters based on mythical beasts.

We imagine FTE Games still has quite a few Data East titles to re-release, as good old Johnny Turbo continues to present Switch owners with new arcade titles. Two have turned up this week, no less: wild west shooter Express Raider, and the six button beat’em up Fighter’s History, a game that Capcom once tried to yank from arcades due to glaring similarities with SFII.

As for new games, there’s the 2D pirate RPG Don’t Sink – influenced by FTL: Faster Than Light and Sid Meier’s Pirates – the rogue-like platformer Xenon Valkyrie+, and the visually attractive platformer Samsara: Deluxe Edition.

Nintendo World Report didn’t think much of Xenon Valkyrie, awarding it a middling 4.5/10. “Xenon Valkyrie is at odds with its own design. Exploring the stages is fun, but all that fun starts to melt away when you realize just how little freedom you have to experiment with different character builds,” they said.

The vanilla iteration of Samsara was better received upon release, gaining a 7/10 from God is Geek. “Samsara is a pleasant puzzle game that doesn’t quite challenge enough to give you the unique satisfaction of the “ah-ha” moment when you solve something particularly difficult,” was their verdict.

Here’s the full line-up of new releases, including one for 3DS. Next week looks a tad more exciting, with both New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition due. Battle Princess Madelyn is finally out too, which we reviewed in December.

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